Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – All crewmembers info

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – All crewmembers info 1 -
Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – All crewmembers info 1 -

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All crew members synergies information.


I’ll list some of my favorite crewmate synergies. Some synergies are only possible when one or two crew members have been upgraded.

Gaelle and Quentin

This one is obvious. Gaelle can fish crewmates towards his position, while Quentin can shoot them into the desired location. Shoot him up, and he will pull her and the other crewmate to safety.

Pinkus and Gaelle

Pinkus doesn’t have to be a huge one. He can take over and bring a guard over to Gaelle. That’s free ammunition!

Quentin and Teresa

Quentin’s fishing hook does not only work on enemies that have been downed but also on crew members. Teresa can be upgraded to allow any crewmember to pick up her bolt. This includes Quentin who has his fishing rod.

Teresa and Pinkus

Pinkus can be undetected and can, therefore easily pick Teresa up once she is upgraded.

Afia and John

Afia, John, and their abilities work together in a two-way way. They can bypass guards with Blink, The Below, and Teleport. This allows you to take out Kindred and the guards who are both looking each other without risk. Afia’s Time Freeze allows John to kill a guard with Anchor Up before the duration runs out (against Acolytes).

Toya and Quentin

Remember what I said? Quentin can use Treasure Rod for things his crewmates have put down. Toya’s paper doll will be the same. It will then appear on the ground where Quentin was. Perhaps right in a guard’s patrol route. Quentin will also be able to pull Toya into a situation quickly. Toya can return to where he started if the paper doll is placed first.

Suleidy and Pinkus

These two are surprisingly good together. Pinkus distracting the guards so Suleidy could sneak in and Suleidy using Wander Dust to corner a guard so Pinkus could possess them are just two examples of how their abilities complement each other more than one might think.

Afia and Suleidy

Suleidy creates bushes that are perfect extensions to Afia’s Blink distance. Afia has the ability to blink from bush into bush without being noticed, and Suleidy will be able easily extend this range.

There’s likely a lot more out there that I haven’t discovered or tried yet. If you have any favorite combinations that aren’t listed here, please add them in the comments.

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