MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA – How to Prevent Autocombies

MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA – How to Prevent Autocombies 1 -
MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA – How to Prevent Autocombies 1 -

It’s been 3 days? 2 weeks? a month, have you stopped crying yet?

Introductions 101

read the wiki! According to the Melty blood Mizuumi wiki thing:

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Rapid beat aka "autocombos" have been added. Preformed [sic] by doing the same input multiple times in a string where the move has no designated follow-up.


Originally posted by everyone:
What the hell does that mean?

If you press the same button multiple times consecutively (punch, punch, punch etc) the game will trigger a “Rapid Beat
Rapid as in “I am rapidly mashing a single button”
Beat as in “I am going to beat you until you lose consciousness”

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Reverse Beats are the main feature of Melty Blood. The game's normal to normal cancel routes allow for buttons to be pressed in any order as long as they have not been used before in a string. This means strings that are not possible in other games such as A > C > B and C > B > A are possible.


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Ew a quote, just tell me what it means

This game allows you to cancel ANY move into another move… as long as each move has not been used already in the same combie. This system is called “Reverse Beat”
Reverse as in backwards-a*s mechanic “I can only use each move once. But I can input those moves in any order, even reverse.”
Beat as in “beat a dead horse”

How to prevent autocombies

This section will deal with strange concepts, so I’ll try and explain them as best I can


when using standing light jabs (A), inputting block to block: walk “backwards” (AWAY from your opponent) will prevent triggering autocombies up to 3 times! By then you really should have stopped mashing

“Reverse Beat” (dedicated combie system, as seen in previous games)

by using the games dedicated combie system (the one around which the entire game is based) you won’t EVER have to worry about autocombies. Since using the same attack more than once deactivates “Reverse Beat”.
Complaining about your “reverse beat” (‘real’ combie) turning into a “rapid beat” (autocombie) just means that you scuffed your inputs aren’t utilising a core mechanic. don’t worry, it’ll come with practice 😀
Complaining about the game giving you a “worse combie” is nonsense, since performing a “rapid beat” requires you to break the rules of “reverse beat” (by performing the same move multiple times in the same combie). This is an upgrade over previous games, where performing that input would result in you not getting a combie at all


Autocombie hits do 5/8 (62.5%) of the damage of regular hits.
Imagine an 8-hit combie. Now imagine performing that combie but “whiffing” (missing) 3 of those hits. Thats how much damage you would get from autocombing that same combie.

There are reports that autocombies lose “3/8 (37.5%)” of their damage compared to regular combies, but it’s unclear where these numbers are coming from. Is it because autocombies are only 5 hits?
Until I can get a reliable source, consider this just a rumour.

How do I beat these autocombieinigining nooobs?

Part1, how to beating autocombies:
If you’re okay at combies:
Do normal combies. If you can’t beat an opponent who’s doing less damage than you, then it’s your own fault. Autocombies aren’t killing you, its your own poor habits.
Partt 2, how to beating noobs:
If they’re just using pure autocombies, they’re probably a newb. That’s bad news for you, because noobs > scrubs… it’s a well-known 8:2 matchup.
Noobs know they’re bad, and actively look for ways to improve. Each defeat makes them stronger form every minor increase to their knowledge base and technique. They then apply this knowledge to adapt to new situations.
Scrubs “know” they’re good, and blame their defeats on mechanics they don’t understand or “overpowered” characters. Wallowing in their own stagnation, each defeat only strengthens their stubborn resolve. Lighten up a little, m8
If you still can’t beat ’em… join ’em :conwayshrug:

I’ll rapid beat you to death
keep whining scrublord
an autocombie haiku


Autocombies as a meta-tool with irl benefits (Stress management, Functional-Stack shuffling, Accessibility, RSI prevention)

whatever, like you’d read this anyway


  • How do you know so much about this game?

20min research In the 0.5 hours I have spent arcross the entire Melty Blood franchise, I have learned many things.

