Let’s School – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Let’s School – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners 1 - steamlists.com
Let’s School – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners 1 - steamlists.com

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Welcome to this post We hope you find this Let’s School – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners guide useful.

Let’s School is a game that requires you to learn many tips and tricks.


Let’s School is a life-simulation game that combines several features. Nevertheless, new players can find the game mechanics overwhelming and some features overlooked. Here are some tricks and tips you should know before you begin, or things that you may not know while playing!


Sakura Valley has a flat terrain that’s ideal for building large structures. Peony Springs is an island-style plot, perfect for smaller builds.

Play the tutorial at least one time! It’s impossible to go wrong by knowing the basics.

Click the “?” Icon to open the manual. Icon.

It’s always best to pause a game before starting another one.

The walls can be hidden by pressing the Tab button.

You can give stars to all the “junk”, around your school, which will help you improve your school level.

You choose your first students from a group of candidates that you have predetermined. The students range from poor to wealthy but also in number.

You can invest into your community by clicking on the notepad at the UI’s bottom.

Playing at normal or difficult difficulty: Demolishing will only return 80% – 40%, respectively. It’s best to move existing items instead of selling them to buy the same objects again.

Your headmaster (Your Player) does NOT need a wage.

Do not delete the well or outhouse in the early stages of your game. These are sources of toilets and water. Subsequently:

The well will provide you with achievement after a certain time

Your teacher’s training level is the maximum stats they can gain while training. If this level is exceeded, the training becomes long and resource intensive.

You can upgrade a building or downgrade its material by building on top of it.

After discovering other rivals schools, they may try to invest into other communities. This can cause you to lose your influence and have fewer students enroll in the school.

Dispatch Students will continue to study and fulfill their needs.

Click on the signs outside of your build zone to purchase more land.

After reading about school reform, you can use the dispatch maps to explore regions. Did you know you could drag the map and see even more regions? More school reforms will unlock these benefits.

Students and teachers who form friendships will experience a higher level of satisfaction.

The management level can increase the maximum number of students in class, researchers and the management points available in the department.

You can build a sports facility on top of a building.

Loans are surprisingly forgiving. Don’t fear taking some.

You can put objects on the same tile if an object is attached to a brick wall.

Elite teachers can either be hired by rival schools or by trading them.

When staffed by security personnel, these rooms can stop delinquency activities and seize contraband.

Students with “Righteous” traits can prevent delinquency.

It is difficult to manage explosive temper and naughty. Do not admit too many to the class; this would exceed their maximum management capacity.

Classroom exclusives can add a small boost to your teaching.

Morning Classes that are unlocked through research will boost a specific subject.

The Teaching Policy that School Reform III unlocks will automatically recruit the students to their designated classes. This will also automatically set their schedules to suit their subject requirements.

Three classrooms can use advance Monuments at once.

Computer rooms will be considered Tier 1 Special Classes. They can be used in any subject, but you can only build one.

You can only deliver a speech every week, so use it wisely.

A lounge is a great place to foster friendships within a classroom.

Clean Up morning classes require students to clean up everything around their classrooms.

Trash bins keep trash from accumulating. Brooms and cleaning closets clean up trash faster.

Regarding lighting, it is often cheaper to use lights rather than windows.

For multi-story buildings, use elevators instead of stairs.

Passageways can be used as shortcuts. Use them to mark important places such a cafeterias, classrooms and transport facilities.

Cats will interact both with students and teachers. They will also sit on various items when they are doing nothing.

Headmaster mode is located on the lower left corner of your GUI.

You can build and go as high as 8 floors.

There is a maximum limit per community on the number students that can be enrolled each week.

Coal burners as well as food tents are objects that catch on fire frequently.

Room levels can enhance efficiency. A level 3 managerial department will give more management capabilities. A Level 5 class room will improve the efficiency of teaching.

The communities on the dispatch map will be randomly selected. The same goes for the rival school.

