Remnant 2 – How to Enable Asset Mods

Remnant 2 – How to Enable Asset Mods 1 -
Remnant 2 – How to Enable Asset Mods 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Remnant 2 – How to Enable Asset Mods Follow this guide each steps.

NexusMods now has an option that lets other mods function. – []
This is required for any mod to work. This will also unlock the in-game console and allows lua scripting, blueprint modloading, and even editing saves.

Asset Mods can be enabled.

This mod allows mods for assets to be used in the PC version. Any mod to an asset will need to this to work. This will also permit you to access the game console and Lua scripting, blueprint mod loading, and save editing.

Download –

Download the files from the following NexusMods mod page. – []

Installation –

To install, extract the zip folder contents inside of Steam\steamapps\common\Remnant2 and launch the game as normal. (The xinput1_3.dll file from the zip should end up in Remnant2\Binaries\Win64 – .

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