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Mad Games Tycoon 2 – Wiki 1 -
All the information you’ll ever need to know about Mad Games Tycoon 2.
All information took from game files via a script.


Perfect Genre Settings


GenreTarget groupDesign focusDesign directionDesign priority
ActionTeenagers, Adults3, 2, 7, 6, 4, 4, 10, 45, 7, 910%, 40%, 30%, 20%
AdventureAdults, Seniors2, 1, 5, 1, 10, 9, 7, 55, 5, 740%, 30%, 15%, 15%
Building GameAdults, Seniors10, 10, 1, 8, 1, 1, 5, 42, 4, 630%, 20%, 20%, 30%
Economic SimulationAdults, Seniors10, 10, 0, 9, 1, 1, 4, 50, 2, 750%, 20%, 10%, 20%
Fighting GameTeenagers, Adults5, 2, 10, 2, 4, 10, 6, 16, 9, 820%, 20%, 10%, 50%
First-Person ShooterTeenagers, Adults4, 1, 7, 4, 4, 4, 10, 63, 9, 710%, 50%, 20%, 20%
Interactive MovieTeenagers, Adults, Seniors3, 2, 7, 3, 10, 10, 3, 27, 7, 310%, 50%, 30%, 10%
PlatformerChildren, Teenagers5, 1, 10, 5, 2, 5, 10, 28, 3, 525%, 25%, 25%, 25%
Puzzle GameTeenagers, Adults, Seniors7, 2, 7, 4, 4, 2, 6, 88, 0, 850%, 10%, 10%, 30%
RacingChildren, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors, All7, 4, 8, 6, 1, 2, 8, 48, 0, 410%, 40%, 30%, 20%
Real-Time StrategyTeenagers, Adults6, 8, 1, 4, 3, 2, 8, 82, 6, 730%, 30%, 10%, 30%
Role-Playing GameAdults, Seniors8, 5, 0, 2, 8, 8, 5, 42, 6, 740%, 30%, 15%, 15%
SimulationTeenagers, Adults5, 8, 1, 7, 1, 2, 6, 100, 7, 810%, 40%, 20%, 30%
Skill GameChildren, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors, All5, 2, 8, 5, 2, 3, 8, 77, 1, 740%, 10%, 10%, 40%
Sport GameChildren, Teenagers, Adults6, 3, 10, 8, 2, 3, 3, 57, 0, 420%, 30%, 10%, 40%
StrategyAdults, Seniors8, 10, 0, 4, 1, 1, 6, 100, 6, 850%, 10%, 10%, 30%
Third-Person ShooterTeenagers, Adults5, 2, 5, 3, 5, 6, 8, 64, 7, 520%, 40%, 20%, 20%
Visual NovelChildren, Teenagers, Adults, Seniors, All5, 2, 6, 2, 10, 10, 3, 27, 4, 240%, 40%, 10%, 10%


