How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora 1 -
How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora 1 -

How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Hey there, future N’avi champs! Ready to dive into the awesome world of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora? Your journey’s about to get epic with these kick-butt skills you’ll unlock. We’ve got five skill trees to talk about, each packed with cool abilities to power up your character. Let’s check out the best of the best, shall we?

How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora 2 -
How to Unlock All Skills in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora 2 –

Survivor Tree: The Basics of Staying Alive

First up, the Survivor tree – it’s all about keeping you in the game. The big deal here is Vitality 1-3. This bad boy boosts your health big time, up to a whopping 180 extra points. Next, you’ve got Elemental Resistance, your go-to for shrugging off fire, poison, and zaps like a boss, with a 30% defense boost. And don’t forget about Larger Healing Pouch 1 – extra room for those oh-so-needed healing goodies. Then there’s Vigor 1-2, pumping up your stamina by 50% each level. Trust me, you’ll want that extra juice for all the running and dodging you’ll be doing.

Warrior Tree: Bring On the Fight

Feeling feisty? The Warrior tree’s got your back. With Extra Ammo 1-2, you’ll be toting more arrows and ammo, doubling up each time you level. Less crafting, more action! Then there’s Tactical Awareness, a must-have for sneak attacks, giving you a 15% damage boost against tagged enemies. And hey, don’t miss out on Well Prepared, unlocking your fourth weapon slot for an arsenal that’s ready for anything.

Hunter Tree: Sneaky Moves for Smart Hunters

Into stealth mode? The Hunter tree’s where it’s at. With Light Footed Hunter 1-2, you’ll be moving like a whisper, perfect for surprise takedowns. And there’s Eye for Quality for the crafters, highlighting top-notch loot for your gear. Don’t overlook Expert Hunter either – it gives you a sweet 25% damage boost on wildlife weak spots. Sneaky and efficient, just how we like it!

Maker Tree: Craft Like a Pro

Got a knack for crafting? The Maker tree is your playground. Sturdy Arrows lets you reuse your arrows – talk about resourceful! And with Scavenging Expert, you’ll be finding spare parts left and right. Plus, the Connoisseur skills (Connoisseur 1-3) are all about supercharging your cooked food buffs. More buff, more tough!

Rider Tree: Soar Like a Bird

Ready to rule the skies? The Rider tree’s got you covered. Aerial fishing 1-3 keeps your Ikran well-fed without you lifting a finger. Higher levels mean more energy for your winged buddy.

Flying Takedown: Swoop Down on Your Foes

And here’s the showstopper – Flying Takedown. Imagine swooping down on enemies from above, delivering power-packed punches. This skill turns your aerial battles into epic moments of glory.

Be the N’avi Warrior of Legends

Armed with these standout skills, you’re all set to conquer the breathtaking world of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Pick your path, unlock your powers, and step into the shoes of a legendary N’avi warrior. It’s adventure time!

Own the Skies: The Edge You Need

And a pro tip for aerial battles: master the dodge roll with Experienced Flier. This gem reduces your Ikran’s barrel roll and flight boost cost, making you a master of the skies. When I started, I focused on Survivor and Maker skills. Smart, right? Vitality, Vigor, and Sturdy Arrows were my top picks, keeping me alive and my arrows on point.

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