Starfield – How to Obtain a Ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range

Starfield – How to Obtain a Ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range 1 -
Starfield – How to Obtain a Ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range 1 -

Starfield – How to Obtain a Ship with a 21LY Grav Jump Range

Alright, so in Starfield, you’re going to need a stronger ship to travel to faraway solar systems. As you move through the Starfield story, there comes a time when a ship with at least a 21LY Grav Jump range becomes a must-have. I know parting ways with your trusty Frontier ship isn’t easy, but it won’t cut it here. You’ve got to get a new one to keep the story going and see more cool planets.

Wondering how to do that? I’ve got you covered! I’ll show you where to buy the right ship and give you some neat ways to earn the credits for it. Plus, having a collection of ships is what makes Starfield super fun on Xbox and PC.

How to Grab a 21LY Grav Jump Range Ship

Quick heads up! I’ll share some spoilers about Starfield’s storyline here. If you’re okay with that, let’s dive in and find out how to get that ship:

  1. First, head back to New Atlantis and find the ship landing spot.
  2. Spot the guy near the yellow booth at that landing area.
  3. Tell him you want to see his ships.
  4. Look for and pick a ship with a Grav Jump range of 21LY or more.
  5. Once you decide, pay up and add that beauty to your collection.

If you’re looking to save some credits, the Rambler is a good choice. It’s not the best for fights, but it has a good range and is lighter on the wallet.

Now, with your 21LY Grav Jump ship ready, the universe is yours to explore! Before you head out, grab some medical supplies and gear. Safety first!

Tips to Earn Those Credits

Need credits for that new ship? Don’t sweat it! Here are some ways to fill your pockets:

  1. Upgrade the Commerce Skill: It’ll help you earn more when selling and save when buying.
  2. Grab and sell valuable items you find during missions.
  3. For the brave, smuggle forbidden stuff to planets where they pay big for it.
  4. Get a job! Check out the red booth on New Atlantis for job listings.

Stick to these, and you’ll have plenty of credits in no time.

Helping Out Space Travelers in Need

During your space trips, you might find folks lost in space, looking for ship parts. If you help them out, they’ll often reward you with a good amount of credits.

Boosting Your Credits:

If you’re short on credits for that new ship, you might want to focus on making more money. Do different things like finish quests, sell stuff, try some smuggling if you’re into that, and find other money-making ways. Here’s hoping you get rich and snag that dream ship!

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