Best Genre/Topic Combination 1


ActionAgents, Airplanes, Aliens, Androids, Angel, Animals, Anime, Apocalypse, Assassins, Barbarians, Bounty Hunter, Boxing, Bunker, Castles, Climbing, Comedy, Conquest, Conspiracies, Contract killer, Cowboys, Crime, Crocodiles, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Demons, Detectives, Devils, Digging, Dinosaurs, Diving, Dragons, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, End Time, Espionage, Fantasy, Fire Department, Gangsters, Ghosts, Gods, Helicopters, Hell, Historical, Horror, Hunting, Ice Age, Insects, Karate, Knights, Mafia, Martial arts, Mecha, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Military, Monkeys, Monster, Ninjas, Orcs, Paintball, Parallel worlds, Pirates, Planets, Plants, Police, Portals, Predators, Prison, Puzzles, Radioactivity, Revolutions, Robots, Romans, Saboteurs, Samurai, Skeletons, Skydiving, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Squirrels, Steampunk, Stone Age, Stones, Submarines, Super villains, Superheroes, Survival, Tanks, Thieves, Time Travel, Treasure hunters, Treasures, Trolls, UFOs, Vampires, Vikings, Viruses, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars, Worms, Wrestling, Zombies, Pets
AdventureAgents, Androids, Angel, Anime, Apocalypse, Archaeology, Comedy, Crime, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Dating, Demons, Detectives, Devils, Dragons, Dreams, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, End Time, Everyday life, Expeditions, Fairies, Fantasy, Ghosts, Gods, Hell, Historical, Horror, Ice Age, Islands, Kids, Knights, Middle Ages, Monkeys, Monster, Noble houses, Orcs, Parallel worlds, Pirates, Planets, Planets, Police, Radioactivity, Religion, Reporters, Romans, Saboteurs, Skeletons, Space, Steampunk, Stone Age, Super villains, Thieves, Time Travel, Treasure hunters, Treasures, Trolls, Vampires, Vikings, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars
Building GameAgriculture, Animals, Apocalypse, Barbarians, Building blocks, Casinos, Castles, Cinema, Cities, Civilizations, Companies, Conquest, Cooking, Cowboys, Cowboys, Crime, Digging, Doctors, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Economy, Education, Elves, End Time, Evolution, Expeditions, Factories, Fitness, Gods, Healthcare, Hell, Hospital, Ice Age, Industrialization, Insects, Islands, Knights, Middle Ages, Mining, Monster, Noble houses, Orcs, Parlor games, Pirates, Planets, Plants, Police, Prison, Radioactivity, Renovate, Romans, Sandbox, School, Ships, Space, Space stations, Stone Age, Stones, Survival, Television, Theme Parks, Trains, Transportation, Treasures, Trucks, Vacation, Vikings, Wild West, World Wars, Zombies, Zoo
Economic SimulationAgriculture, American Football, Animals, Art, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycle, Boxing, Cabs, Candy, Cars, Casinos, Castles, Cinema, Cities, Civilizations, Colonization, Companies, Conquest, Cooking, Cricket, Crime, Digging, Doctors, Dungeons, Economy, Education, End Time, Erotica, Everyday life, Factories, Fashion, Fire Department, Fishes, Fitness, Food, Gambling, Game development, Gangsters, Golf, Handball, Healthcare, Hell, Historical, Horses, Hospital, Ice Age, Ice Hockey, Industrialization, Islands, Knights, Mafia, Mathematics, Middle Ages, Mining, Motorcycles, Motorsports, Movies, Music, Noble houses, Pirates, Planets, Police, Politics, Prison, Renovate, Riding, Rockstars, Romans, Rugby, Sandbox, School, Science, Ships, Singing, Soccer, Space, Sports, Steampunk, Super villains, Table tennis, Television, Tennis, Theme Parks, Thieves, Trains, Transportation, Treasures, Trucks, Vacation, Wild West, Wrestling, Zoo
Fighting GameAndroids, Animals, Assassins, Barbarians, Boxing, Contract killer, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Demons, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Fire Department, Fitness, Gods, Karate, Martial arts, Mecha, Monster, Ninjas, Orcs, Predators, Robots, Samurai, Skeletons, Space, Sports, Superheroes, Trolls, Vikings, Werewolves, Wrestling, Pets
First-Person ShooterAgents, Aliens, Androids, Angel, Apocalypse, Assassins, Barbarians, Bounty Hunter, Boxing, Bunker, Castles, Climbing, Conspiracies, Contract killer, Cowboys, Crime, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Demons, Detectives, Devils, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, End Time, Espionage, Fantasy, Gangsters, Ghosts, Gods, Helicopters, Hell, Historical, Horror, Hunting, Ice Age, Insects, Karate, Knights, Mafia, Martial arts, Mecha, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Military, Monster, Ninjas, Orcs, Parallel worlds, Physics, Police, Portals, Predators, Prison, Puzzles, Radioactivity, Revolutions, Riding, Robots, Romans, Saboteurs, Samurai, Sandbox, Skeletons, Skydiving, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Steampunk, Stone Age, Submarines, Super villains, Superheroes, Survival, Tanks, Thieves, Time Travel, Treasure hunters, Trolls, UFOs, Vampires, Vikings, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars, Zombies
Interactive MovieAgents, Aliens, Androids, Angel, Anime, Apocalypse, Bounty Hunter, Comedy, Conspiracies, Contract killer, Crime, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Dancing, Dating, Demons, Detectives, Dragons, End Time, Erotica, Espionage, Everyday life, Fantasy, Gangsters, Ghosts, Hacking, Horror, Kids, Knights, Mafia, Military, Movies, Music, Ninjas, Noble houses, Parallel worlds, Prison, Reporters, Revolutions, Robots, Saboteurs, Samurai, Skeletons, Spaceships, Super villains, Superheroes, Time Travel, UFOs, Vampires, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars
PlatformerAgents, Androids, Angel, Animals, Anime, Assassins, Barbarians, Birds, Boxing, Building blocks, Candy, Castles, Cats, Chickens, Climbing, Comedy, Contract killer, Cowboys, Crocodiles, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Dancing, Demons, Detectives, Devils, Digging, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Dragons, Drawing, Dreams, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elements, Elves, End Time, Espionage, Everyday life, Evolution, Extreme sports, Fairies, Fantasy, Fire Department, Fishes, Fitness, Frogs, Fruits, Gangsters, Ghosts, Goats, Gods, Hell, Horror, Horses, Hunting, Ice Age, Insects, Islands, Karate, Kids, Knights, Martial arts, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Monkeys, Monster, Mushrooms, Music, Ninjas, Octopuses, Orcs, Paintball, Parallel worlds, Pinball, Pirates, Plants, Plumber, Police, Portals, Predators, Prison, Puzzles, Rabbits, Reporters, Revolutions, Riding, Romans, Saboteurs, Samurai, School, Sheep, Skateboards, Skeletons, Skydiving, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Squirrels, Steampunk, Stone Age, Stones, Super villains, Superheroes, Survival, Thieves, Time Travel, Toys, Treasure hunters, Treasures, Trolls, Vampires, Vikings, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars, Zombies, Pets
Puzzle GameAgriculture, Animals, Archaeology, Art, Building blocks, Candy, Casinos, Chemistry, Cities, Conspiracies, Cooking, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Dancing, Dating, Detectives, Digging, Diving, Dragons, Drawing, Dreams, Education, Elements, Erotica, Espionage, Everyday life, Evolution, Expeditions, Fairies, Fantasy, Fashion, Fishes, Fitness, Food, Fruits, Gambling, Ghosts, Hacking, Horror, Hospital, Kids, Mathematics, Middle Ages, Mining, Movies, Music, Octopuses, Parallel worlds, Parlor games, Physics, Planets, Plants, Playing cards, Plumber, Portals, Prison, Puzzles, Quiz show, Rockstars, Romans, School, Science, Ships, Singing, Skateboards, Space, Steampunk, Stone Age, Stones, Television, Theme Parks, Time Travel, Toys, Trains, Transportation, Treasures, Viruses, Wizards, Worms, Zoo, Pets
RacingBicycle, Cabs, Cars, Economy, Jet ski, Motorcycles, Motorsports, Riding, Sailing, Skateboards, Skydiving, Sports, Transportation, Trucks


