Osiris: New Dawn – Resources Proteus 2 – Coordinates (May 2021)

Osiris: New Dawn – Resources Proteus 2 – Coordinates (May 2021) 1 - steamlists.com
Osiris: New Dawn – Resources Proteus 2 – Coordinates (May 2021) 1 - steamlists.com

Some troubles finding the new resources?
No problem, this small guide is for the new resources places.(Still in development).
And some other basic guide for where to craft them or collect them.

Some areas have many aliens around, CAUTION!


Reading coords.

Lat. will be, North (N) and South (S), and Long. will be East(E) and West (W).

Then for Lat. N will be more positive +, S more negative – , so a lat -5.2 for example will be more to the S.

Now Lat, W will be more negative -, and E more positive +, so a Lat. 3.1 will be more to the E.

Example lat. -3.2 long. 5, and if you are near the center of the map will be about to the SE of the map.

Any way you have always your map with lat and long in your HUD.

Surface ore Proteus 2


Lat. (+N, -S) Long.(-W,+E) Ore
-7.9 -3.8 Zinc
-1.3 – 2.9 Tungsten
-1.7 -3.7 Chromium
-3.3 -8.4 Sulfur
-1.6 -9.6 Lithium
4.5 -9.2 Carbon
5.4 -8.2 Carbon
8.2 -6.6 Titanium
9.2 -3.9 Copper
10.7 -1.7 Lithium & some aluminum
8.8 0.2 Cobalt & O2 vain
5.1 5.3 Nickel
3.9 5.9 Mercury
1.0 8.0 Molybdenum & Magnesium
-2.8 7.4 Silver
-3.2 8.4 Iron
-9.2 1.4 Copper
-9.5 -3.3 Aluminum
-7.6 -7.6 Aluminum
1.1 -0.9 Tin
-3.6 -7.5 Uranium
-0.2 3.7 Gold
-2.9 1.3 Gold
8.9 -11.8 Lead&Gold
10.2 5.6 Carbon
3.0 8.2 Mercury&Magnesium
10.3 -3.7 Copper
-5.2 10.0 Iron

By default the resources will not respawn, if you want to respawn, press the left small icon (gear), in your saved single-player game, and click customize, then increase the respawn rate as you like. Now return to your game and voilà.

Mines Proteus 2

Lat. Long.
3.9 -4 Mine 2, Lead, silver, diamonds, mercury & cobalt. + chance to find (in boxes)
the next tire mining tool, also titanium and diamond ore. (is very large, take enough supplies for the trip).

-4.3 -9.7 Mine 1, lead, silver, mercury, cobalt & diamonds, 1 loot box.

Geysers & Pools


Lat. Long. Element
1.1 -2.8 Hydrogen
10.6 4.7 Hydrogen
-0.6 -10.8 Oxygen
-9.1 4.7 Oxygen
-9.6 3.3 Oxygen
-3.4 -8.9 Nitrogen
-10.5 5.2 Chlorine
-3.3 1.1 Flourine
-4.4 4.7 Flourine


Lat. Long. Element
9.1 0.2 Methane
5.5 -8.4 Methane

For collect them
Now that you know where they are, you need to collect it.
For gas collection in a geyser you will need to use a barrel, put it in your quick bar, and press de indicated button, try to get many barrels to make only 1 trip. You can storage 1 type of gas in the big gas tank (some expensive to make).
For collecting from pools you need the glass container, put it in your quick bar, select it and press the marked button. And is done.
You will need hydrogen and methane for advanced products in the chem station.

Fibre, leather, fuel, rubber, alien blood, adhesive, plastic

Alien fibre
The alien fibre can get easily by harvesting the bushes, like Cactoid, Cinnafein and Large leaf plant, also some special trees can give it.

To get leather you need to craft at least the stone sword (Shard blade) in F2 menu. Different types of weapons harvest different stuff. You will need it to make better weapons at the starter table (craftable in F2 menu also, the workbench).

You can use branches, alien parts, tree barks, and uranium for fuel.

Basic rubber craft
By looting and finding scrab rubber, then crafted in the furnace.

Advanced rubber craft
In the Chem Station, you need 1 carbon and 20 hydrogen for make 1.

