Star Survivor – How to Beat a Challenge

Star Survivor – How to Beat a Challenge 1 -
Star Survivor – How to Beat a Challenge 1 -

Star Survivor – How to Beat a Challenge

Today, I’m sharing a guide that led me to victory in the game’s toughest challenges. Let’s dive into how I crafted my unbeatable boss deck.


I. Choosing the Perfect Ship

a. Your route to victory lies with the SS Falcon. Its Repulsor Blast springs into action each time you secure those EXP Nodes.

This Repulsor Blast operates similar to an Ion Repulsor, with a unique perk. It comes alive when you collect those green EXP nodes.

II. Building an Effective Deck

a. It’s time to pare down your deck, retaining only what’s truly vital. Think minimalist – “liberty, liberty, li-i-berty!”

Keep an Eye on These:

  1. Equipment Tab: Equip yourself with 4 Atom Beams and 2 Recharging Shields.
  2. General Tab: Ensure you select Pickup Radius (4), Extra Firepoint (4), and Machine Learning (4).
  3. Beams Tab: Include 4 Atom Beams and 4 Atom Beams with extended duration. Double the impact!
  4. Ion Tab: Enhance your weapon radius, weapon attack speed, and damage to Shockwave, all at the count of 4.

Total Cards: 38

Here are some additional pointers:

  1. Adjust the card quantities according to your gameplay strategy. With this lean deck, regular EXP nodes, 3-4 Refinery Stations, and extra asteroid card drops will keep you in good stead.
  2. Brace yourself for a slow start. Initiate with your Atom Beam and focus on expanding your pickup radius, keeping it larger than your attack radius.
  3. This victorious build doesn’t lean heavily on shields. Limit yourself to two Recharging Shield Cards—no need to clutter.
  4. The hidden gem: The SS Falcon is the ideal ship for this strategy. The Ion Repulsor can’t compete with the Legendary Repulsor Blast. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion below. Let’s ace these challenges!

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