Remnant 2 – Allow Asset Mods and Console

Remnant 2 – Allow Asset Mods and Console 1 -
Remnant 2 – Allow Asset Mods and Console 1 -

Remnant 2 – Unleash the Power of Asset Mods and Console

Hey there! Do you find yourself wanting more from Remnant 2? Feeling a bit limited, perhaps? We’ve got some pretty epic news for you! There’s a new mod available on NexusMods that’s going to turn your gaming world upside down! Meet the “Enable Asset Mods and Console” mod!

So, what’s this “Enable Asset Mods and Console” mod?

This mod is straight-up brilliant! It takes Remnant 2 gameplay on PC to a whole new level by enabling asset mods. That means you can give the game your own personal touch, from tweaking textures and meshes to playing around with languages and so much more. But hold on! There’s more! The mod also unlocks the in-game console, opening the door to super-powerful debugging commands, lua scripting, blueprint modloading, and even save editing. It’s like all our modding dreams are coming true!

How to Get Rolling

Ready to make magic with this awesome mod? Great! Start by getting the files from the NexusMods mod page. Here’s the link for you: Get the newest version of the mod. Once you have the files, installing them is a walk in the park.

Just unzip the folder and drop it into the Steam\steamapps\common\Remnant2 directory. Also, watch out for the xinput1_3.dll file from the zip. It needs to be in Remnant2\Binaries\Win64. Are you done with the installation? Sweet! Launch the game as you usually do, and BOOM! You’re ready to explore the mod’s features.

The Mod’s SuperPowers

Now, let’s talk about what this mod enables you to do. With the in-game console up and running, you can use debugging commands to investigate the game’s nano-usage and resource allocation. It’s like being given a backstage pass to see what’s happening behind the scenes in Remnant 2, giving you a chance to sharpen your gaming strategies.

But wait, there’s more! The mod also gives you access to lua scripting and blueprint modloading. You can put on your creator hat and cook up your own mods or check out the tons of mods the community has put together. You’ve got a virtually endless amount of ways to personalize your gameplay experience.

Facing any Problems? Let’s Sort Them Out

Alright, so sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. Don’t sweat if you run into any problems during the installation process or while using the mod. We got you. If things go haywire, make sure you’ve placed the Remnant2 folder from the zip into the right directory. Remember, you’ll find two Remnant2 folders; the zipped one should land in the root Remnant2 folder. That’s where the xinput1_3.dll file should end up inside Remnant2\Remnant2\Binaries\Win64.

Just a heads up, this mod has been tried and tested on both the Steam and Epic versions of the game. So, no matter where you picked up your copy of Remnant 2, you can get in on the mod action.

So, the Enable Asset Mods and Console mod is truly game-changing for Remnant 2 players on PC. It’s like getting a key to a world of endless possibilities, letting you shape your gameplay experience exactly how you want it. Asset mods, in-game console access, lua scripting, blueprint modloading, save editing… you name it; this mod’s got it! So, what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into the modding world and send your Remnant 2 adventure soaring!

And hey, to make the most of this mod, grab it from the NexusMods page at Happy modding!

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