Psychic Idle – Ability Guide Wiki – Best Skills Build – 2023

Psychic Idle – Ability Guide Wiki – Best Skills Build – 2023 1 -
Psychic Idle – Ability Guide Wiki – Best Skills Build – 2023 1 -

Psychic Idle – Ability Guide Wiki – Best Skills Build – 2023

Have you ever dreamed of Enlightenment? No, I’m not talking about reaching a higher state of consciousness but rather a time-based upgrade. Enlightenment increases all your Main Abilities by a glorious x1.02 for every level. To embark on an Enlightenment, you’ll need to fork over some virtual space currency, namely Enlightenment Stones. After payment, all that’s left is to wait for the timer to run its course and claim your power boost. But if patience isn’t your strong suit, you can always speed things up with a few Computer Parts.

Quantum Jump, on the other hand, is like cosmic roulette. Give it a go, and if luck is on your side, your Main Abilities will skyrocket by a whopping x1.04. Keep in mind that with each level, the chance of success decreases. And yes, attempting a Quantum Jump will cost you some Quantum Energy from Dungeon battles. Good news, though! You can use those trusty Enlightenment Stones from Virtual Space battles to nudge the success rate in your favor. Who knew stones could be so versatile?

Abilities and Upgrades

Let’s talk abilities, the magical modifiers that spice up the Psychic Idle universe. Each ability page boasts up to five slots, each one upgrading a specific stat. Whether it’s Main Abilities, Battle Rewards, Battle Damage, or any other stat, abilities have got you covered. Your Ability page starts with just one slot, but fear not, for you can unlock up to nine pages. Just when you thought there wasn’t enough space for all your prowess! Oh, and a quick heads-up: the first slot on every page enjoys a 50% buff, so make it your top priority. And remember, you can’t have the same option on different rows. Variety is the spice of psychic life!

Example Ability Sets

Now that we’ve covered the basics let me showcase some ability pages to tickle your imagination. How about an Attack Set featuring Damage Dealt, Crit Rate, Crit Effect, Attack Speed, and of course, Attack? Or perhaps a CP Set with HP, EP, EP Recovery, and HP Recovery? Feeling like a farmer? Then a Farm Set might be for you, with Material Drop Rate, Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Equipment Drop Rate, and a dash of Attack. And last but not least, we’ve got the Battle Set, designed to optimize your rewards from battles. Picture this: Rewards from X Battle, Main Ability in X Battle, Attack, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed. Deliciously deadly!

Optimizing Your Rolls

When it comes to rolling for that perfect first stat, my dear readers, it’s best to start with your lowest-tier slot. The upgrade cost is lower, and the tier of the Ability doesn’t dictate what can roll on it. It simply determines the number of rolls you can obtain. Once you’ve hit that coveted Hero slot and still haven’t landed your desired first roll, don’t despair! Move on to the next slot and try your luck for an even cheaper upgrade. And if lady luck is playing hard to get and all slots become Heroes without granting your wish, keep rolling, rolling, rolling!

Some Advice for Battle

Now, before we rush off into battle, let’s prioritize our upgrades, shall we? I’d highly recommend getting a CP/Attack Set and a Farming set before diving into Battle Sets. Attack/CP sets will embolden you to conquer higher stages, unlocking more exciting content. And as for Farming sets, they’ll boost your research and nanoparticle farming rates, unlocking untold potential.

Let’s not forget about our Special Abilities. This menu lets you specialize in various areas, offering different effects. By upgrading Special Abilities, your Main Ability receives a solid x1.01 boost. Just be aware that the cost increases with each level. And here’s a little secret: once your Special Ability hits the right level, a new one unlocks! And if you ever want to mix things up, feel free to use Gems to reset your levels and reallocate points. Rest assured; all your upgrade materials will be returned to you.

Battling in Psychic Idle

All right, we’ve reached the battlefield! Battles in Psychic Idle are like small instances that demand your monster-slaying expertise. For every wicked creature you vanquish, sweet rewards await gold, equipment, and a specific currency tied to each battle. You’ll need keys to gain entry, which you can obtain through various means like Daily Quests, Main Quests, Attendance, Battle Pass, and Chests. And don’t worry if you mess up or want to test your damage; you can always retreat to the Village and try again without wasting any keys.

Oh, and one last piece of advice before we part ways. Each battle deserves its dedicated ability page. Head to the Growth tab and explore the Ability section to create that perfect ability page tailor-made for a specific battle. After all, variety is the spice of psychic combat!

