Ready or Not – How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide

Ready or Not – How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide 1 -
Ready or Not – How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide 1 -

How to (Realistically AND Tactically) Clear a Room with ms paint visuals

Step 1

Step 1. Mirror Under the Door

Check for traps, suspects, hostages, where people could be hiding, etc.

Think of this as a way to prepare/get ready for what is on the other side.

Teammates should ALWAYS cover the person who is mirroring the door should someone open the door while they are mirroring. Cover possible flanks as well. (if you are playing with AI, good luck, you will probably be fine.)

If possible, mirror from the side of the door in order to avoid exposing yourself from people shooting through the door.

Step 2

Step 2. Choose Equipment

Decide if flashbangs, stingers, or gas will be used during entry.

You should also decide if you are going to enter the room using C2, breaching shotgun, battering ram, opening, or kicking down the door.

Kicking the door often does NOT work on the first try and will alert the people inside so i recommend against doing this strategy.

Step 3

Step 3. Breach The Door

Once you decide how and what you will use while breaching the door, breach the door and throw whatever grenade you have chosen (if necessary).

If any enemies are in the sight lines that you have after opening the door, follow rules of engagement and get them to surrender or return fire if necessary.

Once disposing of any possible suspects or hostages, you should look something like this.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 3 - 164F454

Split stacks aren’t always necessary, but since the AI almost always do one, i will assume you are also doing one as well.

Step 4

Step 4. Cover Middle

The first person to enter the room (one of the two closest to the door) will pan over into the middle of the doorway and look for anybody who may be in the middle of the room.

He will take care of any necessary targets before proceeding with the next step.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 4 - 4001A44

Step 5

Step 5. Begin moving into the room

After clearing the middle of the room, the person who panned to the middle will begin to move into the room and hug the wall opposite to the door hinges. (in this case, it is the right wall)

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 5 - C028154

Step 6

Step 6. Clearing Corner

After moving into the room, this person will move their focus to the far corner of the room, and then the corner they are moving to, taking out any suspects if necessary.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 6 - 98931CF

Step 7

Step 7. Return Focus to Middle of the Room

Once in the corner of the room, the person who entered will return their focus to the middle of the room, covering any possible doors on the far wall.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 7 - B55DCFA

Step 8

Step 8. Everyone else follows in behind

Shortly before or right when the first person who enters reaches their corner, everyone should move in on the room, covering every angle as necessary and looking behind the door for suspects or hostages.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 8 - 4ADB5F2


Your strategy should look similar to this.

Step 9

Step 9. Finish Clearing Room

Once everyone starts moving in following something similar to the previous strategy, you should have cleared behind the door as well as the rest of the room. People on the right side of the room will cover any doors that are on the opposite side of the room or on the right side of the room. Anyone on the left side will cover any doors on the left side. Your positioning should look something like this.

Ready or Not - How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide - Step 9 - F5C1D95

Step 10

Step 10. Post Room Clear Action

When the room is clear and you have neutralized any suspects, begin restraining any hostages or compliant suspects. Make sure to have at least one person covering each entrance to the room and have someone looking out in case a compliant suspect becomes not so compliant for whatever reason. Make sure to collect any evidence and weapons that suspects may have dropped.

Once you have completed all above steps, you are able to move on to one of the next rooms. If there are multiple closed doors, i recommend either splitting into two teams and breaching both at the same time, following similar steps above but in smaller groups, or to wedge one of the doors and stay in a full team. Sticking together is most optimal and will probably lead to the least amount of harm done to you or your teammates.

Ending Notes

Good Job!

You are now able to breach rooms like a real S.W.A.T. team.

Realize this is only ONE strategy to breaching rooms and there are many more variables that you may encounter. The best way to avoid mistakes is to always be prepared and have constant situational awareness. While following these steps, things may still go wrong and it is on you and your teammates to adapt. Keep in mind this is a GAME so don’t get mad if things go wrong or lash out at teammates for doing something wrong, this is a video game, not a real life scenario.

Good luck breaching rooms, I hope this guide helps you not die as often when breaching alone, with AI, or even with some of your good ole buddies! Please rate & favorite if this helps you out!

I am not legally responsible for any deaths, injuries, or any other mishaps while following these strategies. Following these steps mean you acknowledge this and you will not rage at me for your problems. Thank You

Written by ChaiTheBandit

This is all about Ready or Not – How to Breach Rooms Strategy Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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