Starfield – Mouse Optimization and FOV Settings

Starfield – Mouse Optimization and FOV Settings 1 -
Starfield – Mouse Optimization and FOV Settings 1 -

Welcome to this post In this guide, we will tell you everything about Starfield – Mouse Optimization and FOV Settings Follow this guide each steps.

This post will show you how to optimize your mouse sensitivity, FOV, and other game settings.


Note: This guide’s information is based on my personal preferences. The content of this guide may be altered in the future by adding new optimizations or changing existing ones. Additional options could be included.

Starfield Settings: A Step-by-Step Guide

Enhance your Starfield gaming experience by changing the mouse’s sensitivity, FOV and other settings to your preference. Follow these simple steps to optimize your play!

Step 1: Locating your StarfieldPrefs file

1. Find it

Begin by looking for the Starfield folder that is created when you start the Starfield game. You can find it in the following places:

C:\Users\<your_user>\Documents\My Games\Starfield


2. Editing the file

Right-click on the StarfieldPrefsfile and choose “Edit.” If you’re using Windows 11, you may have to click “show more options” to reveal the “Edit” button. You can also open it using your preferred file editor. I am using VSCode.

Step 2: Speed Pitch and Yaw

Find the file [Controls] in the StarfieldPrefs file.

Modify or add four lines, using the suggested values.



Step 3: Mouse Heading Sensitivity

1. Add a new line

Create a new line and paste the text in the same section of [Controls].


You have two options you can choose to utilize your sensitivity from previous games (like FO4 – or convert your sensitivity. If you choose the latter option, move on to the next level.

2. Convert your sensitive

To convert your preferred sensitivity of another game to Starfield, follow these steps:

– Get your Aim Lab sensitivity. If you don’t own an Aim Lab, use a conversion tool to convert the sensitivity in-game of a different game to your mouse DPI. – []

Then, you can use the following formula:

Starfield sensitivity = (Aim Lab sensitivity) x 0.197


If your Aim Lab sensitivity value is 0.25, then your Starfield sensitivity will be:

(0.25) x (0.197) = 0.049


3. Use the mouse’s sensitivity

Input the Starfield sensitivity into the five lines that you crafted or found in the StarfieldPrefs file, in the file [Controls]:



4. Adjust as necessary

If the sensitivity remains too low/high, I recommend multiplying or dividing by 2 and observing what happens. Then try it again. Then adjust according to the need to adjust it to intermediate values.

(Personally using a mouse with maxed out at 26K DPI, I choose an extremely low value of 0.010 – .

Step 4: Disable mouse acceleration.

In the StarfieldPrefsfile, modify or add the following lines in the [Controls] section.



Step 5: Modify FOV

Add/modify these lines in the sections corresponding to the StarfieldPrefs Inside file.

Display settings:


Camera settings:


(I personally use the value 110 with a 34″ ultra-wide monitor with 3440×1440 resolutio).

Optional Step: Disable the Intro

Add or modify the following lines to your StarfieldPrefs files, under the section [General]


Unfortunately, this doesn’t remove the initial text and bethesda logo it only gives you the option of skipping the later animation.

Final step Last step: Save and Enjoy!

Save your changes on StarfieldPrefs file and enjoy!

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