Remnant 2 – How to Take Down the Bloat King

Remnant 2 – How to Take Down the Bloat King 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to Take Down the Bloat King 1 -

Remnant 2 – How to Take Down the Bloat King

Ever had a run-in with the Bloat King in Remnant 2? His name may give you a chuckle, but don’t let that fool you. This guy packs a serious electrical wallop that could turn you into toast in a flash. If you find yourself in the ring with this heavyweight, it’s crucial to know your moves. Lucky for you, our team’s taken down the Bloat King on Nightmare difficulty, and I’m here to spill the beans on our winning game plan. So, buckle up for a down-to-earth guide on taking the fight to the Bloat King in Remnant 2:

Surviving the Electrical Storm: Your Best Bets Against Bloat King:

The Bloat King is a bit of a one-trick pony—he’s all about those shock attacks. Therefore, boosting your Shock Resistance should be job one. Simple, right?

In the heat of battle, your dance steps matter. The Bloat King brushes off damage like a champ, so going at him head-on won’t get you far. Instead, focus on the pair of orbs that pop up when the fight kicks off. These bad boys spit out heat-seeking shock projectiles that you’ve gotta dodge like the plague. And see that red-flashing orb? Make that your top target—it’s key to this tussle.

Once you’ve hammered that flashy orb enough, it’ll blow up, exposing its soft underbelly for your punishing hits. But watch out—it’ll scoot all over the place, making it a tough target. Don’t miss this golden chance to pile on the damage. Keep in mind that the Bloat King will eventually reclaim the orb, unleashing a thunderous salvo of electric attacks. The silver lining? A bit of the hurt you put on the orb also chips away at the Bloat King’s health. That’s how you whittle him down.

Next up, let’s chat about the Bloat King’s steroid-boosted electric moves. After reabsorbing the orb, he’ll start powering up for two main attacks:

  1. Lightning Strike: This attack could wipe you out in a snap. To dodge it, break line of sight with the Bloat King or roll out of the way.
  2. Lightning Beam: The Bloat King lets loose a massive electrical beam that ramps up in damage with each hit. Your best bet is to beat feet and avoid the blast.

Both moves look pretty similar in the wind-up phase, but you can tell the Lightning Beam apart by watching for the Bloat King’s twitchy tendrils. If you spot this telltale sign, high-tail it and don’t try to roll out of the way. The Bloat King can churn out these two attacks back-to-back up to thrice. In a team scenario, all three attacks will zero in on one player per round. Stick with this game plan and you’ll put the Bloat King down for the count.

Extra Curveballs in the Fight:

The showdown happens on raised platforms, separated by a murky, swamp-like floor. Stay on the high ground at all costs. Slip into the swamp and you’ll summon a bunch of electric critters that’ll keep popping up the longer you linger there. If you tumble in, make a beeline for the nearest ladder to get back to safety. Ideally, keep your feet dry—the swamp critters won’t follow you onto the platforms, and they don’t factor into the fight. They’re just there to zap you if you hang around in the swamp too long.

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