MONOPOLY GO! – Where to Find Milestones and Rewards on the World Tour Event

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MONOPOLY GO! – Where to Find Milestones and Rewards on the World Tour Event

Ready to hop into the Monopoly Go World Tour event happening from 8th to 11th September 2023? It’s got everyone talking and for good reason. I mean, who can resist those amazing free roll dice and cash rewards? Let’s dive into what this World Tour event has in store for you.

With the World Tour event, you’ve got a bunch of chances to pocket some cool rewards. It’s all about rolling those dice and aiming for Tax and Utility tiles. The points you get depend on where you land. Simple, right?

Just so you know, there’s a whopping 49 milestones in the 2023 World Tour event. And every single one has its own set of goodies. Here’s a quick peek at these milestones and what you can score:

    1. Milestone 5: Score 45 points and get your hands on 120 Dice.
    2. Milestone 2: 5 points? That’ll fetch you 10 Dice.
    3. Milestone 12: With 20 points, the Green Pack is all yours.
    4. Milestone 3: Another 5 points and hello, Green Pack!
    5. Milestone 1: 5 points will get you a sweet 60 Cookies (Choco Event Points).
    6. Milestone 4: 10 points and bam! 100 Cookies for you.
    7. Milestone 7: A 10 Min Cash Grab awaits you with 10 points.

So, your big goal with the World Tour event is to stack up those points from the Tax and Utility tiles. But here’s a pro tip: Always check if you’ve got enough dice to hit the next milestone. Sometimes, it’s smarter to chill and wait for the next event than to burn out chasing a reward that’s just out of reach.

And if you really want to crush it in this event, here’s some solid advice:

  1. Don’t miss those Quick Wins every day.
  2. Be smart with your multiplier. No sense in wasting dice, right?

How to Get More Free Dice Rewards

Every 8 hours, make sure you swing by the shop to grab your free dice rewards.

Where Else to Earn Free Dice Rewards

Finishing locations is also a neat way to score some extra free dice rewards.

So there you have it. The Monopoly Go World Tour Event is your ticket to unlocking amazing milestones and pocketing some really enticing rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into Monopoly Go and watch your game reach new levels of awesomeness!

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