Best Genre/Topic Combination 2


Real-Time StrategyAliens, Androids, Animals, Apocalypse, Bunker, Castles, Cities, Civilizations, Colonization, Companies, Conquest, Cowboys, Cyborgs, Demons, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Economy, Elves, End Time, Espionage, Factories, Fantasy, Fire Department, Gods, Helicopters, Historical, Ice Age, Industrialization, Insects, Knights, Martial arts, Mecha, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Military, Mining, Noble houses, Orcs, Planets, Plants, Police, Radioactivity, Robots, Romans, Saboteurs, Sailing, Samurai, Science, Ships, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Steampunk, Stone Age, Submarines, Tanks, Trains, Transportation, Trolls, UFOs, Vikings, Wild West, Wizards, World Wars
Role-Playing GameAndroids, Angel, Apocalypse, Barbarians, Castles, Cyberpunk, Cyborgs, Demons, Devils, Dragons, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, End Time, Fantasy, Ghosts, Gods, Hell, Hunting, Islands, Knights, Martial arts, Middle Ages, Monster, Noble houses, Orcs, Pirates, Radioactivity, Romans, Samurai, Sandbox, Skeletons, Space, Space stations, Steampunk, Thieves, Treasure hunters, Treasures, Trolls, Vampires, Vikings, Werewolves, Witches, Wizards
SimulationAgriculture, Airplanes, Animals, Bicycle, Cabs, Cars, Casinos, Cities, Climbing, Companies, Cooking, Doctors, Evolution, Extreme sports, Fire Department, Fishes, Fishing, Gambling, Healthcare, Helicopters, Historical, Horses, Insects, Jet ski, Mecha, Mercenary, Military, Mining, Motorcycles, Motorsports, Paintball, Pinball, Planets, Police, Politics, Predators, Renovate, Robots, Sailing, Sandbox, Ships, Skateboards, Skydiving, Soccer, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Sports, Submarines, Survival, Swimming, Tanks, Theme Parks, Trains, Transportation, Trucks, UFOs, Vacation, World Wars, Wrestling, Zoo
Skill GameAgriculture, Animals, Archaeology, Art, Baseball, Basketball, Birds, Building blocks, Candy, Cars, Casinos, Cats, Chemistry, Chickens, Cities, Climbing, Cooking, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Dancing, Digging, Diving, Dogs, Dragons, Drawing, Dreams, Education, Elements, Espionage, Everyday life, Evolution, Expeditions, Factories, Fairies, Fantasy, Fashion, Fishes, Fishing, Fitness, Food, Frogs, Fruits, Gambling, Ghosts, Goats, Hacking, Handball, Healthcare, Hospital, Insects, Jet ski, Kids, Mathematics, Middle Ages, Mining, Movies, Mushrooms, Music, Octopuses, Orcs, Parallel worlds, Parlor games, Physics, Pinball, Planets, Plants, Playing cards, Plumber, Portals, Prison, Puzzles, Quiz show, Rabbits, Renovate, Riding, Rockstars, Sailing, School, Science, Sheep, Singing, Skydiving, Soccer, Space, Sports, Steampunk, Stone Age, Stones, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Theme Parks, Thieves, Time Travel, Toys, Trains, Transportation, Treasures, Viruses, Wizards, Worms, Zoo, Pets
Sport GameAirplanes, American Football, Animals, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycle, Boxing, Cars, Climbing, Companies, Cricket, Cyborgs, Dancing, Diving, Economy, Extreme sports, Fishes, Fishing, Fitness, Golf, Handball, Historical, Horses, Ice Hockey, Jet ski, Karate, Kids, Knights, Martial arts, Motorcycles, Motorsports, Orcs, Paintball, Romans, Rugby, Sailing, Ships, Skateboards, Skydiving, Soccer, Space stations, Sports, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Trucks, Vacation, Wrestling
StrategyAgriculture, Airplanes, Aliens, Androids, Apocalypse, Barbarians, Building blocks, Bunker, Castles, Chemistry, Cinema, Cities, Civilizations, Colonization, Companies, Conquest, Cooking, Crime, Digging, Dragons, Dwarfs, Economy, Education, Elements, End Time, Espionage, Everyday life, Evolution, Expeditions, Factories, Fantasy, Fire Department, Food, Gambling, Game development, Gangsters, Healthcare, Historical, Hospital, Industrialization, Knights, Mafia, Mecha, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Military, Mining, Noble houses, Parlor games, Physics, Planets, Playing cards, Police, Politics, Radioactivity, Renovate, Revolutions, Robots, Romans, Saboteurs, Sailing, Science, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Steampunk, Stones, Submarines, Tanks, Television, Theme Parks, Trains, Transportation, Trucks, UFOs, Vacation, Vikings, Wild West, Wizards, World Wars, Zoo
Third-Person ShooterAgents, Aliens, Androids, Angel, Apocalypse, Assassins, Barbarians, Bounty Hunter, Boxing, Bunker, Castles, Climbing, Conquest, Conspiracies, Contract killer, Cowboys, Crime, Cyberpunk, Cyberspace, Cyborgs, Demons, Detectives, Devils, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Druids, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Elves, End Time, Espionage, Fantasy, Fruits, Gangsters, Ghosts, Gods, Helicopters, Hell, Historical, Horror, Ice Age, Insects, Karate, Knights, Mafia, Martial arts, Mecha, Mercenary, Middle Ages, Monster, Ninjas, Orcs, Parallel worlds, Physics, Police, Portals, Predators, Prison, Puzzles, Radioactivity, Revolutions, Riding, Robots, Romans, Saboteurs, Sailing, Samurai, Sandbox, Skateboards, Skeletons, Skydiving, Space, Space stations, Spaceships, Special Forces, Steampunk, Stone Age, Submarines, Super villains, Superheroes, Survival, Tanks, Thieves, Time Travel, Treasure hunters, Trolls, UFOs, Vampires, Vikings, Werewolves, Wild West, Witches, Wizards, World Wars, Zombies, Pets
Visual NovelAndroids, Angel, Anime, Art, Assassins, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Comedy, Conspiracies, Contract killer, Cowboys, Cyberpunk, Dancing, Dating, Demons, Detectives, Doctors, Dogs, Dragons, Drawing, Elves, Erotica, Everyday life, Fairies, Fantasy, Fashion, Ghosts, Goats, Horror, Hospital, Hunting, Kids, Middle Ages, Military, Movies, Music, Ninjas, Noble houses, Politics, Rabbits, Reporters, Samurai, School, Sheep, Singing, Steampunk, Super villains, Superheroes, Theme Parks, Thieves, Toys, Treasures, Werewolves, Wild West, World Wars, Zombies, Zoo, Pets


Chronological Events Y1976 – Y1985


YearUnlock TypeNamePrice


Y1976 M1Engine FeaturePrimitive Physics [Level 1]
Y1976 M1Engine FeaturePrimitive AI [Level 1]
Y1976 M1Engine FeatureSpeaker Sound
Y1976 M1Engine FeatureASCII Graphics
Y1976 M1Gameplay FeaturePause Function
Y1976 M1Gameplay FeatureKeyboard Support
Y1976 M1Gameplay FeatureController Support$5.000
Y1976 M1PlatformFairtech-CF$10.000
Y1976 M1PlatformByte I$10.000
Y1976 M2Gameplay FeatureLocal High Scores$5.000


Y1977 M1PlatformCommohdor PETE$11.000
Y1977 M1PlatformAstro Arcade$11.900
Y1977 M10Engine FeaturePrimitive Mono Sound$10.000
Y1977 M11EngineAdventure Game Engine II$10.000
Y1977 M2Engine Feature2D Line Graphics$10.000
Y1977 M3EngineAdventure Game Engine$5.000
Y1977 M3Gameplay FeatureSecrets$5.000
Y1977 M4Gameplay FeatureCheck Points$5.000
Y1977 M6PlatformByte II$11.000
Y1977 M8PlatformRRS-80$11.000
Y1977 M9PlatformKatari 2600$30.800


Y1978 M12Engine FeaturePrimitive 2D Block Graphics$20.000
Y1978 M12PlatformMagma Olympus II$12.000
Y1978 M2PlatformRodovin APVS$12.680
Y1978 M5Gameplay FeatureCheat Codes$10.000
Y1978 M6Gameplay FeaturePassword Saves$10.000


Y1979 M1EngineSYS-Creative Engine$15.000
Y1979 M11PlatformKatari 850$13.000
Y1979 M11PlatformMinivision$14.100
Y1979 M12PlatformIntelvisual$13.000
Y1979 M7Gameplay FeatureSidequests$15.000
Y1979 M8Gameplay FeatureCharacter Progression$15.000


Y1980 M1Engine FeaturePrimitive AI [Level 2]$40.000
Y1980 M1PlatformZY80$15.000
Y1980 M10Gameplay FeatureSplitscreen Multiplayer$20.000
Y1980 M5Engine FeaturePrimitive Stereo Sound$40.000
Y1980 M6Engine FeaturePrimitive Physics [Level 2]$40.000
Y1980 M7EngineSYS-Creative Engine 2.0$20.000
Y1980 M7PlatformCommohdor VEC-20$15.100
Y1980 M8Copy ProtectionSafeForce v1.0$15.000
Y1980 M9Gameplay FeatureSave Games$20.000


Y1981 M10EngineSYS-Creative Engine 3.0$25.000
Y1981 M11Gameplay FeatureEaster Eggs$25.000
Y1981 M12Gameplay FeatureRandom Story Events$25.000
Y1981 M7PlatformCassetteView$17.000
Y1981 M8Engine FeatureModern 2D Block Graphics$50.000
Y1981 M8PlatformPersonal Computer$17.000


