Remnant 2 – How To Get and Use Shining Essence Echo

Remnant 2 – How To Get and Use Shining Essence Echo 1 -
Remnant 2 – How To Get and Use Shining Essence Echo 1 -

Remnant 2 – How To Get and Use Shining Essence Echo

Hey, are you hooked on Remnant 2? Wondering how to get your mitts on the ultra-cool Shining Essence Echo? Say no more, we got you covered! We’ve got a nifty guide to help you locate this bad boy and put it to some amazing use. Let’s get this show on the road!

Here’s How to Find the Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2

To snag the Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2, you gotta wrap up one of those epic N’Erud world storylines and take down the final boss, big bad Tal Ratha. But keep in mind, this dude only shows up if you start your epic quest in the Forgotten Prison. If you’re kicking off elsewhere on the N’Erud map, you gotta do a quick reset and switch to Adventure Mode.

Throughout your journey, you’re gonna hear some weird voice whispering about finding the Soul Sparks. It’s none other than Tal Ratha himself, setting you up for the final showdown. Regardless of how that turns out, you’ll still score the Shining Essence Echo as a sweet bonus reward.

Every Single Way to Use the Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2

Alrighty, you got the Shining Essence Echo in your pocket now. So, what’s next? How do you use it? Let’s break it down. There are two kickass items you can get by trading your Shining Essence Echo with some NPCs at the Ascension Spire in N’Erud.

1. Siphon Heart: To grab this beauty, just swing by the NPC named Custodian chilling out in the central hall of the Ascension Spire. You don’t need anything else, just hand over your Shining Essence Echo, and voila! The Siphon Heart is all yours. This awesome loot grants you the power to gain 10% of the base damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10 seconds. It’s like a superpower that can totally flip the tables in tough fights!

2. Void Idol: If you’re more about speed and efficiency, the Void Idol is your best bet. Just pop down into the not-so-obvious pit on the left behind the seated statue in Ascension Spire. Say hi to the Drzyr Replicator, who’s super happy to swap your Shining Essence Echo for the Void Idol. With this charm, your reload speed boosts by 20%, and you only use half the magazine from reserves to fully reload. It’s like having a secret weapon, letting you deal damage faster and more efficiently.

Just a heads-up, if you want to get both the Siphon Heart and the Void Idol, you gotta run the N’Erud world with the Forgotten Prison start point twice. But trust us, it’s a small price to pay for these game-changing rewards!

And there you have it! A nifty guide to help you get and use the Shining Essence Echo in Remnant 2. Now you’re all set to elevate your gaming experience. Happy hunting, folks! Here’s to a thrilling ride in the world of Remnant 2!

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