Remnant 2 – Corrupted Lumenite Farm

Remnant 2 – Corrupted Lumenite Farm 1 -
Remnant 2 – Corrupted Lumenite Farm 1 -

Remnant 2 – Corrupted Lumenite Farm

Hey there, fellow gamers! Got a case of the blues because you can’t scoop up enough Corrupted Lumenite in Remnant 2? Well, we’re gonna spill the secret sauce on how you can make your Corrupted Lumenite Farm bloom like crazy! Just imagine – 2 to 7 Corrupted Lumenite per run! How cool is that?

Your Best Buddies for the Job

Let’s chat about the best fit for this task. We’re talking classes here. Your go-to is the Challenger class, mainly for the Bulwark skill. You know, because surviving matters! And there’s the Explorer class as well. It’s not a must, but hey, that extra 20% movement speed can get you places quicker.

Your Golden Path

Here’s the deal, the path we’re gonna walk is exactly the same as the one to the Labyrinth Staff. So, get to know it like the back of your controller to avoid any wrong turns. Keep it smooth and efficient!

Outsmarting the Spawn

Alrighty, here’s the juice. After you’ve nailed that boss, you gotta:

  1. Pop a Liquid Escape or just take a quick plunge to respawn.
  2. Shut the game down quick (ALT+F4 is your friend here).

By doing this, you’ll give that Aberrant spawn a reset. More often than not, the Aberrant will respawn. Like, 8 out of 10 times, the big guy shows up. But if it plays hard to get, no stress. Just kick the bucket, repeat the run, and it’ll be there. Waiting for ya!

Why this Works like a Charm

So why is this strategy so cool? Well, it lets you nail that Corrupted Lumenite Farm like a boss, scoring anywhere from 2 to 7 Corrupted Lumenite per run. Each run’s gonna take you like, what, 3 to 5 minutes? That’s crazy efficient! So, you’re saving a ton of time while stockpiling a hefty amount of Corrupted Lumenite. Talk about a win-win!

Let’s face it, this Corrupted Lumenite Farm method is a total game-changer. You’re getting your Corrupted Lumenite, saving your time, and, most importantly, ramping up your fun in Remnant 2.

What are you still doing here? Time to test drive this method and watch your Corrupted Lumenite pile up. Get out there and happy farming!

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