Peglin – Early Access & Walkthrough

Peglin – Early Access & Walkthrough 1 -
Peglin – Early Access & Walkthrough 1 -

Sorry, this is my first guide. I’ve got 4 hours on the demo and just played my first early access game. This will likely get patched, but I had an easy 100k+++ run. I attained this aiming for all bosses and treasure chest possible with lucky ? events.

Core items

Refresh to Crit Potion – Refresh orbs count as Crit orbs
Crit to Refresh Potions – Crit orbs count as refresh
Electropegnet – Orbs have an attraction to pegs, but specifically Refresh, Crit, and Bombs.
Critsomolas Fleecel – Every Crit adds 1.3x.
OverHammer – Transfer residual damage to next enemy.
Echo Chamber – 10% of last attack is transfer to your next orb.
(WIP)- Orbs are durable (requires 3 hits)


Poltergeist – hits all enemies, travels through pegs when going upward.
Poltergeist can float indefinitely until magnetism runs out.
Multiorb – Splits into additional orbs that are extra light and bouncy.
The more multiorbs hits the refresh and crit orbs the faster & higher the damage stacks.
Dagger – helps stack crit damage.
Anything else is just extra to continue the damage chain.

Synergies (in progress)



Magnetism does run out. In the second to last minion battle on the third stage,there are self inflecting bombs, which magnetism might kill you.
Orbs can get stuck in between pegs ruining your damage combo.

Written by Azn509

This is all about Peglin – Early Access & Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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