Super Animal Royale – Tips and tricks for SAW vs Rebellion

Super Animal Royale – Tips and tricks for SAW vs Rebellion 1 -
Super Animal Royale – Tips and tricks for SAW vs Rebellion 1 -

the sequel that no one asked for, learn how to win in the funky capture the flag mode


(this guide will assume you have entry level knowledge of the game)
(this guide will also put you in the perspective of the rebellion for the sake of which flag is closest to you just for convenience)
There are 5 classes you can choose when you start. Each has two weapons and tier 1 armor, a different amount of tape, full ammo, and some have grenades (is it just me who thinks its confusing that there are grenades but all throwables are called grenades?)
There are three flag poles which either team can claim, when you claim a flag it will have a short range where it heals you. The longer you have a flag and the more people you kill the slower your bar drains, you lose if your bar drains to zero and win if the other teams bar drains to zero before yours.


note: I don’t think they are actually called classes in game
The scout starts with a bow & sparrow and a smg, as well as two skunk bombs. This is my personal favorite. The SMG works very well close range and the bow is far better than you’d think. At first I thought that the bow was mostly a gimmick weapon but it can really hold its own in a fight! The skunk bomb is very good for protecting a flag if you don’t have enough firepower to fend off the incoming horde, though it doesn’t protect it that long. When you move to mk II there’s not much new strategy to talk about, just mk I but better.
The medic starts with a dart gun and dual pistols, and three bananas. This is the class I’m the best at. The dual pistols are a multipurpose weapon effective in most situations and the dart guns are an invaluable tool for assisting your team and weakening your enemies. The bananas are very useful for protecting your flag if you surround it with bananas, if used well they can give you the edge you need to destroy. When you move to mk II you get the tommy gun, which I regard as one of the best weapons in the game.
The assault starts with an AK and a single pistol. It is a versatile class available for all play styles. It doesn’t have a bunch of gimmicks, just pure assault. (fitting, yeah?) The AK is good for long range and one on one and the pistol is always an effective tool. When you move to mk II you get the M16, another one of the best weapons.
The sniper starts with a hunting rifle and dual pistols. The potential for destruction with this class is impressive. You will want to stay farther from your enemies and aim well with the hunting rifle. Then you can quickly finish them with the dual pistols. Nothing new to talk about in mkII just better.
The heavy starts with a shotgun and magnum as well one grenade grenade. A powerful class at any range. As I’ve stated before the shotgun can be instant death at close range, and the magnums accuracy and power can deal with any enemy too far for the shotgun. With some skill a grenade can destroy a crowd that your weapons cant handle. I actually prefer mk I over mk II on this class as the BCG is pretty hard to handle.

Each flag

Plan A
This plan is about focusing on the flag closest to you. usually I only do this if the other team is doing so well that its really the most you can do, of course you should grab the flag closest to you at the start of the game. (Thanks to Jovial for this last tip!) You shouldn’t need a lot of people to claim this flag at the start of the game, or to protect it, unless something unusual is happening its more helpful to go to..
Plan B
This plan is grabbing the middle flag. This should be your standard plan for the game unless the other two plans seem more applicable. Usually you can rely on most of your team to be on B to help you.
Plan C
This is the plan for grabbing the flag closer to the other team. This should be enacted when the other team has so many people on b and or a that its impossible to get them. “C” will usually be hard to get because as the other team respawns they will walk through it and probably see you. Plus chances are you are going to be alone. If your lucky you should be able to get the flag and protect it for a few minutes

Speed round tips

Not all maps are made equal
Some maps cough cough Rumble in the Tundra cough cough Saharaland Skirmish are a little harder to keep flags on, or even favor one side by putting a bottleneck on one side cough cough saharaland skirmish
Mark up your map and cooperate
Make the best use of your pings so that your team can assist you properly. If your trying to protect your own flag but aren’t going to be able to much longer, then ping for help! trying to claim the other flag? ping!
Time is important
Every minute is important, so you should be speedy. Be careful, even if you can respawn it still takes time.
Help your team!
(Thank you to thecalvinator2012 for this tip!)
If someone is capturing a flag alone or with only a couple of people then you should stick around and lend them a paw, capturing flags is the way to win this game mode so help can’t hurt!

Thank you for reading!


Written by shrym

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Super Animal Royale – Tips and tricks for SAW vs Rebellion, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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