Quasimorph: End of Dream – How to Play – Beginners Guide Walkthrough

Quasimorph: End of Dream – How to Play – Beginners Guide Walkthrough 3 - steamlists.com
Quasimorph: End of Dream – How to Play – Beginners Guide Walkthrough 3 - steamlists.com

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Load in Load Out

You can control left-click to grab the items out of the cargo

I suggest

The pistol

a stack of ammo

5 bandages

5 splits

The clothes

2-4 food

It’ll ask you to select a skill tree to use. Pick whichever suits your play-style.

Schematics will unlock more gear you can bring in. They will significantly make it easier to beat the game.

You can also unlock two other characters with slightly different stats.

You can evacuate to bring your found equipment back home and use it later. Doing so will also keep your character’s level. I wouldn’t stay attached as death is a lava hole away.

My Insides Have Become My Outsidesâ„¢

Find Cover and apply your Corporate Mandated Chinese Medicinal Herbs.

When you’re hurt there’s different types of injuries.

Pressing H you can mouse over the damaged body part and see what you have sustained.

A fracture or broken bone requires you to left click on a split and left click the damage body part.

Bleeding and and non-fractures you can throw on a bandage.

Some injuries may require you to use multiple healing items before it’s fully healed.

You’ll also take damage that can’t be healed with basic medicine. Medpacks, medbays, and other doctoral equipment can help.


If you aren’t quick about using medical supplies, you’ll get an infection.

An infection will go up by 10% every turn. If you use a medial item it will slow it to 2-4% a turn and disappear within 5-6 turns.

Antibiotics can give you those extra turns needed if it’s already progressed to 80-90%.

The easiest way to die is accidentally left-clicking a square and watching your character move with an injury until they drop dead from their infection.

People die when they lose all their health. So don’t lose all your health.

Cannibalism is Discouraged but Not Prohibited

Quasimorph: End of Dream - How to Play - Beginners Guide Walkthrough - Cannibalism is Discouraged but Not Prohibited - BDE3E52

Food may become a problem if you’re unlucky.

The solution?

Hold onto empty cans and human meat. You can dissemble severed body parts for human meat. Eating it raw gives -5 hp.

Find a crafting station and left click your items on the right and then left the same grayed-out components on the left.

You can use melee weapons to get meat by right clicking a corpse’s bodyparts with a melee weapon in hand and selecting amputate. You can throw their hearts too. Be your own cupid.

Quasimorph Quasischmorph

As the Quasimorph infection increases on the bottom right of your HUD, you’ll get buffs but eventually, something will happen and I don’t know what. I’ve never seen what happens but I assume you’ll look like this:

I would suggest trying to keep it balanced where you get the buffs but aren’t in danger of something happening to you.

Ciggies will reduce it by different amounts depending on how far gone you are. Smoke em, boys.

A certain beastie when it dies may drop an item you can eat that’ll reduce it down to a hundred or so.

The Bastille

Weapons wise, you’re gonna use whatever is on hand.

Guns have different effective ranges. Find cover and fire. If they’re in cover and you don’t have cover, get back and press space to end your turn and tease them out.

Enemies follow the same rules as you so they can also bleed out and die.

Grenades can be used once you have a vest on and place it on the slots on the bottom of your HUD.

Melee is useful in tight situations.

Heads up, dragonshot for the shotgun works wonders on groups.

Mortal Combat

When entering combat you should switch to “run mode” on the bottom left. This will increase your actions per round to 3 instead of two at the cost of not being able to access your inventory. This also means if you’re hurt you’ll need to go back to ‘walk mode’ to heal and prevent an infection. You may cut it close.

‘Run mode’ also increases how much of your hunger bar is used up. You should activate it if you:

1. Need to make space after opening a door and coming face to face with an in-law.

2. Need the extra action to deal with a group.

3. Pop in and out of cover.

You have to have all your action bars if you want to change modes.

Right click to see in that direction. Extremely useful if you have to run and gun.

You can inspect enemies with right click.

Battle Skirts have Pockets

You’ll have to play it by ear for the most part.

Quasimorph: End of Dream - How to Play - Beginners Guide Walkthrough - Battle Skirts have Pockets - D0466D1

Try and carry only 1-2 weapons and their ammo.

2-3 slots of medicine.

1-2 slots for food.

Grenades go into your vest once you find one.

6×3 backpacks are rare and I only found one on my first playthrough. Maybe I’m blind. Who knows.

Crafting is kinda ♥♥♥♥ considering how rare the benches are and the slots they take. Unless you know where a crafting table is don’t bother disassembling stuff unless you can use it right then and there.

Tiny Details

Your pp

Doors won’t close if there’s a corpse wedged in between.

When firing your gun be aware you can attract attention.

You can knock enemies back with a shotgun blast into environmental hazards for an instant kill but you can’t loot the body.

Schematics can be game-changing and are worth evacuating for (depending on the schematic).

Your boots squelch when talking through blood and corpses.

Fire can spread, burn you, and give you an infection. Put a bandage on.

Human meat crafts into meatcans that gives ~1400 satiety and stack in twos. Quasimorph developers endorse cannibalism. Eat the meatâ„¢

If you find a schematic for a weapon but doesn’t come with the ammo separately, it still comes preloaded with ammunition. You can, when you’re still prepping for the mission, place 4-5 of them in your inventory, unload the ammo, and discard all but two (as they lose durability with use and break having two will come in clutch).

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