NBA 2K24 – Guide to Buying and Changing Animations

NBA 2K24 – Guide to Buying and Changing Animations 1 -
NBA 2K24 – Guide to Buying and Changing Animations 1 -

NBA 2K24 – Guide to Buying and Changing Animations

Imagine being able to personalize every dribble, dunk, and dance move of your NBA 2K24 player. Sounds fun, right? With the game’s animations, you’re in control of how your player moves on and off the court. So if you’re aiming for that superstar status, knowing how to pick and tweak animations is key.

How to Dive into the Animation Menu

Getting to the “Animations” page in MyCareer? Easy-peasy. Hit the Start button, and pick the “MyPlayer” option. It’s the one third from the right. Next, just click on “Animations.”

Once you’re there, you’ll see tons of animation options to play around with. The “Gameplay Animations” has three sections: Scoring Moves, Playmaking Moves, and In-Game Celebrations. Want to show off a bit? Check out the “Showoff Animations” for Intros & Outros and City Emotes. And if you’re looking for a place with all the options laid out for you, the Animations Store is where it’s at.

Where to Buy Animations Using Virtual Currency

Ready to get some new moves? Head over to the Animations Store. It’s a packed place with everything from Scoring Moves and Playmaking Moves to In-Game Celebrations, Intros & Outros, and City Emotes.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of “Free” animations up for grabs. But if you’re eyeing some of the cooler moves, you’ll need to spend some Virtual Currency (VC). Don’t worry, it won’t break the bank. Prices range from 250 VC up to 750 VC.

As you play more, you’ll earn more VC. So, over time, you can keep adding to your animation stash. Remember, there’s no limit. Feel free to pop into the store and try out new moves whenever you feel like it.

How to Rock Your Unique Player Style

With all this info in hand, you’re all set to make your NBA 2K24 player truly yours. Whether you want to rule the game or just have the coolest moves off the court, the choices are limitless. Dive in, get creative, and let your player’s unique flair light up the court!

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