Y1982 M1Gameplay FeatureRepeatable Quests$30.000
Y1982 M1PlatformIntex AD-Vision$19.500
Y1982 M11PlatformVector-x$19.900
Y1982 M2Gameplay FeatureCharacter Customization$30.000
Y1982 M2PlatformW-Tech Vision$19.350
Y1982 M4PlatformZY Spectre$19.000
Y1982 M5PlatformArcade-2640$19.500
Y1982 M8Copy ProtectionSafeForce v2.0$20.000
Y1982 M8PlatformColeckovision$19.000
Y1982 M8PlatformCommohdor C63$19.200
Y1982 M9PlatformKatari 5200$19.000


Y1983 M10PlatformPVX-1000$20.000
Y1983 M11PlatformW-Tech Laser 2000$20.800
Y1983 M3Gameplay FeatureSkill Trees$35.000
Y1983 M3Gameplay FeatureDay-Night Cycle$35.000
Y1983 M4Gameplay FeatureLaser Pistols Support$35.000
Y1983 M4Gameplay FeatureTutorial$35.000
Y1983 M6Engine Feature2D 8-Bit Graphics$70.000
Y1983 M7Engine Feature8 Bit Sound$70.000
Y1983 M7PlatformSIG-2000$20.500
Y1983 M7PlatformPretendo Entertainment Set$21.000
Y1983 M8EngineX-Work Engine$30.000


Y1984 M1Engine FeaturePrimitive AI [Level 3]$80.000
Y1984 M1PlatformMcIntosh$22.000
Y1984 M3Engine FeaturePrimitive 3D Vector Graphics$80.000
Y1984 M5Gameplay FeatureMouse Support$40.000
Y1984 M5Gameplay FeatureAchievements$40.000
Y1984 M6PlatformAmstar CCP$22.000
Y1984 M7Engine FeaturePrimitive Physics [Level 3]$80.000
Y1984 M7PlatformSuper CassetteView$23.100
Y1984 M8Copy ProtectionSafeForce v3.0$25.000
Y1984 M9EngineX-Work Engine 2$35.000


Y1985 M1PlatformCommohdor C127$25.600
Y1985 M10PlatformSiga Master Deck$25.900
Y1985 M4Engine FeatureAdvanced 8 Bit Sound$90.000
Y1985 M6EngineX-Work Engine 3$40.000
Y1985 M6Gameplay FeatureMini Games$45.000
Y1985 M6Gameplay FeatureVoice Output$45.000
Y1985 M6PlatformKatari STT$25.100
Y1985 M7PlatformAmigo 1000$25.700


Chronological Events Y1986 – Y1996


YearUnlock TypeNamePrice


Y1986 M5PlatformKatari 7800$27.100
Y1986 M7Gameplay FeatureNew Game Plus$50.000
Y1986 M8Copy ProtectionATC Protect v1.0$30.000


Y1987 M1Engine Feature16 Bit Sound$110.000
Y1987 M10Engine Feature2D 16-Bit Graphics$110.000
Y1987 M10PlatformCore Engine$30.800
Y1987 M12EngineStrategy Builder$45.000
Y1987 M4PlatformAmigo 500$30.600
Y1987 M5Gameplay FeatureCut scenes$55.000
Y1987 M6PlatformAcoon Archimed$30.000
Y1987 M8Gameplay FeatureMultiple Ends$55.000


Y1988 M1Engine FeatureImproved AI [Level 1]$120.000
Y1988 M10EngineAction Creator 1.0$50.000
Y1988 M10PlatformSiga Mega Deck$32.900
Y1988 M7Gameplay FeatureDynamic Music$60.000
Y1988 M8Copy ProtectionATC Protect v2.0$35.000
Y1988 M8Engine FeatureImproved Physics [Level 1]$120.000
Y1988 M9Gameplay FeatureDynamic Level of Difficulty$60.000


Y1989 M10Gameplay FeatureLAN Multiplayer$65.000
Y1989 M10PlatformKatari Lunx$35.000
Y1989 M4PlatformPretendo Game Portable$35.000
Y1989 M6Gameplay FeatureAdjustable Controls$65.000


Y1990 M10PlatformGame Mate$50.000
Y1990 M10PlatformSiga Play Gear$51.500
Y1990 M10PlatformPhilops CD-X$53.000
Y1990 M11Gameplay FeatureLevel Editor$70.000
Y1990 M11PlatformSuper Pretendo Entertainment Set$52.500
Y1990 M12PlatformCommohdor Game System$50.800
Y1990 M12PlatformCore Engine GT$53.400
Y1990 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareGame Eye v1.0$30.000
Y1990 M2Engine FeatureModern 3D Vector Graphics$140.000
Y1990 M4PlatformGeo Reo$54.000
Y1990 M5Engine FeatureAdvanced 16 Bit Sound$140.000
Y1990 M7EngineAction Creator 2.0$55.000
Y1990 M7Gameplay FeatureWheel Support$70.000
Y1990 M8Copy ProtectionATC Protect v3.0$40.000
Y1990 M9PlatformAmstar GX3000$50.600


Y1991 M1Engine FeaturePrimitive Pseudo 3D Graphics$150.000
Y1991 M12Gameplay FeatureOnline Multiplayer$75.000
Y1991 M4EngineSim-Space Engine I$60.000
Y1991 M9PlatformCore Engine Duo$58.700


Y1992 M1Engine FeatureImproved AI [Level 2]$160.000
Y1992 M1Gameplay FeatureAdjustable HUD$80.000
Y1992 M11PlatformWasari Megavision$63.400
Y1992 M12EngineSim-Space Engine II$65.000
Y1992 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareGame Eye v2.0$35.000
Y1992 M3Engine Feature32 Bit Sound$160.000
Y1992 M4Engine Feature3D Voxel Graphics$160.000
Y1992 M8Copy ProtectionSecuDisc v1.0$45.000
Y1992 M8Gameplay FeatureOrchestral Soundtrack$80.000
Y1992 M8Gameplay FeatureForce Feedback$80.000
Y1992 M9Engine FeatureImproved Physics [Level 2]$160.000


Y1993 M10Platform4D-OH$65.800
Y1993 M11PlatformKatari Puma$65.000
Y1993 M2Gameplay FeatureAdjustable Censoring$85.000
Y1993 M9Gameplay FeatureModern Controller Support$85.000
Y1993 M9PlatformAmigo CDX-32$66.500


Y1994 M10Engine FeatureModern Pseudo 3D Graphics$180.000
Y1994 M10Gameplay FeatureVR Helmet Support$90.000
Y1994 M11PlatformSiga Uranus$74.500
Y1994 M12Engine3D Build Studio 1.0$70.000
Y1994 M12PlatformSuny Gamestation$73.000
Y1994 M12PlatformCore-FX$76.000
Y1994 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareGame Eye v3.0$40.000
Y1994 M3Gameplay FeatureMorale Mechanics$90.000
Y1994 M4Gameplay FeatureWeather Effects$90.000
Y1994 M8Copy ProtectionSecuDisc v2.0$50.000
Y1994 M9PlatformPlay-X$70.000


