Super Animal Royale – FAQS and Game Information

Super Animal Royale – FAQS and Game Information 1 -
Super Animal Royale – FAQS and Game Information 1 -

Here I answer some of the questions I see most in the lobby.

How/why name orange?

People with orange names in the lobby purchesed the Founder DLC when the game was still in early access. This is no longer available.

How dance?

You just press the letter “V” on your keyboard. On a regular XBOX controller, it’s the left dpad button.

How are you pointing?

Pointing is an emote from the “Beach Party Pass” animal pass. Tier 28.

Why name purple/blue?

Blue names are moderators in the game. Purple names are de developers.
They can ban you.


Reporting people for inproper chat, cheating, teaming or having a bad player name can be done in the main menu by clicking the cogwheel on the top right, clicking recent players, selecting the player in question, clicking report and filling in the form.

Why green name?

They’re your teammates. Silly billy.


Reach level 300, then you can claim the big Rebellion Sword.

How to write a question?

In game: press enter, write the question, press enter again.
In this FAQ: Go to the comments, enter your comment in the box and press post comment.
Protip: At the end of your question, add a questionmark so people know it’s a question!


Got more lobby questions? Ask them in the comments. Thanks.

Written by MoonRaven

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Super Animal Royale – FAQS and Game Information; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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