Lakeburg Legacies – 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks

Lakeburg Legacies – 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks 1 -
Lakeburg Legacies – 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks 1 -

Lakeburg Legacies – Unleash Your Potential with These 8 Beginner Tips & Tricks!


Hey there! So, you’ve started playing Lakeburg Legacies, huh? Trust us, we’ve been there too, and we know exactly what you need to know to rock this game! No worries, we got your back with some awesome tips and tricks that’ll make your Lakeburg experience a breeze. Ready? Let’s dive in!

#1 Use the Barter System:

Alright, this tip is like a hidden treasure chest for growing your wealth. Meet the barter system, your new best friend. Sure, sometimes they might ask for a lot, but don’t sweat it! Whenever possible, trade for the wood you need – it’s not as rare as you might think! Plus, they usually ask for stuff you can easily get your hands on, so the trade-off is usually pretty doable. Oh, and here’s the kicker: the barter system changes every few months, so you’ll always have plenty of chances to score some serious coins! And when time is of the essence, don’t hesitate to call the llama – they’ll speed things up for you!

#2 Likes and Dislikes:

Alright, we all want to play matchmaker in the game, but did you know that each villager has their own likes and dislikes? Yep, it’s true! Pay attention to these little details, ’cause they play a role in how happy and productive your villagers will be. Aim for the perfect matches to give your kingdom the best start ever! Oh, and if your memory is a little rusty (we feel you!), grab a pen and paper or use your phone’s notes app to jot down those preferences. You’ll thank us later!

#3 Similar Jobs:

Ever had trouble finding the perfect villager for a new job? We’ve all been there! Sometimes you gotta settle for the next best thing, but guess what? It’s not all doom and gloom! Some jobs have the same skill requirements, so always check ’em out before recruiting. For example, lumberjacks and miners need a good strength stat, and that’s what you should look for! Their interest in the job is a bonus, but when push comes to shove, they’ll still do a stellar job for you!

#4 Worker Slots:

Listen, we get it. You’re eager to construct new buildings, but hold your horses! Sometimes, it’s smarter to add more worker slots to your existing buildings before going on a building spree. Keep an eye out for those red borders around your resources at the top – that’s the signal that you need more workers! And hey, having spare resources means more bartering opportunities, so it’s a win-win!

#5 Challenge Buildings:

Brace yourself for challenge buildings – they’re no walk in the park! The first one, the Rodents Nest, pops up after reaching 15 people. Tricky stuff, but you got this! To tackle the challenge, make sure you have a spot open for a new villager through marriage or enough coins to buy one. Oh, and knowing your villagers’ secondary jobs is a huge plus! The better the Rat Trainer for the Rodents Nest, the smoother things will go. And guess what? There are more challenging buildings to come! They’ll keep you on your toes, affecting your villagers’ health, faith, and even love life! But hey, we won’t spoil all the surprises for you – half the fun is discovering them yourself! If you need some pointers, check out this dev journal: [link to dev journal].

#6 Builder Tickets:

Time for a game-changer! Builder Tickets are the bomb, seriously. Once you’ve got the Workshop up and running, you can snag these tickets. They’re a lifesaver, reducing the costs of building new stuff, adding worker slots, and upgrading existing buildings. Yep, the Workshop might cost a bit to build, but trust us, it pays off big time in the long run!

#7 Mentors:

Aww, the next generation of hard workers is on the way! While the kids can’t work until they come of age, you can give them a little boost early on. Welcome to the mentorship system! Each building with worker slots has a spot for a mentor – that’s where your kiddos come in. They won’t give you resources just yet, but you can boost their skills to ensure they’ll be super productive when the time comes. Investing in the future, baby!

#8 Resources:

Time to keep a close eye on your resource game! Check out the resource overview menu on the top left – it’s like your resource command center. And hey, the top bar gives you a taste, but the larger menu serves up the whole buffet of info. Keep those storage upgrades in mind too – trust us, you’ll need ’em! Wood, wood, and more wood – it’s the foundation of everything in the early game, so prioritize that upgrade. And here’s a pro tip: don’t forget you can spend your hard-earned coins on storage upgrades too – totally worth it!


Whew! That was a lot to take in, but you’re on your way to becoming a Lakeburg legend! These tips saved us when we first started, and now you’re armed with the same knowledge. But hey, if you’ve got questions or need more help, drop a comment below – we’ve got your back! Happy gaming, friend!

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