Alien blood
You will need to craft an Botany kit, in your table, maxed upgrade.
then you need an empty water bottle in your inventory.
Now kill a creature and use the Botany kit, which will store the blood in the container.

You can get it by harvest the Funnel leaf tree using the botany kit, some plants here lat. -1.0 long. -9.4 and lat. 4.7 long. -7.3.
You can craft more adhesive in the chem station.

By collecting scrap plastic from loot and crafting in the furnace.
Another way is by crafting in the chem station by 1 sulfur, 1 lead, and 20 methane, each one.

Tools (Shears & Botany kit)

Llist of resources you can find in some trees and creatures by each tool.

Botany kit (surgical type)

Plant Collected
Yellow petal palmetto Methane*
Funnel leaf tree adhesive
Cactoid Methane*
Large leaf plant Methane*
Azaela Tree Sap*
Horse bract Methane*
Bark tree Alien blood *
Gem leaf plant Tree Sap*
Cinnafern Methane*
Glowing Sludge Tree Organic Sludge*

* need an empty glass container in your inventory for recollection.

Shears (Extracting type)

Plant/Alien Collected
Fern berry tree Tree bark
Red fern berry tree Tree bark
Large leaf plant Blue palms
Azalea Alien Fiber
Cactoid Urchin Fiber
Cinnafern Cinna Fern
Bark tree Tree bark
Horse bract Horse bract
Blue blades Blue blades
Funnel leaf tree X
Sword plant sword leaves
Crab monster Crab talon, crab antenna, crab shell, crab leg meat
Skeliopod skeliopod shell, skeliopod tail
Snubs Alien hide
Nervwing Alien insect parts
Parasyte Alien hide
Minotaur Alien organ, alien tissue
Arachnoid Arachnoid meat
Elida Alien organ
Gnat Gnat meat, Gnat leg
Colossus alien tissue

+ With F5 you can see what have you unlocked and which resources collected. Other types of weapons can give other resources, check weapon description to see what type of weapon is (blunt, slashing, sharp, surgical, extracting)


Are many trees in the map, but if you having difficulty here are some coords. (S-SW are good places to find trees).
Will be only listed as the RED (Redfern Tree), and BLUE (Fern Tree) Trees, which gives you the “red” and “blue” berries.

Lat. Long. Type
-9.3 -5.8 RED
-8.9 -5.3 BLUE
-8.6 -8.1 RED
-8.1 -8.2 RED
-4.2 -5.4 BLUE
-1.4 -5.9 BLUE
-1.5 -7.9 BLUE
4.3 -9.2 RED
7.8 -3.7 RED
9.1 -0.6 RED
9.2 -0.8 BLUE
9.1 6.9 RED
6.7 5.9 BLUE
2.8 1.6 RED
-4.9 7.3 BLUE

Many BLUE and RED trees at Lat. -0.7, Long. 2.9

Old buildings-Loot

Some places you can find the scanner, pistol, ammo, broken barrel, broken circuits, broken wires, water, scrap rubber, food, soil, dirt, sand, propellant tank, and starter stuff (loot is random).
The loot inside the small boxes in the old buildings respawn after you relog in your gameplay, so is better to leave the boxes there and not scrap them.

Lat. Long.
3.5 -9.0
8.4 -3.9
6.8 5.9
9.5 1.7
-2.2 2.7
-4.9 -4.1
4.4 3.7


Haven’t found broken circuits here but at least you can find propellant tanks.
Lat. Long.
-1.0 1.9
7.2 2.6
0.3 -4.9

Chem station, Printer

This section is to show you what can make each, and you can decide what make first in case you have some resources only.

Chem station:
– Rubber (advanced craft)
– Plastic (advanced craft)
– Water
– Fluerescence
– Hydrochloric Acid
– Explosive
– Adhesive (advanced craft)
– P C X
– Hydrazine

– Medical bandage
– Patch tape
– Cloth bundle
– Wire (advanced craft)
– Hose (advanced craft)
– Computer screen
-Path light
– Beacon kit
– Inflatable Dome kit
– Fuel cell
– Land mine set

1 upgrade; unlocks A51 heavy rifle and Bolt rifle.

