Sillyfun Valley – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide

Sillyfun Valley – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 -
Sillyfun Valley – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide 1 -

Order of actions you need to do with your mouse while you’re playing


Take coins from the glass with pencils.
Take your brand new phone with the most neccesarry apps and go outside.


Speak to homeless musician Bob.
Give him coins and listen to music. New location ‘MISSION’ will open up.
Go on dating app (Meet with strangers) and meet Derek – CEO of DataMoreDataLLC. Chat with him and he will walk away leaving his Tesla at your door.
Click ‘Ride with strangers’ app and go to ‘Mission District’.


Speak with Street Artist. Ask him about Chewbarka and new location ‘Castro’ will open up.
Speak with Bill in food truck. Get Star-spangled batter.
Now you’ve got new quests in to-do list (Remind me to-do list app):

  • Promote Latin pride for El Bancso
  • Help transform Bill’s business

Go to dating app. Chat with Don and take the flowers.
Go to ‘Ride with strangers’ app and go to ‘The Castro’.


Speak to Bruce to know how to start the parade.
Speak to his partner Barry to know whats wrong with their relationship.
Chat with pink unicorn and get ‘Horsehoe’.
Speak to Chief. New location ‘Haight’ appears on the map.
You now got new tasks in your to-do list.


Speak to nervous lady. Get your first strike from the police officer.
Chat with Jerry about Earthquake. New location ‘Marina’ will appear on the map.
Chat with Silent Ben.
Now ride to ‘Marina’.


Chat with Brad and Chad near Boutique. Get the ‘Swag bracelet’.
Speak with Yogi Jessica about her programm and get ”Yoga SignUp Form’.
Talk with Jennifer about Chance the Yapper’s diet and advice for couple of your friends.
Go on a date with robot. Prick him with nails. His oil will pour in pothole. Tickle him. Now Francis’ got ‘nails’ and ‘feather’.
Go back to ‘Painted Ladies’.


Get ‘Parking ticket’ from Tesla.
Ride to the ‘Haight’ again.


Have a date with weed smoker. Get some ‘pot’ for your swag bracelet.
Put the ‘Parking Fine’ on the Van.
Recruit Nervous Lady with ‘Yoga SignUp Form’. Try some yoga moves in front of Jessica.
Now you’ve got ‘Tutu’ and ‘Emergency Kit’ in your inventory. Open it up and get bottle of ‘water’ and ‘Emergency Guidelines’. Combine ‘Bag of Buds’ with ‘Emergency Guidelines’.
Go to ‘Mission district’.


Go on a date with Don again. Get ‘chocolates’.
Go to ‘the Castro’ to give some marital advice to Barry.


Give ‘Feather’ to Chief. Get ‘Work Gloves’ and ‘Hard hat’.
Speak with Barry. New location ‘Golden Gate Park’ apperars on a map.
Use the dating app in the ‘Castro’. Go on a date with them. Give them chokolates. Get the second strike from the cop. Get ‘police ticket’ and ‘Transformative Memoir’.
Go back to ‘Marina’.


Take ‘oil’ to ‘Hard hat’.
Ride to ‘Mission District’. Give ‘Transformative Memoir’ to Bill. Add some ‘Growth formula’ to the bottle of ‘water’. Color your tutu with some blue paint in the left can.
Ride to ‘Park’. Play the buffalo Polo with Don. Use ‘oil’ on a ‘Hinge’. Open the gates. Take ‘Polo mallet’ and ‘ball’. Pour your ‘No-mo-slo-gro’ on a ‘dry patch’. Take leaves from the bush.
Go to ‘Mission’ again and get a snack from Bill’s food truck for buffalo.
Return to ‘Park’. Feed the Buffalo. Take his turd with gloves and get ‘Wedding ring’.
Return to ‘the Castro’. Let’s start the parade!


Combine ‘Nails’ and ‘hummer’ in your inventory.
Place Horsehoe on a Sign to get the “GUAY”.
Now give the ‘ring’ to Barry. Put your glossy tutu on and tell Bruce you’re ready.
New location ‘Dolores Park’ will unlock.

Earth Van trip

Go in ‘Haight’.
Use ‘police badge’ on Silent Ben. Now you can enter the Van.
Give Earth Goddess flowers, leaves and Bag of Buds. Count to four and go beyond your mind.
All you need to do is to crash a party to call a mutant car.
Talk to a guy in red pants. Get the ‘match’. Put the ‘StarSpangled Batter’ in Dog Bowl.
Combine Match with Joint and smoke in front of Solar panel.
Now talk with JavaCow again. Give him Dog Bowl and get Patriotic pancakes. Get into the car.
You will wake up at home.

One last step

Leave your appartment and ride to ‘Mission District’. Go to ‘Dolores park’ and take a ‘Squeaky Toy’.
Now ride to ‘Marina’.
Give Chance the Yapper toy bone and Patriotic Pancakes.
Let the gluten-free pancakes make the miracle.
Take yoga mat and go back to Dolores Park. Place Yoga Mat to damp ground.
It’s time for final tinder-ish date with Jared-the-Amazing Juggler.
Throw a ball to his hands and look for his amazing fail.
Francis now should clean up the mess she made. Put the mess to empty can. It’s your third police strike.


Talk with your jail neighbour.
Take the toilet paper from right toilet and throw it to left one.
Time fore one platonic date with Don. He brings a burrito for you but don’t eat it. Give it to one hungry prisoner standing by you.
There’s no better time for escape.
Final titles. Search Chewbarka at / – [] 

Written by North_Art

This is all about Sillyfun Valley – Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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