Monster Sanctuary – Full Map Guide

Monster Sanctuary – Full Map Guide 1 -
Monster Sanctuary – Full Map Guide 1 -

spent hours looking at maps online trying to find all the secret rooms and what not. most of the maps were missing bits.
ive 100% the game with all 41 achievements and this is my map.

Im the map🎶

Monster Sanctuary - Full Map Guide - im the map🎶 - C794634

Written by VahidSlayerOfAll

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  1. Signing up for this site just to say this is not a complete map. You are missing a tile in the ancient woods as previously mentioned (you can see that it is unexplored in the picture). I have that bit explored and everything else on your map and am still at 99.8. You must have gotten the achievement before the update…

  2. There’s a visiable missing spot in Ancient Woods 3 squares down and 1 to the left of the evo tree. I also feel like I’ve scoured this multiple times and my map is sitting at 99.8

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