Habitat, Fabricator, Kitchen, Chemistry table

After you unlock your habitat(by building, gas tank, liquid tanq and smal solar panel; made in forge) you will want to build inside, fro make each wall you will need different resources, so depend on, you.

I build it an entrance (airlock), and finish the wall of the entrance (you will need 1 plastic, 2 zamark, 1 duralumin, per each wall;6) then build walls and roof only with cloths (alien fiber only) for the habitat, so that way will be super fast to finish it (you can lvl up later). Now, will mark your habitat as pressurized.

After all that you can make your fabricator inside.

For the fabricator you will need:
2 Ferrochrome
2 Talonite
2 Wire
2 Circuit board
4 Glass
1 Electrum
1 Dymalloy

Once you place it inside, you don’t need to put other stuff before, you can start crafting advanced resources, and have 2 upgrades.

By default you can craft:
– Zirconium Circuit board
– Circuit board (advanced craft)
– Battery
– Laser cell
– Heat pistol
– Heat cell
– Charge rifle
– Charge cell
– Radar scanner

1st upgrade unlocks suit upgrades.
2nd upgrade unlocks High-Tech upgrades (Weapons).

Some “utility”, like a workbench, small crate, the furnace can be placed inside the habitat, haven’t checked all, by dismantling you got all the part from it (unless getting bugged XD).

Kitchen (inside habitat only)
– Baked potato
– Streamed carrot
– Cooked orcek egg
– Cokked crab egg

1 upgrade:
-Sweet alien jerky
-Blood sausage
– Meat stew
– Orcek stew
– Crab stew
– Spicy sausage

Chemistry table (inside habitat only)
– Cubic Zirconia
– Medkit
– Military medkit
– Carbon
– Blitz (boost)
– After burner (boost)
– Dyno (boost)
– Targe (boost)
– Grunt (boost)
– Anvil (boost)
– Frenzy (boost)
– Spirit (boost)
– Wrath (boost)
– Vampire Dust (boost)

Lvl up your mining tool

First, you start with a knife, that can loot only meat. So the first you need is to collect stone, blueberries, alien fiber, craft your stone sword so you can collect hide.

After that, you can make the basic table/working station (don’t need to hide for made), in that table you can make your first mining tool (makeshift Chisel). Hardness 3.

Now make your furnace and try to upgrade it, and upgrade the table to allow repair.

For de second upgrade for your table, you will need special ingots, so you will need a better tool for mine harder ore, so a better tool is needed it.

To make a better mining tool (Chisel) you need a forge, but for that, you need special ore, titanium, hardness 6, so you will think is an end way, and is kind XD, but no.

Now you need to loot for try getting titanium ore or next lvl tool (Chisel), hardness 6, you can found in Mine 2, coords in Mines section in this guide. Is really random the spawn in that mine (principally ore, high hardness ore also), you can find even weapons and quartz. If you have no luck just exit your game and return to the mine to make loot respawn (single player only).

Once you find Titanium, just return and make the forge, there you can craft the next lvl tool, and the 3th tier one (Conduit bender), 8.5 hardness. You also must find in mine 2, diamond. With diamond you can upgrade the tier 2 (Chisel) in your working table to the max hardness 10.

If you find the tier 2 mining tool (Chisel) in mine 2 is better, just find a diamond in the same mine (by loot) and return to upgrade.

Now you can mine all the ore types in the Universe!, LOL, well at least in Proteus 2.

Good luck out there.

Exotic resources

This covers, obsidian, Zirconium, and Azurnium. For this, you need a spaceship. There is only 1 point of each for not stop your fun XD. (Knowing the planet you can go and search for more)

Lat. Long. Ore Planet/place
1.1 7.4 Obsidian Luthori
2.5 -0.5 Zirconium & carbon Luthori
-18.9 4.9 Azurnium Proteus2 Orbit(asteroids)

+Luthori don’t have Oxygen, so caution with that.


I’ll try to continue updating as long as i can go forward in the game XD. By fortune, i found the resources scanner in the early game.

Hope helps you a little in this new hard way of gameplay.

Written by RadsK99

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Osiris: New Dawn – Resources Proteus 2- Coordinates & some tips (May 2021); if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!


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