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OCTOPATH TRAVELER – All Character Chapters 1 - steamlists.com

You're aware of how the game lacks character interaction. Here's how you can see what little there is. There are no spoilers for character chapters.

How to Read This Guide

Did you know that cutscenes will play if there are the right people in your party for a character's chapter? Travel banter is the only way we can actually see the main characters interact with one another. Travel banter can be seen in Chapter 2 of a character’s story. You must have both party members in your group at the right moment. This guide will help you decide who and when to have them.
The map will show where each chapter begins. The chapter can begin when you enter the town with the character. Travel banter can occur anytime between that point and when you defeat the boss of chapter. It usually takes place during cutscenes or when you enter a new area. This guide will show you how this guide can be used to view every combination of characters and their travel banter.
This guide does not contain spoilers. Follow the instructions on who and when to invite to your party. If the instructions state "Immediately", then you should immediately return to the pub and avoid the area where the next cutscene is taking place. If there are multiple characters listed, you can switch between them as soon as you hear the travel banter of the first. You can also take both characters with you for the section. You can complete multiple steps if your party configuration allows. This guide assumes that you have one character in place, even though they haven't finished their last chapter.

Chapter 2


Ophelia Chapter 2

  • Enter town with CyrusANDAlfyn
  • Switch immediately to Primrose
  • Switch to Tressa, then to H'aanit
  • Take Therion into the dungeon
  • Before you enter the church, switch for Olberic


Cyrus Chapter 2

  • Enter town with Ophilia
  • Switch to Primrose, then to Tressa
  • Enter the dungeon using Therion
  • Take H'aanit ANDAlfyn to your boss
  • Before you leave, switch to Olberic


Tressa Chapter 2

  • Enter town with H'aanit
  • Switch to Cyrus
  • Switch immediately for PrimroseANDOphelia
  • Switch to OlbericANDTherion
  • Send Alfyn to your boss


Chapter 2 of Olberic

  • Enter town with Cyrus
  • Switch to Primrose, then switch to Tressa
  • Bring H'aanit along to the event
  • For Ophilia, you can walk back into town to change.
  • Take Alfyn up to the final boss fight
  • Before you go to the inn, switch for Therion


Primrose Chapter 2

  • Enter town with Ophilia
  • Switch immediately to Tressa 2A15523322A 2A15523322A 3A15523309A
  • Switch to Cyrus
  • Take Olberic 2A15523322A 2A15523322A 3A15528768A in carriage
  • You can return to town and switch in H'aanit to the dungeon.


Alfyn Chapter 2

  • Enter town with H'aanit
  • Switch to Olberic, then to Cyrus, and then to Tressa
  • Take Therion into the dungeon
  • Immediately after the boss, change for Ophilia 2A15523322A 3A1552380A


Therion Chapter 2

  • Start the chapter by putting Tressa at the party
  • Switch immediately for OlbericANDPrimrose
  • Switch to H'aanit, then to Alfyn and then to Cyrus
  • Bring Ophilia along to the dungeon


H'aanit Chapter 2

  • Enter town with Cyrus
  • Switch to Primrose, then switch to Tressa
  • Leave town with Therion
  • Take Olberic back to the town and go to the dungeon
  • Switch to Ophilia or Alfyn


Chapter 3


Ophilia Chapter 3

  • Enter town with Tressa 2A15523322A 2A15524322A 3A15527006A
  • Switch to CyrusANDTherion
  • Switch to Alfyn
  • Send Primrose to your boss
  • Switch to Olberic


Chapter 3 of Cyrus

  • Enter with Olberic
  • Switch to H'aanit ANDTherion
  • Switch to Tressa, then to Alfyn
  • Send Primrose to your boss
  • Switch to Ophilia


Tressa Chapter 3

  • Enter with Ophilia 2A15523322A 2A15523322A 3A15528768A
  • Switch to H'aanit
  • Leave town immediately to switch for OlbericANDCyrus
  • There are two options: either you can take Alfyn or AND to the dungeon or, immediately after the dungeon is finished, teleport to another city and swap them in.


