Reshaping Mars – Developer Commands for Items and Satellite

Reshaping Mars – Developer Commands for Items and Satellite`s 1 -
Reshaping Mars – Developer Commands for Items and Satellite`s 1 -

Welcome to this post We will discuss the Reshaping Mars – Developer Commands for Items and Satellite`s in this post, and we sincerely hope you will find it helpful.

Dev Commands, Items and Satellite

If you enabled the Console when starting game, use LeftControl+Backqoute/Tilde to toggle the console.

Before each command add a “-“, so like ‘-unlock_all’.


build buildingname = Builds Building buildingname

mineral = num = Add num Mineral Resource

energy num = Add num Energy Resource

food num = Add num Food Resource

water num = Add num Water Resource

consumer_good num = Add num Consumer Resource

alloy num = Add num Alloy Resource

tech num = Add num Tech Resource

humanity = num = Add num Humanity Resource

grow_pop num = Grow Population in Selected Building By num

add_drone num = Add num Drone to Selected Building

lost_pop num = Shrink Population in Selected Building By num

can_research_tech = Enable Tech Research

can_research_humanity = Enable Humanity Research

can_impl_policy = Enable Implementing Policies

can_diplomacy = Enable Diplomacy

unlock_building name = Unlockss Building name

unlock_tech name = Unlocks Tech name

unlock_hum name = Unlocks Humanity name




unlock_policy name = Unlocks Policy name

instant = Enables Instant Mode

impl_policy policyname = Implements Policy policcyname

occur_evt name = Executes Game Event name

add_tech_pool name = Adds ‘Must Appear’ Researching name ???????

add_tech_choice name = Adds ‘Must’ Researching name ???????

gen_tech_choice = Enables The Ability To Select Research/Tech???

