How to Upgrade Baseball Bats and Frag Grenades in FatalZone

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How to Upgrade Baseball Bats and Frag Grenades in FatalZone

Getting Your Hands on Amaterasu: Slaying with Style

Ever dreamt of owning the Amaterasu, the ultimate zombie-slaying weapon? Here’s a secret: take down 10,000 zombies with your trusty Kusarigama, and hang in there for 10 whole minutes as a Biotech. Why bother? Because with its insane knock-back power, you’ll be tossing zombies around like ragdolls! Just watch out for those sneaky shield zombies—they don’t play by the rules.

Biodestructor: Your Personal Zombie-Free Bubble

Seven minutes. That’s all it takes to snag the Biodestructor—your own anti-zombie force field. Not only does it keep you safe, but with the Strength Drain perk, you’ll be weakening those undead nuisances and dishing out poison damage. Trust me, making zombies vanish in seconds never gets old!

Creeping Death: Say Goodbye to Zombie Invasions

Ready for something epic? Reach raid level 20, toss around the Toxic Grenade, and bid farewell to 1,700 zombies to unlock the Creeping Death. This bad boy creates a death zone around you, zapping zombies before they even know what hit ’em. It’s like having your personal pest control!

Boosting Your Arsenal for an Unfair Fight

Gigantism: Becoming a Walking Nightmare

Set your inner pyro free by annihilating 1,000 zombies and unlock Gigantism. Imagine your death zones getting bigger, keeping those flesh-eaters at arm’s length. They won’t even touch you before they’re turned to dust. How’s that for an advantage?

Mag Pouch: Because More Ammo Means More Fun

After you’ve taken out 1,000 zombies as a Scavenger, you’ll get the Mag Pouch. What’s so cool about it? Extra projectiles, more booms, and double the zombie wipeout! Who wouldn’t want more of those glorious moments?

Shocker: Turning Zombies into Sitting Ducks

Get a grip on the Large Shock Grenade and say hello to the Shocker enhancement. It’s like throwing a party where zombies are stuck dancing till they drop—literally. Watch them jiggle in a stunning electric boogie. Easiest. Cleanup. Ever.

Strategies to Keep You One Step Ahead

Here’s the deal: to make the most of Amaterasu’s knock-back, stand your ground. Sure, you might want to wander off for goodies, but remember, a moving target is a vulnerable one. Around 25 minutes in, expect a big, bad boss. No sweat, though—your defenses will send it packing. But stay sharp!

And those purple-shield zombies? They’ll break through your Amaterasu defenses but they’re no match for you. Just don’t go wandering; it’s your field, your rules. And when the lab-coat zombies and the giant pumpkin heads show up? They’re just big bullies who can’t really hurt you. Stand firm, and enjoy the show!

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