Remnant 2 – Should You Kill Faelin Or Faerin?

Remnant 2 – Should You Kill Faelin Or Faerin? 1 -
Remnant 2 – Should You Kill Faelin Or Faerin? 1 -

Remnant 2 – Should You Kill Faelin Or Faerin?

Alright, folks! Strap in because we’ve got a spicy bit of info on Remnant 2. So, you’re minding your own business, stomping bosses left and right, when BAM! You’re in the Losomn zone, standing at the doorstep of a massive palace. You walk in and guess what you find? Not one, but two bosses, Faerin and Faelin, ready to mess up your day in their own special ways.

These two start chatting you up and they’re like “Hey, can you beat up the other guy for me?” You, the chivalrous knight you are, agree. But wait, who do you choose? Faelin? Faerin? Well, buddy, let’s dive into it!

But What if I Choose Wrong?!

Chillax! Remnant 2 ain’t gonna punish you for picking one over the other. You might think your decision would stir the pot, change the story, maybe even give you a bad ending. No dice, my friend! Whether you kick Faelin’s butt or Faerin’s, the Losomn storyline and the overall game narrative aren’t gonna budge. It’s cool, you’re cool, we’re all cool.

Their battles are like mirror matches anyway. They’ve got the same moves, the arena’s the same – it’s all pretty standard. Although, I’ve got to tell you, Faerin might put up a bit more of a fight. So, get ready to dodge!

So, What’s the Difference Then?

Alright, here’s the juicy part. The major difference is what you’re gonna get after you’ve given them a royal beatdown. Knock out Faelin and you’ll score the Imposter’s Heart. You can then waltz over to McCabe and get him to whip up the Deceit Long Gun. This bad boy comes with charged shots that slap a 120 base damage on your foes and even includes the Ouroboros mod.

This mod surrounds you with three shards that fly at your enemy when you hit them with a basic melee attack. And every shot from the Deceit is a weak spot hit for a short while. You also snag the Faerin’s Sigil ring from Faelin, which boosts your Mod Power generation on critical and weak spot hits. Nice!

But if you decide to give Faerin a taste of your fury, you get the Melded Hilt. Take this beauty to McCabe, and voila, you’ve got the Godsplitter Melee weapon, dishing out a solid 38 base damage. It’s also got the unique Fracture mod that turns all your hits into weak spot hits after a charge attack connects.

Not to mention, you’ll pocket Faelin’s Sigil ring, giving you a 10% Mod Power boost when you’re handing out melee beatdowns. So, if you like keeping your enemies at an arm’s length, go after Faelin. But if you prefer to get up close and personal, Faerin is your guy!

Pro Tip:

Now here’s a nifty trick. Want to have your cake and eat it too? Jump into Adventure Mode, play through the storyline, and you can face off against the other boss! Plus, if you manage to get your hands on both Faelin’s and Faerin’s Sigils, swing by Nimue’s place. She’ll help you craft something extra special. Trust me, it’s worth the trip!

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