Museum Map Lore Guide in One-armed Robber

Museum Map Lore Guide in One-armed Robber 1 -
Museum Map Lore Guide in One-armed Robber 1 -

Museum Map Lore Guide in One-armed Robber

Hey, treasure hunters! If you’ve been scratching your head over how to ace the Museum Map in One-Armed Robber, I’ve got you covered. Check out my Reddit post for the full tutorial with snazzy images, but here’s the juicy stuff:

Ready to become a museum sneaking pro? Whether you’re a lone wolf, a dynamic duo, or rolling deep with your crew, I’ve got the best tricks up my sleeve for you. Here’s how to rock this heist with style:

1. Gear Up:

  • Lock-pick – Don’t leave home without it!
  • Drill – Gotta make some noise.
  • Hacking tool – Handy, but skip if you snagged a utility card.
  • Utility card – Your golden ticket!

Start at the front door and use your lock-pick on the left door. Sneak past the cameras and guards, hug the left wall, and boom, you’re at door number two.

Inside, you’ll meet a guard and a check-in box. Say bye-bye to the guard, check him in, and grab the utility key from the desk. Sneak out the way you came in, lock-pick in hand.

Want to explore the museum? Cool, but it’s riskier. Best with a team. For now, let’s crack the utility room.

3.a) Utility Room Tactics:

Head to the museum’s back. Spot two doors? Pick the one nearest the entrance – let’s call it “door 1.” Pick the lock, hide in the left corner, and wait for the guard. Once he’s in, it’s lights out for him. Check him in, and you’re golden.

Next, make a beeline for the basement. Time for some lock-picking action!

3.b) Basement Bound:

Head down the stairs and play it cool. Keep an eye on the camera and time your moves. Peek, crouch, and dash when the camera looks away. Hit the other side and open the door. Quick tip: Wait for the camera to turn again before heading back up.

Door 2 Drama:

Drill time! Work fast, but if a guard with a question mark gets close, stop. If you drilled the door before he arrives, take him out and hide the evidence. Stick to the left wall to avoid the camera, and check his phone. Pro tip: Move the guard outside to avoid upstairs suspicion.

Sealing the Deal:

Now, let’s tackle the security room door. Drill in short bursts to avoid the camera. I suggest hiding in spot 2 – tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Once inside, take care of the camera guard.

Time for the grand finale – looting! Enter the loot door, grab the goods, and choose your method: lock-pick or silenced shot. Watch out for the guard above. Best bet? Shoot from outside the room and stash the loot. Load up the van, and you’re home free.

Team Play Strategies:

For Duos:
Player 1: Handles Steps 2, 3b, 4, and 5.
Player 2: Takes on Steps 3a, 4, and 5.

For Trios and Bigger Teams:
Player 1 follows the duo’s Player 1 route.
Player 2, Player 3, and more stick to Player 2’s route in duos.

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