Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide

Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide 2 -
Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide 2 -

Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide

Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide 1 -
Starfield – Recruiting Barrett Guide 1 –

Imagine being in the infinite cosmos of Starfield, starting your epic journey with an unexpected meeting with Barrett. He’s on a special mission, looking for an essential Artifact for the Constellation team. But, destiny has other plans, and soon you both are split apart. Your goal? To get to New Atlantis and regroup with the exploration crew to team up with Barrett again.

Before you can join forces with Barrett, you’ve got some tasks ahead. First up is completing the Back to Vectera mission. You’ll only see this quest after you’ve wrapped up the prologue and tackled the The Old Neighborhood task for the Constellation. When that’s out of the way, your next stop is the Argos Extractors. Here, you’ll bump into Supervisor Lin who’s got news for you: Barrett and his buddy Heller are MIA. She’ll hand you a job: fix a computer terminal to track them down.

Once you’ve got the info from the terminal, Lin will be waiting. Hand it over and she’ll repay the favor by giving you Barrett’s coordinates. If you’ve got some extra room on your ship, why not invite Lin to be part of your crew? With the coordinates set, you’re off to Dalvik. Here, you’ll find Heller in a bit of a bind, crashed on a ship. But, just like with Lin, you’ve got a choice: bring Heller onto your crew or continue on your quest.

Your next clue comes from Heller, guiding you to Bessel III in the Bessel system. Your task? Sneak into the Crimson Fleet’s base where Barrett’s been captured by pirates. But watch out! It’s not going to be a walk in the park. This place is crawling with baddies. So, what’s it going to be? Take them head-on in a fight, or sneak around? If you choose to battle, be careful. The camp’s loaded with turrets. But here’s a tip: you can shut them down from a computer upstairs.

Inside, you’ve got one last hurdle: Matsura the Grim, the pirates’ boss. You’ve got options: pay him 4,000 Credits, try and charm him, ask Sarah to foot the bill, or just go in, guns blazing. When I tried, having Sarah as my sidekick came in handy. I let her handle the payment using the Constellation’s bank.

Lastly, head back to the Lodge in New Atlantis. There, Barrett will be deep in study, looking over the Artifact and chatting with the Constellation crew. When he’s ready, swing by and ask him to be part of your team, exploring the universe side by side.

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