Kingdom Eighties – All Achievements How to Get all

Kingdom Eighties – All Achievements How to Get all 1 -
Kingdom Eighties – All Achievements How to Get all 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Kingdom Eighties – All Achievements How to Get all Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

This guide will walk you through all of the Kingdom Eighties milestones.

The game is missing achievements because it’s impossible to go back and revisit previous areas. The game’s short length makes it easy to replay. You can also check out the levels in this guide if you want to. It’s usually quite obvious what action will end a level, but once you trigger it you can’t turn back.

It’s up to you to complete Kingdom Eighties. You may already be playing the game, and you might just be looking up an achievement. However, I can offer some suggestions for those who want a little help. I’d start by playing the first section of the level on Peace. This will unlock the only accomplishment that is available in the peaceful mode. This will give a good idea of what the game is like (and how it differs from previous entries in the series).

After that, it is best to start a completely new save on the cursed difficulty. This can be challenging, but on my first attempt, I managed to complete it. If something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about losing the crown. You can always load an old save to retry or start over. You can unlock all the achievements on this playthrough since you won’t have much time during the speed run.

After completing the cursed level, create a new file. I recommend you play the game easily this time to beat it in less than fifty days. You will have a little bit over 3h remaining to complete the entire game. Do not work on anything other than the main objective for each level. Instead, it would be best if you tried to leave with a full coin purse.

Peaceful mode

It Still Counts

Destroy Peaceful

Play on the peaceful mode until you destroy a Portal. This difficulty will not unlock all the other achievements.

Level 1

I recommend that you do the achievements to see all trees. Also, complete this level with a maximum of 20 kids.

Confidence, a figment of our imagination

Find the missing trophy

Story Related


Recruit someone athletic

Story Related

Chief Technician

Recruit someone handy

Story Related

1st Down

Destroy an entrance in a wood

Story Related

2nd Down

Destroy another portal

Story Related

Hail Mary

Enter a cave

Story Related

County Connection

Wait for a bus

Wait for the bus at the first level. I have seen a bus stop at both levels 2 and 3 so I think that might also work.

BMX Model 3003

Uncredited professional BMX rides making it rain coin

Wait until the blood moon appears, then pay for your spaceship. Buy the motorcycle, jump on the “speed buff” and let the coins pour down.

No Camp Pinewood!

Complete Episode I

Story Related

Level 2

I would suggest not adding any new mechanics in this level so that you can get the achievement of only having 2 workers. This isn’t achievable on level 1 because you require 3 workers to get your canoe out of a cave.

Falken’s Maze

Recruit someone smart

Story Related


Recruit someone friendly

Repair the house on the second level and then toss a coin into the dog.

Muscle Machine

Slap the monster truck

Ensure the huge robot you use to destroy portals is perfectly positioned with the gift. You can pay for it again to get the gift. Enter it then and throw coins. Or slap coin from the truck.

Jornker noted that it was not the robot but the timer that triggered the second time you could pay.

George Burnett Had Twins

Complete the level with just two workers

This cannot be done in the first level. You need 3 workers for the canoe to be removed from the cavern. This was on level 2 but I never made any hammers.

Calling Martha Lesh

Complete Episode II

Story Related

Level 3

3rd Down

Destroy portals on the street

Story Related

The Force of Freedom

Defeat ten greed with a Machine Gun

In level 3, there’s a building with a machine gun. After paying this amount, you can purchase a buggy featuring a machine gun. With that, 10 greed must be killed.


Sharks are a dangerous predator

On the 3rd level (The Streets), there is a spot called “Shart Teeth”. Repair it or a shar will eat.

I Miss Hill Valley

Complete Episode III

Story Related

Level 4


Destroy the portals that surround the mall

Story Related

88 mph

Reclaim the past

Find the car and then the bone in the mall.

My Little Horsey!

Rainbows and Rainy Day at Paradise Estate

When it’s raining and you see a Rainbow, there is a Tree with a Heart Ornament in the Forest that you can unlock to get this mount.

An Excellent Adventure

Complete Episode IV

Story Related

Not tied to specific levels

It’s a Wishing Well

Lose 80 Coins to the Water

When your coin purse becomes full, new coins will fall in the water. You won’t be required to grind hard for this achievement, as it will appear automatically after you have completed the other achievements.


Lose your Crown and take it back

The Greed can be triggered by not having any coins. Then quickly pick up the crown.


Survive fifty days in a single level

I did this on the first area and after destroying that cave. It seems there are no more enemies, even with portals left on the other map side. Each day takes four minutes, so you’ll have spent a little over 3,5h in an island. The pops at the beginning day 51 of that island.


Complete a stage with no more 20 kids

I got this when I barely managed to make it past the last portal, on the left of the second section, and I lost many kids. I think the number of lost kids was under 20 when I beat this stage. This could be done the easiest on the 1st level, but it does not require much.

Saw Boss

Clear all the bushes on any level

The easiest level to achieve is the first, but any story will do.


Play the game on Hard

The difficulties are stacked, so if your game was completed on the cursed challenge, you will also unlock this one.

Captain N

Complete the Cursed Game

The difficulty levels stack. For example, if you have completed the game in cursed difficulty, then the achievement of hard difficulty is also unlocked.


Don’t Smell Flowers

Complete the Game in 50 Days or Less

This achievement is far easier than it appears. It is possible to get this achievement even if you do not always carry a full bag with coins. I did this achievement with easy and only used about 21 out 50 days to finish the game.

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