Chapter 3 of Olberic

  • Start with CyrusANDH'aanit
  • Take Primrose with you to the battle
  • Take Alfyn and AND to the dungeon.
  • After you have been sent back to town, head straight to the pub to switch for Therion 2A15523322A 3A15521928A


Primrose Chapter 3

  • Enter with Tressa 23A15523322ACyrusANDCyrusANDCyrus22A155233222A23A15524322AOphilia(. If you don't like one of these, head to the pub and switch. You'll see).
  • Switch to OlbericANDTherion
  • Alfyn ANDH'aanit to your boss


Alfyn Chapter 3

  • Start with Tressa 23A15523322ATherionANDTherionANDTherion22A15523352ATherionANDOphilia(
  • Switch to Cyrus, Primrose and then Primrose. Then H'aanit and then H'aanit. Finally, switch to Olberic.


Therion Chapter 3

  • Enter town with TressaANDCyrus
  • Switch to H'aanit
  • Take Primrose 2A15523322A 2A15523322A 3A15523309A Out of Town
  • You can immediately return to the town and switch for Ophilia 23A15523322A Olberic. Then, go back to where it was.


H'aanit Chapter 3

  • Enter with Ophilia
  • Switch to Therion and then Cyrus
  • Take Tressa outside of town
  • Take Olberic 2A15523322A 3A1552380A to your boss
  • Switch to Alfyn


Chapter 4


Ophilia Chapter 4

  • Enter with Therion
  • Switch for 23A15523322A ANDH’aanitANDH’aanitANDTressaAND23A15524322A23A15524322A23A1552322ATressaAND23A15523322A23A15523322A23A15523322A23A1552322A23A1552322A15521928A15521928A15521928A15521928A15521928A155233AND155233AND155233AND155233AND1553233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A15523302A155233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A154233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A15523309A155233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A15609A155233AND155233AND155233AND15523322AND155233AND155233AND15523322A1552332222AND155233AND155233AND15523322A1552330909A155233AND155233AND155233AND1552332225313A155233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A153233AND155233AND155233AND15523322A1552330809A155233AND155233AND155233AND1552332226A15523322A15523322 Select your three favorite conversations or reload your saved.)
  • Next scene: Go straight to the tavern, and switch for Olberic 23A15523322A Cyrus. Their banter will immediately appear.


Cyrus Chapter 4

  • Enter with H'aanit
  • Switch to TherionANDAlfyn
  • Enter the dungeon using Primrose 23A15523322AOphilia
  • Take Olberic and AND into the dungeon


Tressa Chapter 4

  • Enter with CyrusANDOphilia
  • Switch to TherionANDH'aanit
  • Switch to Alfyn
  • Take Olberic to the dungeon
  • Send Primrose to your boss


Chapter 4 of Olberic

  • Enter with CyrusANDPrimrose
  • Without entering the town square, you can switch to Ophilia ANDAlfyn Ophilia 23A15523322A23A15523322AAlfyn
  • Switch to Therion
  • Enter the dungeon using H'aanit
  • You can switch her out just before the boss) by taking Tressa for most of the dungeon (


Primrose Chapter 4

  • Enter with CyrusANDTherion
  • Switch to TressaANDOphilia
  • 23A15523322A ANDAlfyn 23A15523322AAlfyn 23A15523322A23A15523322A23A15523322A23A15524322A23A15524322AH’aanit to the dungeon in (. If you don't have all three, Olberic is your best bet. Take his, then switch to the other two.)


Alfyn Chapter 4

  • Enter town with TressaANDCyrus
  • Switch to Primrose in another town
  • Switch to OlbericANDOphilia
  • Switch to Therion and then H'aanit


Therion Chapter 4

  • Enter with TressaANDAlfyn
  • Switch to OlbericANDOphilia
  • Before stealing (, switch to H’aanitANDCyrusANDCyrusANDCyrus22A15534688AAND23A15524322A23A15523322APrimrose


H'aanit Chapter 4

  • Enter with TressaANDCyrus
  • Switch to Ophilia 23A15523322A 22A15527966A Olberic 23A15523322A AND ANDOlbericANDTherion(. If you are unable to get all three, teleport from another town after viewing Ophilia’s A)
  • Before speaking with the woman, switch to Alfyn ANDPrimrose



I hope you enjoy the travel banter! I hope you enjoyed the travel banter!
This guide was created using the Switch version. Please comment below if you find any mistakes or suggestions!


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