How to Unlock More Characters in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE

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Auto Draft 1 -

How to Unlock More Characters in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE

Let’s unlock a fantastic world of characters together, step by step, with giggles along the way!

1. First Things First: Login Bonus!

So, you’re all set with the game installed. Now, on the menu, there’s this button saying “Login Bonus“. Click it! Activate the “7-Day Premium Login Bonus” with a mere 100 Hero Crystals and watch the magic happen: you get 10 Roll Tickets every day. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

2. Join the Ochako/Tsuyu Event

Here’s a party invite! Complete missions and earn 1720 Event Points. Then, exchange them for a whopping 6000 Hero Crystals. It’s like trading in arcade tickets for the biggest teddy bear!

3. Total Hero Crystals: Check!

If you followed the steps (and I know you did), with the “7-Day Premium Login Bonus“, you should be rolling in 8400 Hero Crystals by now!

4. Save Those Crystals!

Now, with all those shiny crystals, you might be tempted to spend them on Gacha banners or snagging Roll Tickets from the shop. But hold your horses! Save them for later; trust me on this one.

5. Gacha Pulls: Here’s the Deal

When pulling, a single shot requires 10 Roll Tickets or 1200 Hero Crystals. For a 10-pull, you’ll need 100 Roll Tickets or 12,000 Hero Crystals, guaranteeing you an item of 2* or higher. Patience is key!

6. Hero Souls: Your Golden Ticket!

Hero Souls are your best friends in unlocking characters. Get them by acquiring duplicate items. Depending on the star rating of the duplicate, you get a different amount of Souls. For instance, a 1* duplicate gives you 1 Soul, while a 3* duplicate showers you with 100 Souls.

7. Unlocking Characters: The Grand Finale!

With 300 Hero Souls in your pocket, you’re ready to start unlocking characters. And remember, playing the game consistently will steadily increase your Hero Soul count.

8. Mileage Points: Another Way to Win

For a Spark/Exchange, you need at least 200 Mileage Points. Each pull gets you 1 Mileage Point. So after 20 10-pulls, you’re set for an exchange!

9. Roll Tickets Galore!

You’ll receive 10 Roll Tickets daily from the Premium Login Bonus. Plus, gather extra tickets from various missions and events. With tickets flowing in, there’s no need to spend crystals on Gacha.

10. Is the Battle Pass Worth It?

Now, about the Battle Pass. You’ll spend 4,800 crystals but get 4,500 back, along with 150 Roll Tickets! So, for a mere 300 crystals, you enjoy all these perks, making the Battle Pass a no-brainer if you’re in for the long haul.

Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering which character deserves your undivided attention and dedication. “Who should be my champion?” you ponder. Fret not, my friend! The game hands you this magical Hero Trial card. Imagine it’s like a golden ticket, but instead of a chocolate factory, you’re getting access to all the cool characters!

Every six hours, as the clock hands complete their dance, a Hero Trial card gracefully lands into your account. You can hold up to three of these precious cards at once. It’s like having three wishes from a genie, and you get to spend each wish trying out a different character. Use these tickets wisely to dance, fight, and laugh with each character, getting to know their unique charms and moves until you find the one. The perfect main. The character that makes your heart sing and your fingers fly across the controls with joy and precision!

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