Starfield – Beer Run Quest Guide

Starfield – Beer Run Quest Guide 1 -
Starfield – Beer Run Quest Guide 1 -

Starfield – Beer Run Quest Guide

Ever been to Akila City in Starfield? It’s this cool little city, even if it’s kind of out there in the middle of nowhere. And guess what? They’ve got this tech called Intelliwheat that’s basically their lifeline. It’s changed the game for them and given the city a fresh start.

How the Starfield Beer Run Mission Works

So, there’s this mission called the Starfield Beer Run. It’s not just about grabbing a cold one, though. You’ll be knee-deep in tough choices that really make you question what’s right. Inside Akila City, the ball’s in your court to make the big call.

Where the Adventure Begins: The Weapon Shop

First stop? The Weapon Shop. It’s right before you get to this big place called The Rock, where the Freestar Rangers hang out. And here, you’ll get a mission that’s all about making big decisions. Have you ever thought about letting someone follow their beer-brewing dream? Or would you put that on hold for something bigger? Yep, it’s up to you.

Who’s Sarah Filburn?

Now, to kick off the Beer Run Mission, you’ll need to chat with Sarah Filburn. She’s pretty keen on getting her family to focus more on Intelliwheat. But she needs your help with the more sneaky parts of the job. Trust me, she’s got a plan, and she’ll let you in on where and what you need to do.

What Happens at the Brewing Vats?

Next, you’re off to the brewing vats. Once you’re there, you’ll see a computer with some options. And, just a heads up, what you pick will change things big time for Akila City. But after you choose, take a break and chill at a bar the next day to see how things turn out.

  • Option 2: Up the Bitterness (IBU) – If you go with this, the beer turns kind sour and can’t be sold. But Sarah’s got your back and will give you 2,500 Credits.
  • Option 1: Turn Up the Heat by 20 – This one? It’s a bit of a bummer. The beer goes bad, and no one wants it. Still, Sarah will reward you with 2,500 Credits.
  • Option 3: Add More Alcohol – This one’s a surprise! The beer becomes a hit! But, just so you know, you won’t get any Credits for this.

Or, you can totally skip those choices and spill the beans about Sarah’s plan to Henry. If you do, not only will you get 2,500 Credits but an extra 3-400 Credits after you chat with Henry about it.

Where to Find Henry Filburn

Are you looking for Henry Filburn? Leave Sarah’s place, take a right, and walk a bit. You’ll see the Filburn Agricultural System, which is super cool. Henry’s place? It’s just down the road. Pop in and have a chat, it’s one you won’t forget. Just a heads up: trying to get Henry to keep making beer and work on Intelliwheat? It’s a tough sell. Guess some dreams just can’t merge, huh?

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