Y1995 M10PlatformMega-A-Can$80.000
Y1995 M10PlatformSiga Noman$82.600
Y1995 M4Gameplay FeatureVoice Over$95.000
Y1995 M5Gameplay FeatureSee Replay Function$95.000
Y1995 M7PlatformPretendo Virtual Portable$83.400


Y1996 M1Engine FeatureImproved AI [Level 3]$200.000
Y1996 M10Engine FeatureImproved Physics [Level 3]$200.000
Y1996 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareRenovu Anti Cheat v1.0$45.000
Y1996 M2Engine Feature3D Graphics$200.000
Y1996 M4PlatformPippal$87.000
Y1996 M6Gameplay FeatureDynamic & Destructible World$100.000
Y1996 M6PlatformPretendo 63$85.700
Y1996 M7Engine3D Build Studio 2.0$75.000
Y1996 M8Copy ProtectionSecuDisc v3.0$55.000


Chronological Events Y1997 – Y2011


YearUnlock TypeNamePrice


Y1997 M7Engine FeatureModern 3D Voxel Graphics$210.000
Y1997 M7Gameplay FeatureMod Support$105.000
Y1997 M8Gameplay FeatureOnline Leaderboards$105.000
Y1997 M9Engine3D Build Studio 3.0$80.000


Y1998 M10PlatformPretendo Game Portable Color$102.000
Y1998 M10PlatformGeo Reo Pocket$102.500
Y1998 M11Engine FeatureAdvanced 32 Bit Sound$220.000
Y1998 M11PlatformSiga Reamcast$102.000
Y1998 M12EngineJnR-Engine 1.0$85.000
Y1998 M12Engine FeatureAdvanced 3D Graphics$220.000
Y1998 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareRenovu Anti Cheat v2.0$50.000
Y1998 M8Copy ProtectionHHV Protection v1.0$60.000
Y1998 M9Gameplay FeatureInteractive Story$110.000


Y1999 M10Gameplay FeatureLevel Streaming$115.000
Y1999 M2Gameplay FeatureIn-App Purchases$118.000
Y1999 M3PlatformWonderbird$110.000


Y2000 M1Engine FeatureAdvanced AI [Level 1]$240.000
Y2000 M11Engine FeatureAdvanced Physics [Level 1]$240.000
Y2000 M11Gameplay FeatureSandbox Mode$120.000
Y2000 M12EngineJnR-Engine 2.0$90.000
Y2000 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareRenovu Anti Cheat v3.0$55.000
Y2000 M3PlatformSuny Gamestation 2$126.000
Y2000 M8Copy ProtectionHHV Protection v2.0$65.000


Y2001 M11PlatformMinisoft YBox$134.000
Y2001 M3PlatformGame Portable Advance$130.000
Y2001 M5Engine FeatureModern 3D Graphics$250.000
Y2001 M7EngineIT-Technology 1$95.000
Y2001 M9PlatformPretendo Playcube$132.000


Y2002 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareV-A-S Silver$60.000
Y2002 M8Copy ProtectionHHV Protection v3.0$70.000


Y2003 M10Engine FeatureSurround Sound Technology$270.000
Y2003 M10PlatformM-Cage$160.000
Y2003 M12EngineIT-Technology 2$100.000


Y2004 M1Engine FeatureAdvanced AI [Level 2]$280.000
Y2004 M1Gameplay FeatureTouch Screen Support$165.000
Y2004 M10EngineIT-Technology 3$105.000
Y2004 M11PlatformPretendo D-S$183.000
Y2004 M12Engine FeatureAdvanced Physics [Level 2]$280.000
Y2004 M12PlatformSuny GSP$180.000
Y2004 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareV-A-S Gold$65.000
Y2004 M8Copy ProtectionDATA Shield v1.0$75.000


Y2005 M11PlatformMinisoft YBox 370$207.000
Y2005 M12Gameplay FeatureSocial Media Integration$150.000
Y2005 M3PlatformGizmos$200.000


Y2006 M11Engine FeatureOpenWorld 3D Graphics$300.000
Y2006 M11PlatformPretendo Fii$227.000
Y2006 M11PlatformSuny Gamestation 3$231.000
Y2006 M12EngineRealtime Builder 3D$110.000
Y2006 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareV-A-S Platinium$70.000
Y2006 M2Gameplay FeatureMotion Controller Support$160.000
Y2006 M8Copy ProtectionDATA Shield v2.0$80.000


Y2007 M11PlatformiByte$3.500
Y2007 M12Gameplay FeatureInstrument Support$170.000
Y2007 M3Engine Feature3D Sound 3.1$310.000
Y2007 M8EngineRealtime Builder 3D Pro$115.000


Y2008 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareEACT Shield 1.0$75.000
Y2008 M2PlatformRedberry Z5$3.300
Y2008 M3Engine FeatureAdvanced Physics [Level 3]$320.000
Y2008 M6Engine FeatureAdvanced AI [Level 3]$320.000
Y2008 M8Copy ProtectionDATA Shield v3.0$85.000
Y2008 M9EngineGame Code Engine I$120.000


Y2009 M1Gameplay FeatureMotion Camera Support$190.000
Y2009 M2PlatformSybios 500$2.700
Y2009 M5PlatformCyboo$283.000
Y2009 M6PlatformDroidan I$3.100


Y2010 M10EngineGame Code Engine II$125.000
Y2010 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareEACT Shield 2.0$80.000
Y2010 M7Engine Feature3D Sound 5.1$340.000
Y2010 M8Copy ProtectionAR Copy Protect v1.0$90.000


Y2011 M11EngineLandscape Tech 1.0$130.000
Y2011 M11PlatformiByte 2$4.000
Y2011 M12PlatformSuny GSViva$320.000
Y2011 M2PlatformPretendo 3SD$324.000
Y2011 M9Engine FeatureAdvanced OpenWorld 3D Graphics$350.000


Chronological Events Y2012 – Y2028


YearUnlock TypeNamePrice


Y2012 M1Engine FeatureHighly Advanced AI [Level 1]$360.000
Y2012 M1Gameplay FeatureCloud Service$220.000
Y2012 M11EngineLandscape Tech 2.0$135.000
Y2012 M12PlatformPretendo FiiU$345.000
Y2012 M12PlatformNeo X$348.500
Y2012 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareEACT Shield 3.0$95.000
Y2012 M2PlatformRedberry Z10$3.600
Y2012 M6Engine FeatureHighly Advanced Physics [Level 1]$360.000
Y2012 M8Copy ProtectionAR Copy Protect v2.0$95.000
Y2012 M9PlatformMinisoft Phone I$3.500


Y2013 M11PlatformMinisoft YBox 720$360.000
Y2013 M11PlatformSuny Gamestation 4$365.000
Y2013 M2PlatformSybios 800$3.300
Y2013 M6PlatformDroidan II$3.800
Y2013 M6PlatformOya$360.000
Y2013 M7PlatformNvideo Pro$360.000