unit2 unitname = Adds unitname To Selected Terrain Block

destroy_unit = Destroy Selected Unit

manu_item itemname = Add Manufacturing Item itemname To Selected Building

tb_touched = Sets Selected Terrain Block As Unexplored

tb_explored = Explores Selected Terrain Block

tb_explored_all = Explores All Terrain Block

show_food_info = Enables Food Info

show_pop_info = Enables Population Info

add_sat name = Adds Satellite name

remove_sat name = Removes Satellite name

unlock_sat name = Unlocks Satellite name

unlock_food name = Unlocks Food name

hope num = Increase Selected Build Hope By num

health num = Increase Selected Build Health By num

recog_tech techname = Recognizes Tech techname

block_evt name = Blocks Game Event name

soil num = Add num Of Soil To Selected Terrain Block

organic num = Add num Of Organic To Selected Terrain Block

green num = Add num Of Green To Selected Terrain Block

damage num = Damage Selected Object By num

tb_mineral num = Adds num Of Mineral To Selected Terrain Block

unlock_unit name = Unlocks Unit name

unlock_item name = Unlocks Item name

add_item name = Adds Item name To Selected Room

fow = Toggle Fog Of War

reputation campname destcampname num = Adds num Of Reputation Between campname

And destcampname

item name amount = Adds amount Of name Item

emotion num = Increase Emotion By num

skill name = Add/Use Skill name

########## ITEM’S ##########

Item: domestic_garbage

Item: potato_bread

Item: tomato_puff

Item: rice_spinach_cake

Item: spirulina_soup

Item: soy_protein_stick

Item: salted_tea

Item: onion_cola

Item: spicy_soybean_strips

Item: ballistic_missile

Item: zerg_egg

Item: strange_fungus

Item: daily_medicine

Item: special_medicine

Item: boutique

Item: luxury

Item: manure

########## SATELITTE’S ##########

Satellite: magnetic_shield_generator

Satellite: passenger_craft

Satellite: orbit_imager

Satellite: mars_global_positioner

Satellite: industrial_information_exchanger

Satellite: civil_data_transmitter

Satellite: missile_intercepter

Satellite: solar_sail_mirror

Satellite: meteorological_analyzer

Satellite: atmospheric_analyzer

Satellite: space_construction_station

Satellite: superconducting_ring

Satellite: mineral_pack

Satellite: superconductor_pack

Satellite: space_hydroponic_farm

Satellite: solar_panel_network

Satellite: general_space_laboratory

Satellite: earth_investigation_team

Satellite: earth_aid_team

Satellite: earth_space_aid_team

Satellite: rock_group_supply

Satellite: eden_gate

Satellite: eden_gate_destroyer


  • Tech: mineral_extraction_station
  • Tech: mineral_processing_station
  • Tech: solar_panel_station
  • Tech: substation
  • Tech: drone_dispatching_center
  • Tech: mining_station_lv1
  • Tech: energy_station_lv1
  • Tech: general_residential_building
  • Tech: administrative_center
  • Tech: hydroponic_farm
  • Tech: water_extractor
  • Tech: residential_area_lv1
  • Tech: civilian_industry
  • Tech: alloy_foundry
  • Tech: cross_region_migrant
  • Tech: inner_city_migrant
  • Tech: academy_lv1
  • Tech: observation_station
  • Tech: drone_auxiliary_production
  • Tech: human_auxiliary_production
  • Tech: mineral_refining
  • Tech: auto_control_system
  • Tech: low_gravity_fitness_method
  • Tech: anti_radiation_circuit
  • Tech: food_additive
  • Tech: space_suit_quality_improvement
  • Tech: waste_refining
  • Tech: energy_regeneration
  • Tech: market_analysis
  • Tech: water_purification_cycle
  • Tech: fine_farming
  • Tech: alloy_purification
  • Tech: genetic_screening
  • Tech: psychotherapy
  • Tech: terrain_adaptive_construction
  • Tech: crater_mining_station
  • Tech: survey_alien_base
  • Tech: survey_crater
  • Tech: engineering_foundation
  • Tech: engineering_station
  • Tech: rover_carrier
