Remnant 2 – Easy Scrap Method Early

Remnant 2 – Easy Scrap Method Early 1 -
Remnant 2 – Easy Scrap Method Early 1 -

Remnant 2 – Easy Scrap Method Early

Hey, got a thing for scraps in Remnant 2, but can’t seem to get your hands on them in the early days? No sweat! We got an easy-peasy and quick-as-a-wink way to score that scrap before you even unlock world numero dos. Okay, it’s not the flashiest strategy, but it’s a lifesaver when you’re hungry for scrap or hunting down that elusive Pulse Rifle. Let’s dive into this whole easy scrap method shebang, shall we?

The Secret Lair Awaits

Get this. There’s a secret squirrel spot in N’erud, tucked away under the watchful eye of the Custodian. Just look for a hole in the ground on the left side – that’s your gateway. Inside, you’ll find an NPC with a bunch of goodies and two elevators. Take the right elevator for a scenic tour to a second secret area. Cross your fingers for the RNG gods, and you might score a Core Booster and that sweet, sweet Pulse Rifle.

Grab That Shiny Loot

Once you hit the bottom of the elevator, go right and sneak under some stone pillars (you’ll need to crouch, mind your head!). Voila! You’ve found the Escalation Circuit – a fancy piece for your electric bullets mod. Don’t sweat if you didn’t score the Core Booster or the Pulse Rifle – you can still snag the Escalation Circuit each time, and that’s 750 scraps in your pocket!

Rinse and Repeat

The entire thing? It takes around five minutes tops. Use the Escape Liquid, zip back to Ward, give your map a fresh roll, and go again. If you fancy some spice, keep an eye out for a trait book or a shiny purple accessory during your adventures. The best thing is you can work this Easy Scrap Method Early, no matter your gear, power level, or archetype. Plus, most beasties won’t chase you into the secret spot, and all you have to do after nabbing the item is kick the bucket – way quicker than waiting for those elevators.

Have you got scrap woes? The Easy Scrap Method Early is your golden ticket.

Stick to this unbeatable strategy, and you’ll be rolling in 750 scraps each time you reroll N’erud. This Easy Scrap Method Early means you’ll be swimming in scrap without breaking a sweat. So go up your game and make the most of your playtime!

The gist of it all? Rerolling N’erud gives you a shot at scoring a 750 scrap item in the secret base under the Custodian. This Easy Scrap Method Early is your ticket to a pile of scrap without needing top-tier gear. Game on!

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