And there you have it, my fellow adventurers! Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re now ready to conquer the world of Psychic Idle. So venture forth, upgrade your abilities, and embrace the thrill of the battle. May your powers grow, your monsters tremble, and your victory is legendary!


After completing a battle, you have the option to “Sweep” it, which automatically finishes the battle and rewards you with the highest possible rewards from your attempt. For example, if you complete a battle during the X2 Hot Time event, you can sweep it afterward to obtain the corresponding rewards. It’s generally advisable to save your keys until the X2 Hot Times are active.

The Underground Mall

The Underground Mall is undoubtedly the best battle in terms of currency rewards, as it’s used throughout the game for various progress-related purposes. When participating in this battle, utilizing superpowers that work best for you is recommended. In general, either multiple Wide Range superpowers or a single Basic superpower with different Upgrades will be most effective. To achieve the highest number of kills in this battle, having Hyper Focus and/or Ultimate abilities is crucial. These abilities enhance your Move Speed, enabling you to defeat three waves of monsters efficiently. Additionally, it’s important to set up an Ability page specifically for the Underground Mall. The first slot on this page should be dedicated to increasing the Underground Mall rewards, while the remaining slots should focus on boosting Move Speed, Attack Power, Attack Speed, and the Main Ability X in the Underground Mall battle.

Spending Currency Priority

In brief, the recommended approach to spending currency is as follows:

  1. Build ALL Computers.
  2. Increase the Underground Mall Reward percentage in the Computer to obtain 100k+ currency per key.
  3. Increase the Material Drop percentage in the Computer to at least 700%.
  4. Increase the Equipment Drop percentage to at least 500%.

Enlightenment vs. The Underground Mall

There are two possible routes to follow:


  • Choose this route when encountering a CP (Combat Power) wall that would unlock new content.
  • Increase the reward percentage for other battles.

This route is generally suitable for progressing in the game.

The Underground Mall:

You should primarily use the rewards obtained from the Underground Mall battle to upgrade your Computers. Your initial goal should be to construct all the Computers since they all provide valuable benefits. Afterward, focus on upgrading the “Increase Underground Mall Reward” option to maximize the rewards per key. Once you have achieved this, emphasize increasing the Material Drop percentage. This is important for farming monsters and conducting In-Depth Research. Enhancing the Equipment Drop percentage is also beneficial as it provides chests that contain precious gems. Although subtle, this improvement contributes significantly to long-term progress.

After prioritizing these three upgrades, you can choose between two different routes. If you find yourself facing a CP wall that would grant access to more content or higher levels of the Underground Mall, it may be wise to allocate resources for Enlightenment. Otherwise, increasing the Battle Reward percentage for battles such as Virtual Space and Defense is always a good option.

Optimally Building Computers

Since the Underground Mall currency is utilized for various purposes, upgrading the Computers efficiently is essential. The cost of upgrading Computers increases at a steady rate, without exponential costs to worry about. To simplify the calculations, a general upgrading ratio can be followed:

125 Grey = 25 Green = 5 Blue = 1 Purple

For everyone to upgrade to a Purple Computer, you should have upgraded the Grey Computer 125 times, and so on.


In the Defense battle, you must eliminate all five waves of enemies following a specific route to acquire the maximum amount of currency. Unlike other battles, you can receive assistance from other players, but they must also be in your Village, which is region-based. To team up with another player, you must enter the same Village and join the same Defense level simultaneously.

World Boss

The World Boss battle is your first encounter with a monstrous boss. Unlike regular enemies, the boss is relentless and does not perish easily. Your objective is to inflict as much damage as possible within the given time limit. Initially, you may struggle and even die, but as you grow stronger, your HP will increase, and the fear of dying will diminish. Rewards in this battle are based on the amount of damage dealt, and no keys are required if you choose to leave the battle early. Daily rewards are distributed according to the damage you inflict compared to other players, and you can view these rewards on the in-game leaderboard.

Crit REG (Crit Resistance)

Crit REG refers to Crit Resistance, which reduces the likelihood of being hit by a critical attack and mitigates the damage taken from such attacks. It appears to be a mistranslation, but the developers provide clarification:

Crit REG functions opposite to Crit Rate. For instance, if a player with a Crit Rate of 100 attacks a monster with a Crit REG of 0, all attacks will be critical. However, if a player with a Crit Rate of 100 attacks a monster with a Crit REG of 50, the critical activation rate of the attack will be 50%. Furthermore, Crit REG also reduces critical damage.