  • Tech: hybrid_rice
  • Tech: energy_station_lv2
  • Tech: smart_substation
  • Tech: wind_prediction
  • Tech: power_grid_management
  • Tech: survey_drone_antenna
  • Tech: construction_drone_antenna
  • Tech: depository_lv1
  • Tech: clear_ruins
  • Tech: clear_ruins_drone_antenna
  • Tech: repair
  • Tech: auto_repair
  • Tech: auto_survey
  • Tech: auto_terraform
  • Tech: brackets_platform_construction
  • Tech: ta_observation_station
  • Tech: cave_residential_area
  • Tech: underground_mining_station
  • Tech: underground_water_extractor
  • Tech: ta_energy_station
  • Tech: underground_construction
  • Tech: cargo_carrier
  • Tech: transportline_construction
  • Tech: survey_mons
  • Tech: survey_vallis
  • Tech: survey_tholus
  • Tech: survey_mensa
  • Tech: survey_patera
  • Tech: survey_dorsum
  • Tech: survey_rupes
  • Tech: survey_scopulus
  • Tech: survey_chaos
  • Tech: survey_fossa
  • Tech: survey_catena
  • Tech: survey_cavi
  • Tech: survey_chasma
  • Tech: survey_collis
  • Tech: survey_sulci
  • Tech: survey_unda
  • Tech: food_processing
  • Tech: tomato_puff
  • Tech: rice_spinach_cake
  • Tech: spirulina_soup
  • Tech: soy_protein_stick
  • Tech: functional_food
  • Tech: salted_tea
  • Tech: onion_cola
  • Tech: spicy_soybean_strips
  • Tech: crowded_building_construction
  • Tech: stadium
  • Tech: stadium_lv2
  • Tech: geo_park
  • Tech: entertainment_center
  • Tech: entertainment_center_lv2
  • Tech: hospital_lv1
  • Tech: hospital_lv2
  • Tech: hospital_lv3
  • Tech: mining_station_lv2
  • Tech: precise_mineral_exploration
  • Tech: pressure_mining
  • Tech: space_foundation
  • Tech: space_base
  • Tech: magnetic_shield_generator
  • Tech: passenger_craft
  • Tech: fuel_safety_valve
  • Tech: orbit_imager
  • Tech: mars_global_positioner
  • Tech: industrial_information_exchanger
  • Tech: civil_data_transmitter
  • Tech: missile_intercepter
  • Tech: smart_paper_review
  • Tech: computer_assisted_research
  • Tech: flexible_sealed_carbin
  • Tech: solar_sail_mirror
  • Tech: solar_storm_absorb
  • Tech: mountain_power_plant
  • Tech: meteorological_analyzer
  • Tech: residential_area_lv2
  • Tech: anti_sandstorm_armor
  • Tech: anti_sandstorm_construction
  • Tech: soil_stabilizer
  • Tech: engineering_station_lv2
  • Tech: hydroponic_farm_lv2
  • Tech: academy_lv2
  • Tech: next_gen_network
  • Tech: atmosphere_generator
  • Tech: atmospheric_analyzer
  • Tech: residential_area_lv3
  • Tech: academic_brain_computer_interface
  • Tech: space_construction_station
  • Tech: superconducting_ring
  • Tech: mineral_pack
  • Tech: superconductor_pack
  • Tech: space_hydroponic_farm
  • Tech: solar_panel_network
  • Tech: general_space_laboratory
  • Tech: mining_station_lv3
  • Tech: energy_station_lv3
  • Tech: soil_organic
  • Tech: hydroponic_farm_lv3
  • Tech: underground_ice_detection
  • Tech: deicing_bomb_launcher
  • Tech: ocean_energy_station
  • Tech: ocean_observation_station
  • Tech: seaweed_farm
  • Tech: shipyard
  • Tech: seashore_residential_area
  • Tech: artificial_forest_base
  • Tech: coniferous_forest
  • Tech: broadleaf_mixed_forest
  • Tech: tropical_rainforest
  • Tech: tropical_dry_forest
  • Tech: land_greening_rover
  • Tech: high_dynamic_adapter
  • Tech: anti_seismic_bracket
  • Tech: military_factory
  • Tech: cannon_tower
  • Tech: raptor
  • Tech: ripper
  • Tech: sweeper
  • Tech: crusher
  • Tech: ballistic_missile_base
  • Tech: eden_gate_destroyer
  • Tech: research_airship
  • Tech: engineering_airship
  • Tech: energy_airship
  • Tech: sky_garden
  • Tech: daily_medicine
  • Tech: special_medicine
  • Tech: boutique
  • Tech: luxury
  • Tech: bioenergy_extraction
  • Tech: wastewater_reuse
  • Tech: mars_compost
  • Tech: medically_examination
  • Tech: health_security



