Remnant 2 – Decoding the Dilemma: Should You Pay Tribute to the Red Prince?

Remnant 2 – Decoding the Dilemma: Should You Pay Tribute to the Red Prince? 1 -
Remnant 2 – Decoding the Dilemma: Should You Pay Tribute to the Red Prince? 1 -

Remnant 2 – Decoding the Dilemma: Should You Pay Tribute to the Red Prince?

Wow! Remnant 2 is like a rollercoaster ride—full of thrilling quests packed with grueling bosses, and here’s a quirky twist: it lets you make tough calls. Just the other day, I bumped into the Red Prince in one such gilded chamber. As pregnant as ever, he demanded tribute. Me? I’ve just kicked an imposter king’s butt, so I wondered whether I should give this scary chap his due.

Deciding Your Destiny

Alright, friend, it’s completely in your hands now! But hey, how about I chip in with some advice that suits your style? If you lean towards throwing down from a distance, it’s probably a great idea to snub the Red Prince. Alternatively, hand-to-hand combat is more up your alley? Paying a tribute doesn’t sound too bad, then. Don’t forget; your choice shakes up the rewards on offer!

So, if you’ve decided to pay homage to the Red Prince, you’ll need three of the shiny Crimson King Coins. The only way to get them? It’s from the teleport-savvy Fae swordsman! Unless you’ve filled your pockets with all three coins, you aren’t making an offer to the Red Prince. Once you’re all set, march up to the Red Prince, and make your tribute offer. A word of caution: don’t freak out if the Fae spirits jump on you. You’ll pop back up with some pretty cool rewards.

If you’re feeling feisty and choose to snub the Red Prince, get ready to roll up your sleeves. This guy’s no pushover, so gear up. This was the path I chose, and believe me; it wasn’t a cakewalk. Let me spill the beans on how to come out on top when tackling the Red Prince in Remnant 2.

Beating the Red Prince

The Red Prince is no doubt the most challenging boss I’ve crossed paths with in Remnant 2. He moves like lightning, throwing fire-infused curses left, right, and center. His toe-to-toe strikes are top-notch, but he isn’t a stranger to long-range assaults. And like a cherry topping, he can double himself using fire and even gather whirling fire cyclones.

The old one-two punch with the fire spears is how he starts—you have to dodge like crazy. He yanks them back, so keep those reflexes sharp. Next comes either the fiery alter ego attack or more close-range action. Do yourself a favor, and cancel out those fire clones ASAP.

Expect a flurry of rapid melee strikes from the Red Prince during the encounter. He’s totally in love with throwing fire projectiles. Once he’s hurting a bit, the fiery cyclone turns the area into a hot mess. Make a mad dash for the central platform to avoid getting knocked out.

While you’re in this critical phase, brace yourself for a fistful of melee strikes from the Red Prince. And get this; he starts to teleport around the now cramped arena—so keep your eyes peeled wide open. Once the cyclone says its goodbye, feel free to leave the central bit. I can’t sugarcoat it—you might need a few goes to predict the Red Prince’s moves but keep that chin up, and you’ll be the champ.


Alright, let’s dish on rewards. Say you choose to pay your dues to the notorious Red Prince; you’ll score a Trait Point and this killer crafting material dubbed Bloody Steel Splinter. This neat mod allows you to launch razor-sharp chain bits that hook your foes and yank them toward you. Plus, it dishes out heaps of damage, and it slaps a bleeding effect on them. Cool, huh?

But if you’re more rebellious and take out the Red Prince, you’ll walk away with some top-notch spoils. We’re talking a heap of scraps, a Tome of Knowledge, a trio of shiny Lumenite Crystals, and this cool-as-hell Forlorn Fragment crafting material. With the Firestorm mod, you can whip up a blazing tornado that keeps spinning for a whole 15 seconds. This’ll draw in any nearby enemies and roast them. It dishes out continuous fire damage, and boy, does it put on a show!

So, whether you choose to butter up the Red Prince or show him who’s boss, you’ll need to gear up for an epic face-off in Remnant 2. Best of luck, champ!

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