Man of the House – Ashley Date Guide

Man of the House – Ashley Date Guide 1 -
Man of the House – Ashley Date Guide 1 -

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Here you can find a solution for the Date with Ashley. All possible Variations are included.



Before you can successfully complete a date, there are a few things to do. 
1. you need $50 in your wallet 
2. you need a teddybear in your backpack (buy it at the Store) 
3. You need the right mood – 😎 ! 

The Date

You have to read exactly what Ashley wants from you! 
Heart 1: 
if she looks NervousHug 
if she looks Hotkiss Lips 
if she looks HappyKiss cheek 
Heart 2: Have the right mood 😎 
Heart 3: The right PresentTeddybear 
Heart 4: 
it she wants a Fun MovieMeet the Sisters 
if she wants a Movie she’s LikeThe Notepad 
if she wants a exiting MovieThe crawling Dead 
Heart 5: (the food) 
Cold and SweetChocolate Ice Cream  
Hot and SaltyHot Dog 
Sweet and CrunchyPopcorn 
Salty and CrunchyNachos 
Heart 6: (the drinks) 
Cold and SweetCoke 
Plain and SimpleWater  
Surprise meWine 
Warm and sweetHot Chocolate 
Heart 7: 
What do you think of the MovieIts OK, I guess … I just like looking at you more… 
Let me guess, you don’t like the Movie eitherNah, I think it ́s pretty boring 
This Movie is great don’t you think soOh i do I think it ́s great 
Heart 8: Kiss her 
Heart 9 + 10: Touch her Leg and looks if she’s wear Underwear 
Congratulations you finished the Date, enjoy! 

Written by Cybrill

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