Metal: Hellsinger – How to find rhythm in the slaughter

Metal: Hellsinger – How to find rhythm in the slaughter 1 -
Metal: Hellsinger – How to find rhythm in the slaughter 1 -

Metal: Hellsinger is a bizarre union of frenetic first person shooters and rhythm games. These genres are, it turns out, surprisingly well-suited for each other. "Metal: Hellsinger" features a powerful soundtrack featuring a stellar lineup of metal icons such as Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Matt Heafy of Trivium, and AlissaWhite-Gluz of Arch Enemy. It is also an adrenaline-inducing experience that requires you to perform waves of demons to its soundtrack.
This is what sets "Metal: Hellsinger apart from other first-person shooters such as "Doom" (. It shares DNA with "Doom" (in its heavy metal stylings), but it can be difficult to keep up with that pace, especially for FPS veterans who are less rhythmically inclined.
"Metal: Hellsinger" is heavy metal theatrics at its best
We have seven tips and tricks to help you survive "Metal: Hellsinger" so that you can focus on your shots and carving a path to the top of the leaderboard.

Learn the difference between beats and rhythms

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Learn the difference between beat and rhythm - 0F994FD
First, a quick lesson in music: The beat refers to the song's tempo, which basically describes how fast or slow it is being played. It doesn't usually change. It can be described as the beat at which you can clap (or headbang to a song. The rhythm, on the other hand, is the pattern in which the notes of the song are being played. This may change throughout the piece.
Keep this in mind when listening to "Metal: Hellsinger"'s soundtrack. One tip is to count beats verbally, such as "1, 2, 3, 4, 5," even if you're covered in demon viscera. If you have trouble identifying the beat, pay attention to the bass drum, which the drum instrument with a lower pitch. The hits on the bass drum for most songs in Metal: Hellsinger are consistent and should help you navigate your way.

Keep it simple

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Stick to the flow - 87623FB
Once you have identified the beat, all your actions in Metal: Hellsinger — whether you are shooting, slashing, or reloading — must be in sync. "Metal: Hellsinger", despite its "Doom" sensibilities is still a rhythm-based game. Landing attacks to the beat will do more damage, increase hit streaks, charge Fury meter, and so on. Even reloading your weapons in the right moment can save precious seconds so you can unleash your vengeance against hell without missing a beat.

Keep Fury alive by shooting Paz to the beat

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Shoot Paz to the beat to maintain Fury - 2B9891F
Fury is another factor that determines how much damage you do. This meter is filled when you hit your shots on time. Fury is a measure of how much damage you can do. However, Fury can be slowly depleted if there are no enemies nearby to kill. You can maximize your Fury by firing your pistol, Paz between encounters. You don't have to aim your gun at any specific object, but you must continue firing Paz in time with your beat to maintain your Fury. This is extremely useful because Paz doesn’t need to be reloaded like the rest of your weapons. This allows you to continue grooving to the music while you shoot, so you can quickly get into the rhythm of shooting when you face your next horde.

Keep moving and keep grooving

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Keep moving and grooving - E749759
Staying on the offensive is one of the most important tips. You won't get much by hiding behind boulders or sniping from a safe distance. This is especially true since you are strongly encouraged to quickly eliminate foes. Keep moving regardless of what happens, and don't forget to sidestep or strafe to avoid being hurt. You can also leap and jump off cliffs to unleash a barrage on a demon's brain.

You can slay your way to victory

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Slaughter your way to victory - C09A008
This move is taken from the "Doom", rule book of heart-palpitating shoot 'em UP action. Slaughtering, which is the "Metal: Hellsinger", equivalent to Glory Kills, allows you to rush forward and slash satanic animals into fleshy chunks using a lethal blow. You will be rewarded with some health. This move can often get you out of tight spots when you are low on health. Be prepared to zip around the battlefield often. Even weaker demons like the Marionettes can be a source of health during boss battles.

Get to know your weapons

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Get familiar with your weapons - 6359BB5
The infernal pits of hell have their own arsenal of demonic weapons, but they are still based upon familiar guns and weaponry. Persephone is a shotgun, Persephone a pistol, and the Hounds a pair of revolvers. Each weapon has its own characteristics, such as damage, reload speed, and rate of fire. However, it is important to be familiar with these weapons in order to successfully shoot your foes every beat. Persephone, for instance, deals a lot of damage and can be used to take out multiple demons simultaneously. However, its low reload speed means that you can only fire the shotgun once per two beats, which can cause you to lose your rhythm.
You should take the time to learn about the gun's workings and even try out different weapons to see if you like them. This will help you to figure out how to effectively blast these demons to pieces.

Don't worry about dying too much

Metal: Hellsinger - How to find rhythm in the slaughter - Don’t worry too much about dying - 04C957C
Metal: Hellsinger is a game where you will likely die a lot. This is fine. Accept death as you would a friend. The more you practice, the more familiar your enemies, the music, and the map will be. You'll soon be able to dodge attacks and kill demons like the hell-bound, hardened avenger that you were meant to be.


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