Y2014 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareKernel Anti Cheat I$100.000
Y2014 M2Engine Feature3D Sound 7.1$380.000
Y2014 M7EngineRumble Engine 1.0$140.000
Y2014 M8Copy ProtectionAR Copy Protect v3.0$100.000


Y2015 M10EngineRumble Engine 2.0$145.000
Y2015 M11PlatformiByte 3$4.600
Y2015 M11PlatformBeam Machine$400.000
Y2015 M2Gameplay FeatureAugmented-Reality-Support$250.000
Y2015 M6Engine FeatureModern OpenWorld 3D Graphics$390.000


Y2016 M1Engine FeatureHighly Advanced AI [Level 2]$400.000
Y2016 M11EngineInteractive Tech 1.0$150.000
Y2016 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareKernel Anti Cheat II$105.000
Y2016 M2PlatformRedberry Z20$4.000
Y2016 M5Engine FeatureHighly Advanced Physics [Level 2]$400.000
Y2016 M6PlatformFusion F1000$420.000
Y2016 M8Copy ProtectionMacroProtect v1.0$105.000
Y2016 M9PlatformMinisoft Phone II$4.000


Y2017 M3PlatformPretendo Zwitch$450.000
Y2017 M6PlatformDroidan III$4.100


Y2018 M12Engine FeatureReal 3D Sound$420.000
Y2018 M2Anti Cheat SoftwareKernel Anti Cheat III$110.000
Y2018 M2Engine FeatureHigh-End OpenWorld 3D Graphics$420.000
Y2018 M6EngineInteractive Tech 2.0$155.000
Y2018 M8Copy ProtectionMacroProtect v2.0$110.000


Y2019 M11PlatformiByte 4$5.100
Y2019 M7EngineLightTech Engine 1.0$160.000


Y2020 M1Engine FeatureHighly Advanced AI [Level 3]$440.000
Y2020 M11PlatformMinisoft YBox SX$500.000
Y2020 M11PlatformSuny Gamestation 5$506.000
Y2020 M12EngineLightTech Engine 2.0$165.000
Y2020 M2Anti Cheat SoftwarePunkShield v1.0$115.000
Y2020 M6Engine FeatureHighly Advanced Physics [Level 3]$440.000
Y2020 M8Copy ProtectionMacroProtect v3.0$115.000


Y2021 M12PlatformPretendo Zwitch Pro$526.000
Y2021 M6PlatformDroidan IV$5.000


Y2022 M12Engine FeatureReal 3D Graphics$460.000
Y2022 M2Anti Cheat SoftwarePunkShield v2.0$120.000
Y2022 M8Copy ProtectionQuantum Shield v1.0$120.000


Y2023 M11PlatformiByte 5$5.500
Y2023 M12PlatformCommohdor Game System II$560.000
Y2023 M2EngineLightTech Engine 3.0$170.000


Y2024 M2Anti Cheat SoftwarePunkShield v3.0$125.000
Y2024 M2PlatformAsia Box$579.000
Y2024 M6EnginePolycount 3D$175.000
Y2024 M8Copy ProtectionQuantum Shield v2.0$125.000


Y2025 M4PlatformSiga MegaCast$610.000
Y2025 M6PlatformDroidan V$5.300
Y2025 M8EngineQuest Factory$180.000
Y2025 M8EngineRealTech Pro$185.000


Y2026 M5EngineTitanCode 3D$195.000
Y2026 M7PlatformKatari Puma 2$625.000
Y2026 M8Copy ProtectionQuantum Shield v3.0$130.000


Y2027 M1PlatformPretendo MX$660.000


Y2028 M11PlatformMinisoft YBox SX-II$680.000
Y2028 M12PlatformSuny Gamestation 6$682.000




GenreRelease-DatePriceResearch Points
ActionY1979 M8$40.000500
AdventureY1976 M1$30.00050
Building GameY1988 M11$100.0001.100
Economic SimulationY1983 M2$80.000900
Fighting GameY1984 M4$90.0001.000
First-Person ShooterY1991 M7$200.0001.400
Interactive MovieY1990 M2$150.0001.200
PlatformerY1980 M10$50.000600
Puzzle GameY1976 M1$30.00050
RacingY1976 M1$30.00050
Real-Time StrategyY1991 M6$170.0001.300
Role-Playing GameY1977 M5$30.000300
SimulationY1981 M12$60.000700
Skill GameY1976 M1$30.00050
Sport GameY1982 M1$70.000800
StrategyY1978 M7$35.000400
Third-Person ShooterY1996 M8$250.0001.500
Visual NovelY1992 M6$200.0001.400




AgentsAgricultureAirplanesAliensAmerican Football
BasketballBicycleBirdsBounty HunterBoxing
Building blocksBunkerCabsCandyCars
ComedyCompaniesConquestConspiraciesContract killer
EducationElementsElvesEnd TimeErotica
EspionageEveryday lifeEvolutionExpeditionsExtreme sports
FactoriesFairiesFantasyFashionFire Department
FruitsGamblingGame developmentGangstersGhosts
HorsesHospitalHuntingIce AgeIce Hockey
IndustrializationInsectsIslandsJet skiKarate
KidsKnightsMafiaMartial artsMathematics
MechaMercenaryMiddle AgesMilitaryMining
MushroomsMusicNinjasNoble housesOctopuses
OrcsPaintballParallel worldsParlor gamesPhysics
PinballPiratesPlanetsPlantsPlaying cards
PrisonPuzzlesQuiz showRabbitsRadioactivity
SkydivingSoccerSpaceSpace stationsSpaceships
Special ForcesSportsSquirrelsSteampunkStone Age
StonesSubmarinesSuper villainsSuperheroesSurvival
SwimmingTable tennisTanksTelevisionTennis
Theme ParksThievesTime TravelToysTrains
TransportationTreasure huntersTreasuresTrollsTrucks
WerewolvesWild WestWitchesWizardsWorld Wars