########## BUILDINGS ##########

  • Building: reassembled_ship_resource_station
  • Building: building_ruins
  • Building: mineral_extraction_station
  • Building: mineral_processing_station
  • Building: solar_panel_station
  • Building: substation
  • Building: drone_dispatching_center
  • Building: administrative_center
  • Building: mining_station_lv1
  • Building: energy_station_lv1
  • Building: water_extractor
  • Building: hydroponic_farm
  • Building: civilian_industry
  • Building: alloy_foundry
  • Building: residential_area_lv1
  • Building: academy_lv1
  • Building: observation_station
  • Building: crater_mining_station
  • Building: engineering_station
  • Building: mining_station_lv2
  • Building: energy_station_lv2
  • Building: space_base
  • Building: depository_lv1
  • Building: cave_residential_area
  • Building: geo_park
  • Building: underground_mining_station
  • Building: underground_water_extractor
  • Building: ta_energy_station
  • Building: ta_observation_station
  • Building: stadium
  • Building: stadium_lv2
  • Building: food_processing_center
  • Building: entertainment_center
  • Building: entertainment_center_lv2
  • Building: hospital_lv1
  • Building: hospital_lv2
  • Building: hospital_lv3
  • Building: mountain_power_plant
  • Building: residential_area_lv2
  • Building: engineering_station_lv2
  • Building: hydroponic_farm_lv2
  • Building: academy_lv2
  • Building: atmosphere_generator
  • Building: residential_area_lv3
  • Building: space_construction_station
  • Building: space_hydroponic_farm
  • Building: solar_panel_network
  • Building: general_space_laboratory
  • Building: mining_station_lv3
  • Building: energy_station_lv3
  • Building: hydroponic_farm_lv3
  • Building: deicing_bomb_launcher
  • Building: ocean_energy_station
  • Building: ocean_observation_station
  • Building: seaweed_farm
  • Building: seashore_residential_area
  • Building: shipyard
  • Building: coniferous_forest
  • Building: broadleaf_mixed_forest
  • Building: tropical_rainforest
  • Building: tropical_dry_forest
  • Building: stowaway_ruins
  • Building: stowaway_campus
  • Building: last_gen_ecocab
  • Building: military_factory
  • Building: ballistic_missile_base
  • Building: cannon_tower
  • Building: mechanical_factory
  • Building: mechanical_mining_station
  • Building: mechanical_energy_station
  • Building: mechanical_solar_panel
  • Building: mechanical_core
  • Building: sentry_tower
  • Building: zerg_brood
  • Building: etp_campsite
  • Building: rock_remnants_ecocab
  • Building: research_airship
  • Building: engineering_airship
  • Building: energy_airship
  • Building: sky_garden
  • Building: mad_zerg_brood



