Muck – Things to do in the Game Guide

Muck – Things to do in the Game Guide 1 -
Muck – Things to do in the Game Guide 1 -

Basically lists of things you can do in Muck if you ever get bored for some reason.

List of mucking stuff to do

• Have at least 2 things in Hotbar 1 and 2, most preferably an axe and pickaxe. Constantly switch between Hotbars 1 and 2 when in combat to reduce attack speed, as long as you manage to time it as soon as you hit some random guy in existence.
– This also works when gathering resources. Make sure you have 2 axes in Hotbar 1 and 2 and either switch out the axes with pickaxes for mining or place 2 pickaxes in Hotbars 3 and 4, and again, constantly switch between said Hotbars when gathering resources or in combat.
– Method only works in combat until you craft or find a sword, which has a faster attack speed than the axes and pickaxes. This completely makes this method completely useless upon finding said sword.
– I best recommend switching constantly with Hotbars 1 to 4, since those are closest to the WASD keys and allows you to work with your left hand when constantly switching tools instead of using your right hand to switch from Hotbars 5 to 7. And if you’re fighting, strafe with A and D while near your opponent before proceeding to use this method.
• If you have the sprint meter to full, you could use a nearby body of water to swim up to mach 10.
– Simply hold Left Shift and the Spacebar at the same time while submerged underwater.
– If you’re bored, you could build some stairs at a certain end of the lake then start swimming at the other end while lining yourself up towards the set of stairs; basically “Trimping” as Demoknight TF2 while underwater.
• Randomly start battles with statues lined around the map. After said battles, you’ll win whatever boss you were fighting with a dropped item used to escape the Island you’re trapped in or a random Powerup at where the statue was once at.
– Best recommend with the “Start Battle” statues first instead of fighting the bosses unless you’re speedrunning or mentally insane, I guess.
• Calmly invite your friends to play Muck
– By “Calmly invite,” I mean “Force” and by “play,” I mean “torture.” You’re still gonna be tortured with them, especially when a guardian randomly spawns in and you’re all playing in hard mode, so good luck lol
• Press Enter to open chat and talk there, and press Enter again to exit it or show what you’ve randomly typed in said chat.
– Dani, PLEASE show this feature in the Control Settings of Muck.

Written by mucking moron

This is all about Muck – Things to do in the Game Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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