Platforms 1


NameReleaseSupport endPurchase PriceDevelopment Cost
Fairtech-CFY1976 M1Y1983 M3$10.000$3.300
Byte IY1976 M1Y1977 M10$10.000$3.300
Astro ArcadeY1977 M1Y1985 M7$11.900$3.600
Commohdor PETEY1977 M1Y1982 M12$11.000$3.500
Byte IIY1977 M6Y1993 M11$11.000$3.550
RRS-80Y1977 M8Y1981 M1$11.000$3.500
Katari 2600Y1977 M9Y1992 M1$30.800$10.800
Magma Olympus IIY1978 M12Y1984 M3$12.000$4.000
Rodovin APVSY1978 M2Y1983 M10$12.680$3.900
MinivisionY1979 M11Y1981 M12$14.100$4.500
Katari 850Y1979 M11Y1992 M1$13.000$4.350
IntelvisualY1979 M12Y1990 M1$13.000$4.250
ZY80Y1980 M1Y1981 M12$15.000$5.000
Commohdor VEC-20Y1980 M7Y1985 M1$15.100$4.900
CassetteViewY1981 M7Y1985 M11$17.000$5.600
Personal ComputerY1981 M8$17.000$5.500
Intex AD-VisionY1982 M1Y1983 M10$19.500$6.400
Vector-xY1982 M11Y1984 M12$19.900$6.300
W-Tech VisionY1982 M2Y1986 M1$19.350$6.000
ZY SpectreY1982 M4Y1992 M1$19.000$6.000
Arcade-2640Y1982 M5Y1984 M11$19.500$6.000
ColeckovisionY1982 M8Y1985 M10$19.000$6.000
Commohdor C63Y1982 M8Y1994 M4$19.200$6.500
Katari 5200Y1982 M9Y1984 M9$19.000$6.500
PVX-1000Y1983 M10Y1984 M3$20.000$7.100
W-Tech Laser 2000Y1983 M11Y1985 M7$20.800$6.700
SIG-2000Y1983 M7Y1985 M10$20.500$7.000
Pretendo Entertainment SetY1983 M7Y1995 M9$21.000$7.500
McIntoshY1984 M1$22.000$7.000
Amstar CCPY1984 M6Y1990 M4$22.000$7.100
Super CassetteViewY1984 M7Y1987 M11$23.100$7.200
Commohdor C127Y1985 M1Y1989 M1$25.600$8.700
Siga Master DeckY1985 M10Y1996 M10$25.900$8.800
Katari STTY1985 M6Y1993 M4$25.100$8.000
Amigo 1000Y1985 M7Y1987 M7$25.700$8.500
Katari 7800Y1986 M5Y1992 M1$27.100$9.000
Core EngineY1987 M10Y1994 M12$30.800$10.000
Amigo 500Y1987 M4Y1991 M4$30.600$10.500
Acoon ArchimedY1987 M6Y1995 M7$30.000$10.000
Siga Mega DeckY1988 M10Y1997 M10$32.900$10.500
Katari LunxY1989 M10Y1995 M12$35.000$11.500
Pretendo Game PortableY1989 M4Y2003 M3$35.000$11.600
Game MateY1990 M10Y1994 M3$50.000$16.000
Game MateY1990 M10Y1994 M3$50.000$16.000
Siga Play GearY1990 M10Y1997 M3$51.500$16.500
Super Pretendo Entertainment SetY1990 M11Y1999 M9$52.500$16.100
Core Engine GTY1990 M12Y1994 M12$53.400$17.000
Commohdor Game SystemY1990 M12Y1992 M12$50.800$16.000
Geo ReoY1990 M4Y2004 M4$54.000$16.600
Amstar GX3000Y1990 M9Y1991 M12$50.600$16.100
Core Engine DuoY1991 M9Y1995 M12$58.700$18.500
Wasari MegavisionY1992 M11Y1994 M12$63.400$20.000
4D-OHY1993 M10Y1996 M1$65.800$21.100
Katari PumaY1993 M11Y1996 M7$65.000$21.000
Amigo CDX-32Y1993 M9Y1994 M4$66.500$21.700
Siga UranusY1994 M11Y2000 M11$74.500$23.900
Suny GamestationY1994 M12Y2006 M8$73.000$24.300
Core-FXY1994 M12Y1998 M12$76.000$24.000
Play-XY1994 M9Y1997 M10$70.000$23.000
Mega-A-CanY1995 M10Y1997 M10$80.000$26.900
Siga NomanY1995 M10Y1999 M2$82.600$26.700
Pretendo Virtual PortableY1995 M7Y1996 M3$83.400$26.900
PippalY1996 M4Y1997 M12$87.000$28.500
Pretendo 63Y1996 M6Y2002 M4$85.700$28.500
Pretendo Game Portable ColorY1998 M10Y2003 M3$102.000$34.000
Geo Reo PocketY1998 M10Y1999 M12$102.500$33.000
Siga ReamcastY1998 M11Y2001 M12$102.000$31.300
WonderbirdY1999 M3Y2003 M9$110.000$36.700
Suny Gamestation 2Y2000 M3Y2013 M1$126.000$42.000
Minisoft YBoxY2001 M11Y2009 M3$134.000$44.500
Game Portable AdvanceY2001 M3Y2008 M11$130.000$43.000
Pretendo PlaycubeY2001 M9Y2007 M3$132.000$44.300
M-CageY2003 M10Y2005 M11$160.000$53.000
Pretendo D-SY2004 M11Y2013 M8$183.000$62.000
Suny GSPY2004 M12Y2014 M12$180.000$59.500
Minisoft YBox 370Y2005 M11Y2016 M4$207.000$78.000
GizmosY2005 M3Y2006 M2$200.000$65.000
Pretendo FiiY2006 M11Y2013 M10$227.000$74.000
Suny Gamestation 3Y2006 M11Y2017 M5$231.000$75.600
CybooY2009 M5Y2011 M9$283.000$93.100
Suny GSVivaY2011 M12Y2019 M3$320.000$100.000


Platforms 2


NameReleaseSupport endPurchase PriceDevelopment Cost
Pretendo 3SDY2011 M2Y2023 M11$324.000$107.000
Pretendo FiiUY2012 M12Y2017 M1$345.000$115.000
Neo XY2012 M12Y2020 M1$348.500$113.400
Minisoft YBox 720Y2013 M11Y2023 M5$360.000$124.000
Suny Gamestation 4Y2013 M11Y2022 M6$365.000$124.000
OyaY2013 M6Y2015 M7$360.000$120.000
Nvideo ProY2013 M7Y2022 M10$360.000$120.000
Beam MachineY2015 M11Y2021 M2$400.000$133.000
Fusion F1000Y2016 M6Y2018 M7$420.000$140.000
Pretendo ZwitchY2017 M3Y2023 M12$450.000$145.000
Suny Gamestation 5Y2020 M11Y2030 M6$506.000$168.000
Minisoft YBox SXY2020 M11Y2030 M5$500.000$165.000
Pretendo Zwitch ProY2021 M12Y2029 M1$526.000$175.000
Commohdor Game System IIY2023 M12$560.000$185.000
Asia BoxY2024 M2$579.000$190.000
Siga MegaCastY2025 M4$610.000$203.000
Katari Puma 2Y2026 M7$625.000$206.000
Pretendo MXY2027 M1$660.000$217.000
Minisoft YBox SX-IIY2028 M11$680.000$224.000
Suny Gamestation 6Y2028 M12$682.000$228.000




