Idle Slayer – Materials Cheat Guide

Idle Slayer – Materials Cheat Guide 1 -
Idle Slayer – Materials Cheat Guide 1 -

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The game starts off light with simple mechanics, but it gradually introduces new gameplay styles, mechanics, and features.

With idle and active playstyle features, medieval-style pixel art graphics, and vintage 8-bit sounds and music, idle slayer is an incremental game.


  1. open Idle Slayer
  2. Open Cheat Engine, then select Idle Slayer at the Processes List
  3. Select the appropriate Value Type (Double for Materials)
  4. Enter the initial value, and continue with First Scan. A variety of Adresses will be displayed
  5. You can alter or increase the initial value of the game, then you can continue with a second scan, i.e. Next Scan If more than 10 addresses are detected
  6. To reduce the number of addresses, repeat step 5.
  7. Choose the last addresses (between one and six in my experience) and then copy them into the adress list; double click or click red Arrow
  8. Change the value of all imported adresses: right-click > Change record > Value


video tutorial

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