Remnant 2 – How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil

Remnant 2 – How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil 3 -
Remnant 2 – How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil 3 -

How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil In Remnant 2

So, heard about the Tightly Wound Coil ring in Remnant 2? It’s not just any accessory! This bad boy cranks up your damage, giving you some extra health when those nasty enemies start getting fresh. And get this: you get a cool shield but – plot twist – only when your gun’s running low on juice, like after half the magazine’s gone.

Want one? You have to take a trip to a dungeon in N’Erud’s world. I can’t give you the exact GPS for this ring – it’s all mysterious and procedurally generated and stuff. But a hot tip? Start your hunt in the Timeless Horizon.

Remnant 2 – How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil 2 -
Remnant 2 – How To Get The Tightly Wound Coil 2 –

How to Find the Void Vessel Facility Dungeon

Keep those ears open! When you’re wandering in the Timeless Horizon, you’ll hear some gentle alarms. That’s the universe’s way of saying, “Hey, the Void Vessel Facility dungeon’s this way!”

Inside, there’s more than just dust and echoes. You’ve got time capsules everywhere with some handy terminals. Pop them open for cool loot, but watch out for those sneaky zombie ambushes. And guess what? One of these pods is the VIP lounge for the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2. But… there’s a zombie bouncer!

Remember, it’s like a maze in there, so the pod’s spot changes. Make sure to open everything and keep those peepers peeled. If the ring plays hard to get, give the game a reroll in Adventure Mode and try your luck again.

What’s the Deal with the Stats and Bonuses?

Let’s break down this Tightly Wound Coil. It throws a shield your way, worth about 10% of your health, and hangs around for 5 seconds. But it’s a bit picky: it only shows up when your ammo’s three-quarters gone.

If you’re into fast-shooting guns or ones with tiny clips, this ring’s your best buddy. Get a shield, reload, and dive back into the fight, all safe and sound. Bonus: if you’re rocking the Challenger Archetype, it’s like peanut butter meeting jelly. Perfect match for those up-close brawls.

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