  • Why don’t you use the terminology correctly, u casul or somtheng?

fighting game terms are cringe. Imgaine saying “dragon punch” instead of “Z”. SEE HOW MUCH EASIER AND SELF-EVIDENT THAT WAS? Oh guiles sonic booms are “fireballs”? They’re clearly not. CLUE’S IN THE NAME >:c
especially because you nerds can’t even standardise them properly. “rage art”? “focus attack”? “gatling”? “super duper wavedash”? “koopabackdashwaveslide hoverwalkmoonland” (or kbdwshwml for short)… All of these are real. wtf is wrong with you? It’s like you WANT newbies to be immediately turned off, you elitist joystick-fiddlers.

Originally posted by Zero R:
core skills are fundies,
controlling area on the screen are spacies,
hitting an opponent multiple times before they can escape are combies,
playing non tournament matches are friendlies


Originally posted by gg no re:
close ranged characters are punchies,
far ranged characters are shooties
and cigarettes not in a pack are loosies

Toying with your opponent during spacies are footsies,
characters that like to pick up opponents are handsies.

  • What is your opinion on the saber fellow?

bringing a sabre to a fistfight duel is very un-chivalrous behaviour. Same goes for knives, magic and guns.

  • No, seriously tho?

This is already a crossover series, so what’s the fuss? IDK which cartoon he’s from so it’s probably more obscure than the others, and it’s good to give minor characters a chance in the limelight.

  • Was Strive your first fighting game?

Nobut I’m chillin on floor 4 with the homies. That’s streetfighta 4 arcade which was free with xbox gold at some point. Though the first I actually paid money for was Skullgirls. Which has some of my favourite music of all time, which PERFECTLY matches the tone of the game. I literally bought it for the soundtrack.

  • What’s your proudest fighting game acheivement?

After 48 hours of grinding in Superstreetfighter4ArcaydeEdition, I beat Seth on normal difficulty by running the clock to 0, playing as I’LL BREAK YOU ALRIGHT or whatever her name is.

  • Who’s your main?

I think “main”ing a character is boring. People who “main” characters eventually settle on an inflexible (or downright stubborn) way of playing, making them predictable (and therefore exploitable). But my most played is probably Bowser jr . They’ve got good mix of horizontal and vertical mobility options which helps you to not fall off the map. Also their zoning tools, while spammable, are incredibly easy to dodge and slow to use (giving an opponent psychological damage when they realise they lost because they walked into them is hilarious).

  • If you could change anything about this game, what would it be?

I’d port a couple of characters over from the previous game. the cat and the cat (seriously tho why does he have “arc” in his name? neko nero chaos sounds better and would ACTUALLY BE ACCURATE)
Hell don’t even update the sprites/sfx just port them as-is.
It’d open up the game to a more casual audience.It’d make you lighten up a little.

  • r u ♥♥♥ srs rn?

you tell me, neeerd
Which elements are factual, and which are shtposting are left as an exercise for the reader.
But all claims that I have quantified with a number are entirely true.
the best jokes involve some degree of deception and subversion. and the best lie, some degree of truth.

  • Why is this FAQ so long?

To obscure the fact that the solution to this “problem” is basically:
1. Vary your moves! (stop spamming, scrub)
2. Block more! (hold backwards while spamming, scrub)
…which is what everyone’s been saying this whole time


an action you should try performing occasionally. It is more effective at absorbing hits than using your face. Performed by inputting “walk backwards” (AWAY from your opponent).
Inputting a second move during another move, allowing you to immediately perform this second move without waiting for the first move’s animation to fully finish.
(as in “fundamentals”) core skills.
hitting an opponent multiple times before they can escape. When hit by an attack, characters will briefly be stunned. while stunned they cannot perform any actions.
a non tournament match
the struggle between two opponents trying to “achieve spacies
a character that specialises in to picking up opponents
a cigarette not in a pack
a close ranged character
Rapid Beat (“autocombies”)
A new game mechanic in melty blood: mashing the same button repeatedly will cause your character to perform a prebuilt 5-hit combie.
Reverse Beat (“normal melty combies”)
A core game mechanic of melty blood: in a combie, Attacks can be chained together in any order without allowing the opponent to escape, as long as each attack is not repeated in that same combie.
a far ranged character
controlling area on the screen

Hope you enjoy the Guide about MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA – How to Prevent Autocombies, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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