Mini Ninjas – How to fix no sound on Linux

Mini Ninjas – How to fix no sound on Linux 1 -
Mini Ninjas – How to fix no sound on Linux 1 -

Welcome to this post We hope you find this Mini Ninjas – How to fix no sound on Linux guide useful.

This guide will assist you in fixing the sound issue in Linux-based Operating Systems while running Mini Ninjas.


Steam’s own methods are available to Linux users who wish to play non-native games. They came up with Proton, a Wine fork to improve Steam’s capabilities by incorporating new tools. Proton is Steam’s version of Wine.

Installing OpenAL, which is a 3D audio API, is necessary to enable game sound. If we attempt to install OpenAL using Wine and then launch the game, it won’t work. The game won’t progress and will remain the same.

What happens if we install OpenAL with Proton?

We’ll do just the same thing. Install it in the same directory as Mini Ninjas. We’ll continue with step-by-step instructions.

Resolving the sound issue

Follow these steps to fix the sound issue in Mini Ninjas for Linux:

Install OpenAL as a non-Steam game:

Click on the “+ Add a Game” button located in the lower left corner of your Steam library.

Select “Add a Non Steam Game” from the menu.

Add the OpenAL Steam library to your Steam library by searching for the OpenAL installer.

Click on the newly added OpenAL entry, and then click “Properties” by right-clicking.

Select the most recent Proton release from the “Compatibility Tab”.

OpenAL Installer:

Launch OpenAL by searching for it in your Steam library.

Follow the steps to install OpenAL.

OpenAL files can be found by looking them up:

Navigate to the following directory in your file manager:


OpenAL is installed in the directory that contains the files that have been altered recently.

Copy OpenAL files into Mini Ninjas directory:

Once you have located the OpenAL installation directory Copy the files into the directory.

Go to the directory where the Mini Ninjas installation is located:


Copy the OpenAL files into the Mini Ninjas directory, overwriting existing files.

Following these steps will enable you to successfully install OpenAL as an option in Mini Ninjas successfully, thus resolving your sound problem.

This guide will assist you in fixing the sound issue in Mini Ninjas for Linux-based Operating Systems. Enjoy your gaming experience.

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