Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica

Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica 3 -
Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica 3 -

Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica

Ready to make it rain in the metaverse? This guide’s got you covered. We’re talking a cool 666,666 Yen and that swanky Metaverse Aristocrat achievement. Let’s get that cash flowing!

Fusing the Ultimate Money Grinding Persona

First things first: let’s craft the ultimate money-making Persona in P5T. Here’s the game plan:

  • Aim for 3 different Personas and characters with the same killer ability for a triple effect.
  • Just remember, no double-dipping on abilities per Persona.
  • But hey, doubling up on the same type of ability on one Persona? Totally cool.

For maxing out your moolah, these are the Persona abilities you want:

  1. SandmanTreasure Hunter: This guy boosts your end-of-battle money gains.
  2. GaneshaEasy Money: Seriously amps up your cash post-battle.

Here’s your fusion strategy to mint your money machine:

  1. Mix Yaksini with Sandman to whip up Pisaca, snagging Treasure Hunter.
  2. Blend Pisaca with King Frost for Valkyrie, also with Treasure Hunter.
  3. Marry Valkyrie with Sarasvati to create Ganesha, keeping Treasure Hunter.

Boom! Now you’ve got a Ganesha with both Easy Money and Treasure Hunter. Ka-ching!

Efficiently Completing Mission 43

Got your money-grinding Persona? Sweet. Let’s nail Mission 43 with style:

  1. Ryuji’s up: bolt for that lone baddie on the right and unleash his baddest Persona Skill.
  2. Yusuke’s turn: use Crystal Bloom on the big dude on the right in the middle path. This move takes out another biggie and shoves a small fry towards the left wall, clearing bombs too.
  3. Ann’s in the spotlight: kick off with Hellfire on a middle path enemy for a ‘One More’ chance.
  4. In ‘One More’, zap the lone enemy at the back right. This move brings in 6 new enemies, and you’re still rolling.
  5. Another round of Hellfire wipes out the 4 baddies nearby.
  6. Sprint around the corner and use Hellfire again on the last 2 enemies.

Stick to this, and you’ll wrap the map in 6 moves (a single turn) and bag a ton of cash. For even more Yen, experiment with different fusion combos for multiple Money Farm Personas.

Achieving Metaverse Aristocrat

Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica 2 -
Money Farming in Persona 5 Tactica 2 –

Hit that 666,666 Yen milestone, and boom! You’re a Metaverse Aristocrat. Keep grinding, stacking that wealth, and you’ll be a metaverse mogul in no time. Use this guide to boost your skills and watch your bankroll grow as you master the metaverse. Go get ’em, champ!

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