########## POLICIES ##########



  • Policy: garbage_collection
  • Policy: encourage_childbirth
  • Policy: encourage_frugality
  • Policy: collect_taxes
  • Policy: propaganda_duty_honor
  • Policy: full_medical_insurance
  • Policy: national_fitness
  • Policy: work_enthusiasm
  • Policy: work_overtime
  • Policy: science_subsidy
  • Policy: labour_union_welfare
  • Policy: philosophy_education
  • Policy: public_sentiment_monitoring
  • Policy: departure_control
  • Policy: helping_rock_mobilization
  • Policy: eden_focus
  • Policy: eden_hope
  • Policy: eden_health
  • Policy: eden_pop_grow



Event: earth_un_elite_immigration

Event: attacked_warning

Event: attacked_warning_building

Event: attacked_warning_unit

Event: damaged_warning

Event: damaged_warning_building

Event: damaged_warning_unit

Event: low_health_syndrome

Event: low_health_syndrome_death

Event: low_health_death

Event: depression_syndrome

Event: brought_out_minerals

Event: sinking_crater

Event: dust_tornado

Event: sand_of_time

Event: wind_marks

Event: wave_of_sand

Event: melting

Event: caldera

Event: underground_permafrost

Event: glacier_cliff

Event: glacier_filler

Event: not_melted_yet

Event: collapse

Event: fretted_terrain

Event: aqueous_minerals

Event: warm_underground

Event: new_moon

Event: fresh_fault

Event: recurring_slope_lineae

Event: dark_dunes

Event: volcanic_minerals

Event: effusive_eruption

Event: outflow_channel

Event: large_grains_of_sand

Event: wind_sculpture

Event: stratified_structure

Event: inverted_relief

Event: memory_of_seasons

Event: polar_ice

Event: dark_slope_streaks

Event: katabatic_wind

Event: new_meteorite

Event: avalanche

Event: geysers

Event: spiders

Event: lost_volcano

Event: mountain_guard

Event: marvelous_sight

Event: trade_deal_agreed_1

Event: trade_deal_agreed_2

Event: trade_deal_grateful_1

Event: trade_deal_grateful_2

Event: trade_deal_agreed_no_condition

Event: trade_deal_rejected_1

Event: trade_deal_rejected_2

Event: immigration

Event: radiation_interference

Event: regular_supply

Event: the_first_step

Event: alien_resources

Event: alien_resources_complete

Event: residence

Event: residence_complete

Event: blueprint_hydroponic_farm

Event: some_population

Event: some_population_complete

Event: blueprint_administrative_center

Event: blueprint_residence

Event: numerous_population

Event: unlock_researching_tech

Event: blueprint_observation_station

Event: numerous_population_complete

Event: unlock_researching_humanity

Event: auxiliary_production

Event: auxiliary_production_completed

Event: advanced_production

Event: advanced_production_completed

Event: GCrop_giant_crop_found

Event: GCrop_grow_factor

Event: GCrop_out_of_control

Event: GCrop_addiction_factor

Event: GCrop_inhibition_factor

Event: GCrop_tame

Event: GCrop_quit

Event: GCrop_eat

Event: GCrop_addiction

Event: GCrop_eat_crazy

Event: GCrop_investigate

Event: GR_missing_report

Event: GR_signs_of_struggles

Event: GR_something_strange

Event: GR_unknown_identify

Event: GR_apply_higher_investigate

Event: GR_underground

Event: GR_giant_roach_found

Event: GR_rouch_leg

Event: GR_improve_tech

Event: GR_giant_roach_attack

Event: depression

Event: tariff_war

Event: political_accusation

Event: ownership

Event: SMD_overload

Event: SMD_overhaul

Event: SMD_audit

Event: SMD_audit_robot_exception

Event: SMD_perfect

Event: SMD_running_away

Event: SMD_diagnosis_drone

Event: SMD_disassembly_result

Event: SMD_repair_result

Event: industrial_injuries

Event: homesick

Event: low_gravity_syndrome

Event: demoralized

Event: unpalatable_food

Event: space_suit_loosing_pressure

Event: murder

Event: murder_solved

Event: injustice

Event: theft

Event: theft_solved_kill

Event: theft_solved

Event: social_dinner

Event: talk_show

Event: frequent_sick_leave

Event: sudden_death

Event: sedentary_syndrome

Event: the_flu_is_coming

Event: EMC_split

Event: EMC_spy

Event: EMC_military_force

Event: EMC_spy_found

Event: EMC_security_alert

Event: EMC_break_and_kill

Event: EMC_successfully_transferred

Event: EMC_condemn

Event: EMC_strike_ready

Event: EMC_preparing_interception

Event: EMC_missile_in_sight

Event: EMC_missile_exploding

Event: EMC_missile_exploded

Event: EMC_doomsday_is_near

Event: EMC_successfully_intercepted

Event: EMC_arrest_terrorists

Event: EMC_tech_assist

Event: EMC_governing_memorandum

Event: EMC_mars_survey_tips

Event: EMC_total_war

Event: EMC_the_last_immigration

Event: EMC_final_weapon

Event: ETP_protest_outside_the_space_base

Event: ETP_parade_outside_the_space_base

Event: ETP_space_base_been_trashed