Trade with rival schools for modules, building materials and Elite teachers.

Stop the admissions process if you do not want to receive students from a particular community.

When trading with another school, Contribution points are more valuable.

If your student has received more than 3 demerits, then you can expel him/her.

Custom Blocks are the best way to customize your school. These blocks are unlocked when you reach School Reform 2 in Corporate culture. They cost 1G each.

Teachers will demand salary based on school level and basic statistics. Teachers are more inclined to ask for an increase in salary the longer they’ve been at the school.


The cost of investing in a community increases each time. Do not invest everything in one day. Other schools will be investing as well.

Contribution Points with a thumbs up will give you more than money or other contribution points.

Full marks are better grades than passing grades. They also offer additional rewards. Focus on getting your student to earn full marks.

Only school levels 0 and above will allow you access to money from building facilities.

You do not have to rank your school immediately. You can store some points you have earned and rank up multiple times.

After getting School Reform 1, send out your grade 2 classes instead of your grades 1 to help them beat the most difficult map encounters.

Unless you are playing on the easy mode, try to fill up as much of the initial buildings as possible. This will save you money, as it is more expensive to build new structures.

Roofs are not worth it in the beginning. If you wish to make more money immediately, sell your roofing.

Upon discovering the shops on your dispatch map, items can be purchased/traded. These items can have a great deal of power if they are used correctly.

As an example, you could use books that will help your students acquire knowledge. Use this method to help your students who don’t have time to study.

Emergency drills such a Fire drills and Earthquake drills are permanent. It means you only need them to be done once per classroom. Ideally, it would be best if you only did them on the third day when there are no new students. But if you choose the hard difficulty, I suggest doing it twice, once on the first day, and again at the end of the day on the third.

Sell the Snowmen

Other than a few points being lost, rooms and facilities have no “maximum” size. This means you can create the largest toilet in the world, as well as the biggest cafeteria and parking lot.

You won’t need multiple needs facilities when you centralize. This will help to reduce the administrative burden.

Your first three teachers starting out will earn the lowest salary. Keep them on staff for services such as the cafeteria and food tent. You can still fire them.

Rival schools will make investments in communities to gain their influence. If you invest against them, their influence will be reduced and they may close down.

However! Do not trade with other teachers or items without first contacting them.

You can also refuse to invest in those communities, and they will stay there for as long a time as you desire.

You can create tiny rooms as long you have all the necessary items. Use this to make the most of your limited budget.

If you are looking for extra money, I recommend visiting these landmarks. Each landmark also offers an item at the very least.

Over time, teachers that teach in the classroom will receive management certificates. Instead of hiring new teachers with the necessary certificate, you can use the existing classroom teachers to build a management department.

The school store is a great place to start earning money. Changing what it sells each season will increase the likelihood of teachers and students purchasing from the shop.

I would suggest placing benches in the school to make people feel happy.

Answering correctly the spirit of the well will:

Give two students from grade 1 who have grades that are passing.

Arcades have the highest purchase/money in the whole game. Place your arcade on a path that students are likely to use. It’s also a fun way to spend time.

You can expect the majority of your students already to have a passing grade on the last day. Use it as a community volunteer since you receive 1000G each.

You can remove roofs/pillars supported by another column. You can remove a pillar to create a floating pillar/roof. I use this to make roofs that hang.

A highly proficient teacher will give students more knowledge in one period compared to a low-skilled teacher teaching multiple periods. If you are fortunate enough to have a good teacher, consider placing them in a class to teach only one period with the help of low-proficiency teachers. This will allow your good teacher to teach several classes at once.


The Let’s School – Useful Tips and Tricks for Beginners section of this guide has concluded. Please let us know if you have any inquiries or suggestions about how we may enhance this topic. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a fantastic day! I feel it’s important to give credit where credit is due, so I’d like to point out that this tutorial was inspired by a post that ETKnight published. If you liked this post, you should check back regularly because we publish new information every day.

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