Pizza Tower – Levels and Bosses Guide

Pizza Tower – Levels and Bosses Guide 1 -
Pizza Tower – Levels and Bosses Guide 1 -

Welcome, and we hope you find our Pizza Tower – Levels and Bosses Guide Guide useful.

I discovered some useful information, mostly concerning P ranking.
It’s not much, but there hasn’t been one yet, so here it is lol.

How to get the fasts in a normal setting

Quick in levels:


Instant mach 3 (Or 4. I don’t know how the machines work exactly lol.

Slide in, grab and go, you’ll be able to run faster if you slide on ledges.

Another way to fast is by using P rank

If you ignore all the pizza grannies, and just speed through, you will unlock every lap2 portal from the start. You don’t need to replay the level, which is handy after beating the game once.

How to get the fasts at bosses


If he does a shoulder bash, you can ground pound into one of the walls to hit him before it hits you. It’s not only good for kicking his bum faster, but also to avoid a small attack.


Even though it seems obvious to do so, charge the big bullet while the opponent does a big attack, or gets stunned after scoring one hit point. The perfect moment for this is just half a second before he regains his balance and slides to the opposite side of the rings

+ Sometimes, you shoot two bullets instead of one, so it is possible to take one hit at once.


Remember the instant trick to a Match 3? It’s possible to use it in the beginning of your fight to get a free hit on the insant.

That’s about it for Noise.


Fake Peppino, I don’t mean Snic

You can grab him to stun him or get a hit.

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