SnowRunner – How to edit save files

SnowRunner – How to edit save files 1 -
SnowRunner – How to edit save files 1 -

You can edit most of your save files. This may allow you to add new trucks to your garage, collect bugged upgrades and much more.



What you need

All you need is simple text editor, because most save files are just json text files.
But i recommend to use notepad++ with JSON Viewer plugin. Also you need to disable steam cloud saves. Then play some time after you edited your saves. And them you can enable steam cloud and overwtite data in here from local files

Your main save file

We interested in this file

this file contains all your save data from slot 1, exluding fog on map. I don’t know how to remove/edit fog, because this is binary files with unknow to me format.

So you needed just locate this file and open it with text editor. then you will see one long string. Use format JSON from plugin in notepad++ to convert it to more redable format. And then you can edit your file. I show one example how you can edit it.

{ “CompleteSave”: { “SslType”: “SaveObject”, “SslValue”: { “isFirstGarageDiscovered”: false, “objectiveStates”: {}, “gameTime”: -1.0, …some_more_data… “persistentProfileData”: { “refundTruckDescs”: {}, “unlockedItemNames”: { “chevrolet_ck1500”: false }, “money”: 5000, “experience”: 0, …another_block_of_data… “trucksInWarehouse”: [ { “retainedMapId”: “”, “type”: “western_star_49x”, “id”: “”, “engineDamage”: 0, “damage”: 0, “fuel”: 2147483648.0, …data_of_our_stored_trucks… } ], …more_save_data…

This flie is pretty large, so i ommited some part from it. So i want to remove all my stored truks. All i need for this is just clear all data from trucksInWarehouse array. Clean array will look like this:


And then just save file. Also in persistentProfileData you can edit your money, expirience and other stuff. Have fun.

Нас интересует данный файл

Written by testpilot24

This is all about SnowRunner – How to edit save files; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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