Seven Freeze Best Builds and Skills in Relic Hunters Legend

Seven Freeze Best Builds and Skills in Relic Hunters Legend 1 -
Seven Freeze Best Builds and Skills in Relic Hunters Legend 1 -

Seven Freeze Best Builds and Skills in Relic Hunters Legend

Unlock the frosty goodness of Seven in Relic Hunters Legend with the cool and mighty Seven Freeze Build. With this build, you’ll tap into Seven’s ice-cold abilities, easily managing unruly enemy crowds and dishing out massive damage with a chill!

How to Nail the Skills in Relic Hunters Legend

Launching the Ice Spear: A Cold Strike!

Dive deep into Relic Hunters Legend and wield the Ice Spear skill like a pro. With a quick flick, you send a sharp, frosty spear flying toward the bad guys, freezing them solid. They’ll be stuck, helpless, and chilly in their icy jails, squirming in vain.

Stir Up an Icy Storm: It’s Blizzard Time!

With the Ice Storm skill, you kind of can! Unleash a storm of ice, letting the frosty shards fall and freeze enemies across a wide area. Watch them struggle and slow down, ensnared by your cold, cold storm.

Frost Nova: A Burst of Cold Fear

Set loose the Frost Nova skill and see your enemies shiver and stop, caught in a wave of freezing energy. They’ll be stuck, taking hits and unable to move, as the icy chill takes hold and signals their impending doom.

Winter’s Breath: Freezing Laser of Doom

Unleash the frosty might of the Winter’s Breath skill, a focused beam of ice that flies true and cuts through foes with killer accuracy. Those who are unlucky enough to be in its way will take hits and freeze up, falling before your icy onslaught.

Where to Find the Treasures of Relic Hunter’s Legend

Glacial Blades: Slice with Frost

Get your hands on these deadly, icy daggers and deal damage while stopping enemies cold.

Frosty Encasement: Big Ice, Big Trouble

Drop a huge ice block in your enemy’s way. It’s a cold, hard obstacle that damages and freezes anyone daring enough to get close.

Cryogenic Explosive: Boom Goes the Ice

Use the explosive power of frost with this bomb, blasting and freezing foes in the blast zone, leaving them stuck and open to attacks.

Chillweave Armor: Freezing Fashion

Deck Seven out in this magical armor, and she’ll freeze enemies on contact, turning a dangerous situation to your icy advantage.

How to Strategize like a Pro in Relic Hunters Legend

Unlock the full chilly power of the Seven Freeze Build by using your character’s freeze powers to control the enemy crowd and deal big damage.

Start with the Ice Spear to stop a single enemy. Then, use the Ice Storm or Frost Nova to freeze groups, leaving them wide open. With the enemies stuck, hit them hard with Winter’s Breath or another powerful attack to finish the job.

If freezing the enemies gets tough, try the Ice Daggers or Freeze Grenade for extra freezing power. And, wearing the Frost Armor means you can freeze enemies when they hit you, giving you even more control.

With the right plan and moves, the Seven Freeze Build will let you beat levels and enemies without breaking a sweat!

Quick Pro Tips

When enemies are closing in, throw an Ice Spear to freeze and buy yourself some time to dodge and plan your next move.

How to Master the Seven Freeze Build

For groups of foes, let loose with Ice Storm or Frost Nova to hold them in place. Then, you can hit them hard with Winter’s Breath or another weapon. If you need to hit enemies from far away, Winter’s Breath is your go-to for long-range icy damage. And, for an extra chance to freeze enemies when they hit you, wear the Frost Armor. With these tips, you’ll be a Seven Freeze Build master in no time, taking down enemies with frosty efficiency.

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