Growth and In-Depth Research

Navigating the vast realm of Psychic Idle can be quite the challenge. You’ll find yourself stuck like a psychic in sheep’s clothing without the right abilities and skill build. But worry not, for we have curated the ultimate Psychic Idle ability guide to help you conquer battles and vanquish monsters with ease! This guide delves into the nitty-gritty of core game mechanics such as growth progression, quantum jumps, abilities, special abilities, skillsets, and so much more. Let’s kick things off with a section that spells progress: Growth. Here, you’ll find various paths to level up in Psychic Idle. Each avenue contributes in its own special way, boosting your Combat Power and propelling you further along your journey. The first tab, aptly named Growth, houses your main abilities and critical stats. Spend some gold to upgrade each ability, but be warned, the cost increases every 500 levels. Pro tip: focus on leveling all abilities evenly, except for ATK. All your Superpowers are ATK-dependent, making it the biggest modifier for your Combat Power.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the depths of In-Depth Research (IDR). This gem is your best buddy when it comes to progression. With every level, IDR increases your Main Ability by a solid x1.02. To increase your IDR level, you must level up your “Monster Research” across the board. In the Growth tab, you can track your progress and see how close you are to achieving total domination. To level up “Monster Research” for a particular monster, you’ve got to slay it until you gather enough “resources”. And remember, upgrading your Material Drop % will boost the resources you rake in.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the recommended approach for spending currency?
A: Build ALL Computers. Increase the Underground Mall Reward percentage in the Computer to obtain 100k+ currency per key. Increase the Material Drop percentage in the Computer to at least 700%. Increase the Equipment Drop percentage to at least 500%.

Q: What are the two possible routes to follow in the game?
A: Enlightenment and The Underground Mall.

Q: How should I prioritize upgrades in The Underground Mall route?
A: Upgrade all Computers, increase Underground Mall Reward option, increase Material Drop percentage, and enhance Equipment Drop percentage.

Q: How should I optimally build Computers?
A: Upgrade ratio: 125 Grey = 25 Green = 5 Blue = 1 Purple.

Q: How does Defense battle work?
A: Eliminate all five waves following a specific route. Assistance from other players is possible in the same Village.

Q: What is the objective of the World Boss battle?
A: Inflict as much damage as possible within the given time limit. Rewards are based on damage dealt.

Q: What is Crit REG?
A: Crit Resistance, reducing likelihood of critical attack and mitigating damage taken.

Q: What is growth progression and In-Depth Research?
A: Growth contributes to Combat Power. In-Depth Research increases Main Ability and Monster Research by gathering resources.

Q: What is Enlightenment and how do I upgrade it?
A: Enlightenment increases all your Main Abilities by x1.02 for every level and can be upgraded using virtual currency called Enlightenment Stones. You can speed up the upgrade with Computer Parts.

Q: What is Quantum Jump and how does it work?
A: Quantum Jump is a time-based upgrade that can increase your Main Abilities by x1.04. The chance of success decreases with each level. It requires Quantum Energy from Dungeon battles and you can use Enlightenment Stones to increase the success rate.

Q: How many ability slots can I unlock?
A: You can unlock up to nine ability pages, with each page having up to five slots that upgrade different stats.

Q: What are some example ability sets?
A: Some examples include an Attack Set, CP Set, Farm Set, and Battle Set. Each set focuses on different stats and abilities to enhance specific aspects of the game.

Q: How can I optimize my rolls for abilities?
A: It’s best to start with the lowest-tier slot and move on to the next slot if you haven’t landed your desired roll. Keep rolling until you get the desired stats for your abilities.

Q: What sets should I prioritize upgrading before Battle Sets?
A: It is advisable to prioritize upgrading CP/Attack Sets and Farming Sets before focusing on Battle Sets. These sets will help you progress further and unlock more content.

Q: What are Special Abilities and how do I upgrade them?
A: Special Abilities offer different effects and upgrading them boosts your Main Ability by x1.01. The cost increases with each level, but you can reset levels and reallocate points using Gems.

Q: What is Sweeping and when should I use it?
A: Sweeping allows you to automatically finish a battle and obtain the highest possible rewards from your attempt. It is advisable to save your keys and use Sweeping during X2 Hot Time events.

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