Adventure Game Engine IIY1977 M11Adventure$10.0006%
Adventure Game EngineY1977 M3Adventure$5.0005%
SYS-Creative EngineY1979 M1Skill Game$15.0005%
SYS-Creative Engine 2.0Y1980 M7Skill Game$20.0006%
SYS-Creative Engine 3.0Y1981 M10Skill Game$25.0007%
X-Work EngineY1983 M8Role-Playing Game$30.0003%
X-Work Engine 2Y1984 M9Role-Playing Game$35.0004%
X-Work Engine 3Y1985 M6Role-Playing Game$40.0005%
Strategy BuilderY1987 M12Strategy$45.0006%
Action Creator 1.0Y1988 M10Action$50.0006%
Action Creator 2.0Y1990 M7Action$55.0008%
Sim-Space Engine IY1991 M4Simulation$60.00010%
Sim-Space Engine IIY1992 M12Simulation$65.0007%
3D Build Studio 1.0Y1994 M12First-Person Shooter$70.0005%
3D Build Studio 2.0Y1996 M7First-Person Shooter$75.0006%
3D Build Studio 3.0Y1997 M9First-Person Shooter$80.0007%
JnR-Engine 1.0Y1998 M12Platformer$85.0005%
JnR-Engine 2.0Y2000 M12Platformer$90.0007%
IT-Technology 1Y2001 M7Third-Person Shooter$95.0006%
IT-Technology 2Y2003 M12Third-Person Shooter$100.0008%
IT-Technology 3Y2004 M10Third-Person Shooter$105.00010%
Realtime Builder 3DY2006 M12Real-Time Strategy$110.0004%
Realtime Builder 3D ProY2007 M8Real-Time Strategy$115.0006%
Game Code Engine IY2008 M9Sport Game$120.0005%
Game Code Engine IIY2010 M10Sport Game$125.00010%
Landscape Tech 1.0Y2011 M11Building Game$130.0004%
Landscape Tech 2.0Y2012 M11Building Game$135.0006%
Rumble Engine 1.0Y2014 M7Fighting Game$140.0005%
Rumble Engine 2.0Y2015 M10Fighting Game$145.0007%
Interactive Tech 1.0Y2016 M11Interactive Movie$150.0004%
Interactive Tech 2.0Y2018 M6Interactive Movie$155.0006%
LightTech Engine 1.0Y2019 M7First-Person Shooter$160.0006%
LightTech Engine 2.0Y2020 M12First-Person Shooter$165.0007%
LightTech Engine 3.0Y2023 M2First-Person Shooter$170.0008%
Polycount 3DY2024 M6Third-Person Shooter$175.0005%
Quest FactoryY2025 M8Role-Playing Game$180.00010%
RealTech ProY2025 M8Simulation$185.0008%
RealTech ProY2025 M8Simulation$185.0008%


Copy Protections


NameReleasePurchase PriceDevelopment Cost
SafeForce v1.0Y1980 M8$15.000$2.000
SafeForce v2.0Y1982 M8$20.000$3.000
SafeForce v3.0Y1984 M8$25.000$4.000
ATC Protect v1.0Y1986 M8$30.000$5.000
ATC Protect v2.0Y1988 M8$35.000$6.000
ATC Protect v3.0Y1990 M8$40.000$7.000
SecuDisc v1.0Y1992 M8$45.000$8.000
SecuDisc v2.0Y1994 M8$50.000$9.000
SecuDisc v3.0Y1996 M8$55.000$10.000
HHV Protection v1.0Y1998 M8$60.000$11.000
HHV Protection v2.0Y2000 M8$65.000$12.000
HHV Protection v3.0Y2002 M8$70.000$13.000
DATA Shield v1.0Y2004 M8$75.000$14.000
DATA Shield v2.0Y2006 M8$80.000$15.000
DATA Shield v3.0Y2008 M8$85.000$16.000
AR Copy Protect v1.0Y2010 M8$90.000$17.000
AR Copy Protect v2.0Y2012 M8$95.000$18.000
AR Copy Protect v3.0Y2014 M8$100.000$19.000
MacroProtect v1.0Y2016 M8$105.000$20.000
MacroProtect v2.0Y2018 M8$110.000$21.000
MacroProtect v3.0Y2020 M8$115.000$22.000
Quantum Shield v1.0Y2022 M8$120.000$23.000
Quantum Shield v2.0Y2022 M8$125.000$24.000
Quantum Shield v3.0Y2022 M8$130.000$25.000


Anti Cheats


NameReleasePurchase PriceDevelopment Cost
Game Eye v1.0Y1990 M2$30.000$5.000
Game Eye v2.0Y1992 M2$35.000$7.000
Game Eye v3.0Y1994 M2$40.000$9.000
Renovu Anti Cheat v1.0Y1996 M2$45.000$11.000
Renovu Anti Cheat v2.0Y1998 M2$50.000$13.000
Renovu Anti Cheat v3.0Y2000 M2$55.000$15.000
V-A-S SilverY2002 M2$60.000$17.000
V-A-S GoldY2004 M2$65.000$19.000
V-A-S PlatiniumY2006 M2$70.000$21.000
EACT Shield 1.0Y2008 M2$75.000$23.000
EACT Shield 2.0Y2010 M2$80.000$25.000
EACT Shield 3.0Y2012 M2$95.000$27.000
Kernel Anti Cheat IY2014 M2$100.000$29.000
Kernel Anti Cheat IIY2016 M2$105.000$31.000
Kernel Anti Cheat IIIY2018 M2$110.000$33.000
PunkShield v1.0Y2020 M2$115.000$35.000
PunkShield v2.0Y2022 M2$120.000$37.000
PunkShield v3.0Y2024 M2$125.000$40.000




NamePrice per sqmMinimum sizeRequired Employee Profession
Console developmentN/AN/AN/A
Development$2.5003×3Game Developing: Programming, Game design, Music & Sound, Graphic design 
Commissioned work: Programming
Graphic studio$3.5003×3Graphic design
Marketing$2.5003×3Marketing & Support
Motion Capture Studio$6.0005×5Programming
Quality assurance$2.0003×3Game Testing
Server room$10.0003×3
Sound studio$8.0004×4Music & Sound
Support$2.0003×3Marketing & Support
Training room$2.5003×3


Random Events


Banking crisis+200% interest
Energy crisis+100% operating costs for servers
Era of Legends+200% chance that legends apply
Labor shortageno new employee applications
Order stagnationno new orders
Pandemic+300% chance that employees fall ill
Real Estate Boom+100% property prices
Video Game Boom+50% games sold
Video Game Crash-50% games sold


Training for Employees

Training cost and maximum level are: 

  • Level 1: $10.000 (max. 50) 
  • Level 2: $25.000 (max. 70) 
  • Level 3: $50.000 (max. 90)


Mad Games Convention

The Mad Games Convention is at M7 W1 (every Year). 
Every year the convention becomes more expensive and more visitors. 
You can select the size of your booth. The bigger the stand, the more products you can present. Aditionally, large stands attract more attention. 
The convention generate hype for selected games and you get more fans. 
All booth sizes: 

NameGamesGame consoles
Small booth10
Middle booth20
Large booth31


Mad Games Awards

Mad Games Awards is every year at M12 W1 and has the following awards: 

Best Soundtrack+2.000 Fans
Best graphics+2.000 Fans
Developer of the year+3.000 Fans
Publisher of the year+3.000 Fans
Game of the year+5.000 Fans
Worst game of the year-3.000 Fans


Unlockable Features


Sequel70% Game Review
2. PlatformRelease 5 games
3. PlatformRelease 10 games
4. PlatformRelease 15 games


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