My Time At Portia – Efficiency Guide & Tips

My Time At Portia – Efficiency Guide & Tips 1 -
My Time At Portia – Efficiency Guide & Tips 1 -


i will show you how to git stuff fast while not spending like 2000000000000 gols

Cost efficiency

its all about inflation and deflation. when you sell stuff it deflates the stocks and prices go down use that to your advantage. but when you buy lots of stuff it inflates the economics and stuff costs more so then do a good ol fashined sale to git money without selling everything you own

Making stuff real fast

once you complete the harbor crane you can unlock the factory to make lots of stuff fast. WARNING THIS CONTAINS BIGOL SPOILERS once you get ack to buddy you can hire him for 1200 gols a month but you may need some of his data chips from abandon ruins and in the research center for data discs ok now its safe you can also get married and you will get help with automation so that is pretty noice

Efficient care

put the crib where kid sleeps near the door so you do not forget also so you can feed and get to work ack can also help with caring for animals not kids with his husbandry chips in abandon ruins [/spoilers]

Efficient digging and chopping

now better tier tools do more damage but the mini drill and chainsaw are super super efficient you can get mini drill from the harbor and the chainsaw from south block. OR you can get mini drill from becoming buddies with mint

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