Event: ETP_fake_promise_exposed

Event: ETP_production_been_trashed

Event: ETP_earth_truth_party_found

Event: ETP_space_base_security_alert

Event: ETP_space_base_kidnapping

Event: ETP_negotiation

Event: ETP_hostage_were_safe

Event: ETP_ship_exploded

Event: ETP_revenge

Event: ETP_hidden_danger

Event: movie_select

Event: nice_movie_release

Event: ordinary_movie_release

Event: bad_movie_release

Event: music_select

Event: music_release

Event: egame_select

Event: egame_release

Event: tv_show

Event: passenger_craft_arrived

Event: passenger_craft_arrived_none

Event: radiation_rumor

Event: rumor_kill

Event: fuel_explosion

Event: abandoned_mood

Event: protest_the_break_off

Event: rational_voice

Event: model_worker

Event: work_enthusiasm_by_mobilize

Event: work_mobilize_failed

Event: scientific_investment

Event: scientific_invest_success

Event: scientific_invest_failed

Event: scientific_invest_fraud

Event: fake_paper

Event: protest_illegal_immigration

Event: immigration_censorship_broke_promise

Event: loss_of_pressure

Event: loss_of_pressure_result

Event: no_mans_land

Event: new_virus

Event: isolation_result_good

Event: isolation_result_bad

Event: infectious_and_deadly

Event: blockade_treatment_result

Event: virus_spread

Event: PC_apply_for_funds

Event: PC_its_fake_science

Event: PC_ridicule

Event: PC_bg_investigation

Event: PC_steal_resources

Event: PC_organizing_crime_found

Event: PC_arrest

Event: PC_interrogate

Event: PC_found_a_follower

Event: PC_decipher_location

Event: PC_disappear

Event: PC_researching

Event: break_off

Event: no_more_immigrants

Event: lose_lose

Event: single_suicide

Event: mass_suicide

Event: suicide_culture

Event: suicide_culture_stop

Event: suicide_culture_spread

Event: orbital_magnetic_shield

Event: orbital_magnetic_shield_complete

Event: build_cannon_tower

Event: build_cannon_tower_complete

Event: calc_error_magnetic_shield

Event: magnetic_test_accident

Event: labour_union

Event: welfare_negotiation

Event: strike

Event: riot

Event: short_circuit

Event: land_fall

Event: underground_flood

Event: water_shortage

Event: planetary_dust_storm

Event: solar_storm

Event: supernovar

Event: new_government

Event: compromise

Event: recovery

Event: alliance

Event: solar_sail_mirror

Event: solar_sail_mirror_complete

Event: sandstorm_threat

Event: conquer_sandstorm

Event: conquer_sandstorm_complete

Event: dust_devil

Event: dust_devil_loss

Event: resupply

Event: soil_stabilizer

Event: soil_stabilizer_complete

Event: global_atmosphere

Event: global_atmosphere_complete

Event: superconducting_ring

Event: superconducting_ring_complete

Event: crashing

Event: soil_organic

Event: soil_organic_complete

Event: minority

Event: mind_integration

Event: incomprehensible_development

Event: miserable_world

Event: ocean_rebuild

Event: ocean_rebuild_complete_evacuate

Event: ocean_rebuild_complete

Event: declaration

Event: the_ultimate_answer

Event: the_last_eden_immigrants

Event: countdown

Event: gone

Event: the_wasteland

Event: tribal_age

Event: hard_to_survive

Event: save_the_earth

Event: irretrievable

Event: restart_space_program

Event: the_last_energy

Event: new_home

Event: greening

Event: greening_complete

Event: reshaping_mars_victory

Event: ai_crysis_1

Event: ai_crysis_2

Event: ai_crysis_3

Event: bio_crysis_1

Event: bio_crysis_2

Event: bio_crysis_3

Event: calcium_sucker_1

Event: calcium_sucker_2

Event: calcium_sucker_3

Event: calcium_sucker_4

Event: calcium_sucker_5

Event: calcium_sucker_6

Event: crop_circles_1

Event: crop_circles_2

Event: crop_circles_3

Event: crop_circles_4

Event: msk_abnormal_image

Event: msk_the_glory_of_the_past

Event: msk_the_pioneer_1

Event: msk_the_pioneer_2

Event: meteorite_attack

Event: energy_overload

Event: meteor_shower

Event: heavy_ice_found

Event: heavy_ice_leak

Event: heavy_ice_isolated

Event: ancient_scars

Event: uniform_impact

Event: metal_fragments

Event: radiation_fragments

Event: mars_salt_1

Event: mars_salt_2

Event: obelist_1

Event: obelist_2

Event: obelist_3

Event: illegal_change_brain

Event: crank_launch_failed

Event: scientists_seize_power_1

Event: scientists_seize_power_2


Skill: courting

Skill: insult

Skill: trade

Skill: declare_war

Skill: annex

Skill: move

Skill: construct

Skill: survey

Skill: settle

Skill: cross_region_migrant

Skill: inner_city_migrant

Skill: load_rover

Skill: unload_all_rovers

Skill: load_cargo

Skill: delivery_cargo

Skill: unload_cargo

Skill: clear_ruins

Skill: repair

Skill: potato_bread

Skill: tomato_puff

Skill: rice_spinach_cake

