Starfield – How to Get Survey Data to Sell

Starfield – How to Get Survey Data to Sell 1 -
Starfield – How to Get Survey Data to Sell 1 -

Starfield – How to Get Survey Data to Sell

So, you’ve been exploring planets in Starfield and have a bunch of survey data, right? Selling this info can fetch you some good money. Here’s a nifty guide to make sure you get top dollar for your hard work.

Getting Your Hands on Starfield’s Survey Data

Picture this: You’ve just entered the orbit of a new planet. Whip out your Starmap, and it’ll give you an option to scan. This scan reveals plants, animals, and all sorts of resources on the planet below. Now, dive down, land, and start scanning stuff with your trusty scanner. You might have to scan multiple animals and plants to get a full set of data. For more details on where to find specific biomes, there’s a Starfield biomes guide that’s super helpful.

Now, let’s not forget about Traits – these are special things that some planets have. You’ll spot these as a circle with a question mark on your Starmap. To uncover these traits, walk around the planet until you find places marked as Unknown. Scan them, and voilà! Once you’ve done all this, a neat little Surveyed label will pop up under the planet’s name on the Starmap. And the best part? All this data gets stored as a Note in your bag. Pretty cool, huh?

Where’s the Best Spot to Cash in That Survey Data?

So, you’ve got data, and you’re looking to sell. But where to go? Here’s a tip: If you want the best deal, head to Vladimir Sall at The Eye space station. It’s circling Jemison in Alpha Centauri. When you chat with him, mention “Your Artifact search must be a full-time job.” Trust me, he’ll be interested. After that, you can offer him your survey data. But, a quick heads up: You’ll get about a quarter of what the ‘value’ says on your note. If you’ve got the Commerce Starfield skill, Vlad might give you a bit more.

If you’re not up for the trip to The Eye, you can always sell to the Trade Authority. They’ve got tons of places to sell, but they’ll only give you around an eighth of the ‘value.’ That’s half of Vlad’s rate. Lastly, if you know Phil Hill over at the Broken Spear bar on Mars’ Cydonia, he’ll buy your survey data too. But it’s a one-time deal, and he pays only half of what Vladimir does. So maybe sell to him once, for the Top of the LIST mission, and then stick with Vladimir for the rest.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be a survey data selling pro in no time, maximizing your profits in Starfield!

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