NBA 2K24 – How to Optimized MyCareer Difficulty Mode Guide

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NBA 2K24 – How to Optimized MyCareer Difficulty Mode Guide

Want to have the best time in MyCareer Mode of NBA 2K24? It’s all about finding the right difficulty for you. And if you’re feeling lost, don’t sweat it! We’ve got a simple guide to help you set up the MyCareer difficulty just right.

How to Change Your MyCareer Game Difficulty

Changing the MyCareer Difficulty in NBA 2K24? Easy peasy! Just follow these three steps when you’re in MyCareer mode:

  1. Hit the Start button and slide all the way to the right to see the ‘Options/Quit‘ tab.
  2. Pick ‘Settings‘ from what shows up.
  3. First thing you’ll see? That’s the ‘Game Difficulty‘ option.

You’ll spot six choices under ‘Game Difficulty‘. Each choice changes the Virtual Currency (VC) and MyPoints modifiers you get. Here’s what they mean for your game:

  1. All-Star – You get a 120% VC boost and a 120% MyPoints change.
  2. Hall of Fame – Enjoy a 160% VC boost and a 160% MyPoints change.
  3. Pro – A 100% bump in both VC and MyPoints.
  4. Rookie – A 30% VC boost with a 65% MyPoints change.
  5. Semi-Pro – A 60% VC rise and 75% more MyPoints.
  6. Superstar – 140% more VC and a 140% MyPoints bump.

In short, the tougher you set the game, the more goodies you get if you win. The game starts you off on ‘Pro‘ difficulty, but remember, you can change it whenever you want from the settings!

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