Skill: spirulina_soup

Skill: soy_protein_stick

Skill: salted_tea

Skill: onion_cola

Skill: spicy_soybean_strips

Skill: soil_stabilize

Skill: soil_organic

Skill: construct_ocean

Skill: survey_ocean

Skill: land_greening

Skill: construct_forest

Skill: rainstorm_autocannon

Skill: sanction_missle

Skill: destroyer_grenade

Skill: launch_ballistic_missile

Skill: raptor_autocannon

Skill: plasma_beam

Skill: guardian_cannon

Skill: mechanical_shoot

Skill: travel

Skill: sharp_bite

Skill: acid_spit

Skill: sting_shot

Skill: acid_bomb

Skill: spore_spray

Skill: spore_spray_air

Skill: hatch

Skill: organic_burst

Skill: strange_fungus

Skill: zerg_brood_attack

Skill: homemade_machinegun

Skill: research_airship_support

Skill: engineering_airship_support

Skill: energy_airship_support

Skill: sky_garden_load

Skill: sky_garden_unload

Skill: daily_medicine

Skill: special_medicine

Skill: boutique

Skill: luxury

Skill: bioenergy_extraction

Skill: mars_compost

Skill: wastewater_reuse

Skill: manure

Skill: medically_examination

Skill: health_security

Skill: music_select

Skill: movie_select

Skill: egame_select

Skill: art_exhibition

Skill: football_minor_cup

Skill: basketball_minor_cup

Skill: esports_minor_cup

Skill: football_mars_cup

Skill: basketball_mars_cup

Skill: esports_league


Humanity: leader_recruit

Humanity: leader_level_max_1

Humanity: leader_level_max_2

Humanity: leader_initial_level_1

Humanity: leader_initial_level_2

Humanity: leader_num_max_1

Humanity: leader_num_max_2

Humanity: leader_recuit_cost_1

Humanity: leader_recuit_cost_2

Humanity: leader_age_max_1

Humanity: leader_age_max_2

Humanity: leader_feature_num_1

Humanity: leader_feature_num_2

Humanity: production_management_base

Humanity: human_resource_management

Humanity: the_art_of_leadership

Humanity: hr_cost_control

Humanity: org_structure_theory

Humanity: national_production_mobilization

Humanity: entertainment_industry

Humanity: music_industry

Humanity: egame_industry

Humanity: tv_show_industry

Humanity: esports_minor_cup

Humanity: esports_league

Humanity: movie_industry

Humanity: art_exhibition

Humanity: sports_tradition

Humanity: sports_football_minor_cup

Humanity: sports_basketball_minor_cup

Humanity: sports_football_mars_cup

Humanity: sports_basketball_mars_cup

Humanity: constitution

Humanity: civil_law

Humanity: criminal_law

Humanity: intellectual_protection

Humanity: private_property_protection

Humanity: planning_base

Humanity: improved_administration

Humanity: urban_planning

Humanity: underground_space_transformation

Humanity: garbage_collection

Humanity: encourage_childbirth

Humanity: encourage_frugality

Humanity: collect_taxes

Humanity: propaganda_duty_honor

Humanity: full_medical_insurance

Humanity: national_fitness

Humanity: work_enthusiasm

Humanity: work_overtime

Humanity: science_subsidy

Humanity: jur_expand

Humanity: basic_system

Humanity: economic_system

Humanity: education_system

Humanity: welfare_system

Humanity: goverment_control

Humanity: goverment_publicity

Humanity: medical_insurance

Humanity: sharing_economy

Humanity: quality_education

Humanity: paper_censorship

Humanity: immigration_censorship

Humanity: national_propaganda

Humanity: national_scientific_first

Humanity: philosophy_education

Humanity: public_sentiment_monitoring

Humanity: tourism

Camp, Unite`s and Food

########## CAMP’S ##########

Camp: player

Camp: earth_un

Camp: neutral

Camp: hostile

Camp: western_federal

Camp: stowaway

Camp: earth_military_government

Camp: doctors_prototype_neutral

Camp: doctors_prototype_hostile

Camp: mechanical

Camp: eden

Camp: human_federal

Camp: zerg

Camp: earth_truth_party

Camp: mad_zerg

########## UNIT’S ##########

Unit: construction_rover

Unit: survey_rover

Unit: cargo_carrier

Unit: rover_carrier

Unit: cargo_pack

Unit: soil_stabilizer_rover

Unit: soil_organic_rover

Unit: construction_ship

Unit: survey_ship

Unit: land_greening_rover

Unit: ranger

Unit: crusher

Unit: ripper

Unit: raptor

Unit: sweeper

Unit: ranger_rock

Unit: crusher_rock

Unit: ripper_rock

Unit: mechanical_surveyer

Unit: mechanical_constructor

Unit: mechanical_attacker

Unit: devourer

Unit: corruptor

Unit: skylord

Unit: sporm

Unit: etp_ranger

Unit: research_airship

Unit: engineering_airship

Unit: energy_airship

Unit: sky_garden

########## FOOD ##########

Food: potato_bread

Food: tomato_puff

Food: rice_spinach_cake

Food: spirulina_soup

Food: soy_protein_stick

Food: salted_tea

Food: onion_cola

Food: spicy_soybean_strips

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