Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available

Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available 1 - steamlists.com
Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available 1 - steamlists.com

Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available

Guess what, buddy? It’s party time! Pokémon UNITE is turning two, and boy, are they rolling out the red carpet for this one! We’ve got the almighty Mewtwo joining the crew and a fresh battle mode known as the Panic Parade. So, keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting updates and events coming up.

Mewtwo Steps onto the Stage

Marking two wild years since its debut in 2021, Pokémon UNITE has amassed a whopping 100 million downloads worldwide. No small feat, right? Now, boasting a roster of 56 playable Pokémon, they’re celebrating this achievement by bringing the legendary Mewtwo into the mix.

Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available 2 - steamlists.com
Pokémon Unite – Mewtwo Now Available 2 – steamlists.com

Check this out, Mewtwo has a killer feature – the ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X during battles. Imagine the sheer power of rapid-fire, relentless attacks! You can grab a Unite license for Mega Mewtwo X free of charge through the current Mewtwo’s Crystal Cave Challenge event. But that’s not all! Come mid-August, you’ll have even more options with a Unite license for Mega Mewtwo Y up for grabs.

Introducing the Frantic Panic Parade Battle Mode

Not just satisfied with the entry of Mewtwo, Pokémon UNITE is also throwing a brand new battle mode into the mix. They call it the Panic Parade. This isn’t your usual 5-on-5 match – you’ll need to band together with your teammates to protect Tinkaton from waves of frenzied Pokémon. Here’s a neat twist: you can summon defeated Pokémon for a well-timed boost in battle. Keep an eye out for the Panic Parade event popping up at various times through July and August.

Captain Style: Zacian Battle Pass – An Adventure Awaits

On top of all that excitement, Pokémon UNITE is releasing its 17th Battle Pass, dubbed Captain Style: Zacian. This premium pass offers you a shot at scoring the delightful Captain Style: Greedent and the majestic Captain Style: Zacian Holowear, along with a bunch of stylish Trainer fashion items from the Captain Set. You can snag this Battle Pass from July 21st to September 11th.

Join the Fun with Ongoing Events

There’s more! Starting July 21st, any purchases made on Pokémon Center UK will throw in a rental code for the Armor Style: Charizard 1-day Holowear while stocks last. At the same time, a new ranked match season is kicking off, and it’s set to run until September 11th.

For all you fortune tellers out there, the Pokémon World Championships 2023 WCS Prediction Event gives you the chance to forecast the top-ranked teams and rake in some hefty rewards. Think elite Trainer fashion items! This event will be running from July 28th to August 11th.

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